broke free

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a thirteen year old girl rose ran away from her parents and ends up at a railway station where a old house appers out of nowhere little did rose know what awaits her inside

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Rose woke up on a bench at the train station,the station was covered in mist now so it looked like a scene out of a horror story rose looked around and spotted a house really big old creepy house that looked like it belonged in the victorian times rose was certain it wasnt there when shhe went to sleep so rose being the curious thriteen year old that she  was went to investigate.

She ran quickly across the platform and jumped down off it and scrambled quickly up the other side of the platform at the opposite side the mist around her was getting thicker engulfing her it looke like hands or tenticles trying to capture her it was beginning to really scare her now so she ran up to the front door of the house and banged on the door screaming "HELLO IS ANYONE IN THERE HELLO HELLO ANYBODY?" but nobody answered so rose started to turn away only to hear a whining noise as the door slowly started to give way and open.

Rose cautiously took a step through the doorway and the door slammed behind her,it was really dark inside the room but it was a full moon outside so from the window it illumiated the room  and reveled that there was infact a big grand stair case in the center of the room leading up to the first and second floors she shouted again "IS ANYBODY THERE?" again no one answered but she heard footsteps on the first floor "whos there?" said a big deep voice from up the stairs "i demand to know" shouted the voice rose looked around but saw no one.

"SHOW YOURSELF" she screamed shhe was sure the person could hear her then all of a sudden there was a big THUMP from up the first floor rose didnt feel so curious anymore she just felt really terrified then suddenly she felt shivers go down her spine  and ice clod breath on her neck she whipped around to where it was coming from and saw nothing out of the corner of her eye she saw a shadow move quickly across the room "come out of there you coward" then the shadow slowly moved out of the darkened corner and into the moon light smiling and said "welcome rose"

She suddenly felt very weak at her knees she coulden't believe what she was seeing her neighbour phil from next door "why are you here" rose asked "oh thats quite easy rose" he replied "im here to kill you" then from behind his back he brought out a knife,Rose culdent stand anymore her knees her knees gave way beneath her and all she could focus on was the glint of the knife in the moonlight and what brought her here to her death the reason she ran away ,the reason she could never see her parents again it all seemed so stupid now  she ran away because her parents where arguing and she had had enouugh and packed her things  and went to the railway station she was shuddenly she was  snapped out of her flash back when phil lunged at  her with the knife.

phil missed his target but only by inches he grazed her arm with the knife nad the slit started to bleed but she couldent focus on that now she had to either get out of here of kill him,Phil lunged for her again but she ducked out of the way and whipped around fast and balled up her fists and punched him on the jaw he stumbled but didnt fall she went to punch him again but before she could phil stooped foward and  the knife made contact with her stomach but while rose was clutching her stomach in pain phil dropped the knife and rose saw her chance  she snatched up the knife and slit his throat and started to run,run as fast and as far away as she could from the house and him while clutching her stomch she turned back once and saw phil laying in a pool of his own blood.

she kept on running and running breaking all her bonds to her old life  just kept running she finally broke free from everything that was holding her back

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