Fairy Land - A Bedtime Story

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A children's story about a girl and two boys who go to fetch water and end up being kidnapped by fairies and brought to Fairy Land. Given certain conflicts happening in Fairy Land, the children end up managing to escape and setting the country on fire.

(Written in rhymes)

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012




Every day at the break of dawn

Three children climb a hill.

Each one carrying a bucket

To draw water from the well.

They walked merrily along,

Two young boys and a girl named May.

Never suspecting something was wrong

Or of the strange happenings that day

Travelling slowly on their course

May felt something was rot.

Suddenly fearing for the worse,

She told the boys to stop.

Ignoring what they were told

The boys steadily marched on.

They would not listen to a girl

So towards the well they were drawn.

The little lady tried to impede

And at the very least make them wary,

But to her they paid no heed

And soon encountered a fairy.

The fairy said: ‘you have done well, May

To deliver us such hands,

Who will toil for us without pay.

Down in fairyland.’


With the flick of her wrist

The children were thrown

Magically into the hole.

They awoke in a clearing

Later that evening

In a forest to them unknown.

Around them stood an array of trees

Perfectly arranged.

Each governed by a fairy,

The tree marked her domain.

But on these trees, you must know,

Grew the most curious of fruit.

From the branches at the very top

To the bases of the roots.

These fruits sparkled and shined

In the absence of light,

A sight so amazing

Indeed it was quite a sight.


But since it was so dark

The children couldn’t see

What magical forces

Bore the fruit off of the trees.

They soared through the air

Into the basket down below.

As the children approached

Something moving began to show.

In fact, no magic was involved

Far from it at that;

The fruit were borne by children

All young boys in fact.

May’s companions were taken away

Put under a spell and were told:

‘We are now your masters

Each tree is our household.

You must pick our fruit incessantly

Until you come of age.

Or maybe if you grow too slow

We will cease your engage

And you will be disposed.

Your master’s love and care

Shall be your only rewards.

Take only what you’re given,

Her fruit you mustn’t eat’

Disobey and you won’t be forgiven

In your mind, this you must always keep'


Here the three children

Took their own course,

Four fairies accompanied May,

Carrying her along the way.

Where she would go

She did not know

But deep in the forest it seems,

Where the shade was darkest,

And the clouds were murkiest,

Stood the tallest of the trees.

It stood erect, bold and massive,

Penetrating the sky.

Of all the trees

This one was unique:

It bore no fruits or leaves.


‘Here lives the Fairy King,

He seeks himself a bride.

But who of us would give ourselves

To such a creature so vile.

We hate him much and are happy

That he is the last of his kind.

He has become a nuisance

And has caused much strife.

So to quell his annoyance,

We present you as his wife.’


The King, as May could to see,

Was seated on his throne

At the base of the tree.

The roots were outgrown

And stuck out of the ground,

Twisted and curled,

Upright and round.

The King of the fairies

Was a young man indeed,

He was tall and lean,

His sinews clearly seen.

Unlike the women fairies

Whose wings were small and pale,

The King’s sheer size and colour

Marked him as the alpha male.

Finally he spoke out as he saw them come:

‘Goodness fairies, what have you done?

Is that a child you bring to me?

How dare you think that I would be

So selfish as to make her as mine.

She still has much to grow and learn,

And has no tree,

Let alone any fruit.

Take her back this very instant

Release also her friends.

And if you don’t this very moment

It shall be you end.

The fairies snarled at the man,

Exposed their fangs and wings.

All of them in a deadly rage,

Ready to kill the King.


A shriek rang out,

The fairies stopped

And started looking about.

The shriek was heard, once more,

And it seem to come

From not so very far:

The clearing where they were before.

They all rushed on

Following the screams

That didn’t seem to end.

The tension grew

For the fairies knew not

What was happening to their friend.

The noise it seemed

Came from within the leaves

Of one of the fruit filled trees.

The sight gave them quite a shock

Ann stopped the fairies in their tracks.

May’s friend was devouring fruit

And a fairy was beating him back.

The boy continued eating

His pace did not relent,

Despite the fairy’s countless tries

Her efforts proved impotent.


In state of agitation

The fairy spewed some fire,

Surrounding trees inevitably

Fueled the ignition.

The situation became dire;

Children ran amok,

The fairies tried to round them up

Without any luck.

The fruits smoldered slowly

As the dwellings burned to the ground.

The King came to the scene

His wings flapping viciously around.

With a powerful sweep

He diffused a spell

To put the children to sleep.

The forest he knew,

Was beyond rescue

So without a single delay,

He freed the children,

Sent them away

And watched his home burn.

© Copyright 2017 NihilistD. All rights reserved.

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