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the problems with the planet and overpopulation with a side of human greed and an attempt to at least patch up the flaws of the past and society. not just about "rich/poor" struggel although resource hording is part of it and from both sides "rich" and 'poor". as I say in this work, it is still in work and any and all advise that would help change or improve this work/ the world would be greatly Appreciated.

Submitted: February 15, 2012

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Submitted: February 15, 2012



Estimated Human population: over 7 billion

Humanity has a tendency toward reproduction and (because of capitalism and greed) mass resource use/waste. This causes those with the ability to get anything (the rich) to abuse the planet and its limited resources at the cost of the average person (the middle and lower classes most of which the “rich” would call “poor”) and biosphere of the planet. The average person is then denied the right to a good life. As the human population increases and uses up more and more resources to support these people, the resources will and have already started to run out. When the resources of the planet start to run out not only will nature and other animals (people are animals) be decimated (which is also already happening and happened) but humans will see this effect more and more through power, food and convenience shortages which will eventually reach a critical point when the population is so high and the “rich” are no longer rich but simply resource hoarders. At this point the average people (now completely poor of resources and hungry for food/water) will turn on the rich like a revolution except when the revolution ends and the rich are taken over by the masses, they will find that there still isn’t enough resources for everyone at which point humanity will turn on its self over what is left essentially bringing about the apocalypse.

Now it might not go exactly like that but at the current rate of things it will still end up terribly for everyone involved I.E. every living thing on earth.

Six types of ecologically productive areas are distinguished in calculating the

Ecological footprint: arable land (land suitable for crops), pasture, forest, ocean, built-up land, and fossil energy land. Fossil energy land is calculated on the basis of the land required for vegetation to absorb the CO2 produced by burning fossil fuels. All measures are converted to land area (hectares per person or HPP). If we add up all the ecologically productive land on the planet, we find that there is about 2 HPP (1 Hectare = 2.47 acres). If we wish to reserve land for parks and conservation, we must reduce this to at least 1.5 HPP. This is the benchmark for comparing the ecological footprints of nations and this is without considering any other animal other than humans.

The United States has an ecological footprint of about 8.4 HPP but has only 6.2 HPP of available ecological capacity. In other words, the United States has a bigger ecological footprint than its own land and resources can support or in other words above carrying capacity. Whereas Canada has a capacity of about 7 HPP and 8.2 HPP of available ecological capacity.

Now what this all means is that the entire world is of right now in a great decline and is/will be unable to support its self-causing suffering to a huge portion of the population (those “poor” who lose out on their necessary resources).

We need to change the way we are living! Reasonable practices to ether slow down this process and try to reverse our negative effect on everything would involve: resource saving, resource consumption control, renewable resources/energy,  abstinence/ pregnancy inhibitors, abortion, sterilization, more literal control over birth by someone other than the people reproducing I.E. only certain amount of kids allowed or governance over who can have children, euthanasia (at a certain point of physical and mental degradation (at that point it is almost torture to force people to keep living while their bodies and minds slowly fail them)), increase in science and education to help future people learn and sustain the world which we all live. At this point we need to reduce the population to a more manageable level and stop stupidly out dated people who are can’t understand population control and are constantly harassing others who are trying to fix this through abortion and other “immoral” (morality is but a word and depends on personal opinion and problems happen when people (with outdated unwavering views) harass others and force their age old doctrines apon them).

These practices will help the overall welfare and life of every single animal on earth (this includes people their future generations).

Any opinions or advise that would change are better help in the fixing of our world would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you: NAL

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