A Single Beat.

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Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



Just a single smile of her delectably diminutive lips; the heavenly way in which she unveiled those wonderfully impeccable contours,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all traumatically manipulative agony of this planet; the tyrannically lambasting devil who coldbloodedly corrupted the civilization; left; right and full center.

Just a single wink of her marvelously majestic eyelashes; the immaculately celestial empathy that poignantly reflected from them; all sweltering day and enchanting night,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget  all brutally salacious lechery on this boundless planet; the terrorizing web of bizarre manipulation; which
truculently asphyxiated from all sides.

Just a single wave of her immaculately waving palms; that ingratiatingly diminutive fist of hers which she effusively punched through euphoric air,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all morbidly remorseful sadness on this fathomless planet; the diabolically agonizing dungeons of disparaging boredom; which despicably crippled one and all; insidiously alike.

Just a single twinkle of her divinely minuscule feet;  the trail of unsurpassably bountiful innocence that she left behind on every step that she holistically
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all pugnaciously menacing massacre on this colossal planet; the savage avalanche of blood that barbarically besieged every element of benign goodness in the world outside.

Just a single nod of her infinitesimally sacrosanct forehead; the vivaciously triumphant festoon of ebullience that she diffused;robustly frolicking her pudgy neck,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all acrimoniously penalizing treachery on this gigantic planet; the invidious stem of ominously derogatory lies that had embedded its nails profoundly; into the fabric of the spell binding society.

Just a single blush of her regally charismatic cheeks; the tinge of profusely exuberant scarlet that encapsulated her tiny visage from all sides,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all dolorously decaying despair on this gargantuan planet; the winds of insanely maniacal solitude that gruesomely
proliferated; without the slightest of sagacious consent.

Just a single flap of her magically miraculous ears; the inconspicuously Omnipotent lobes of sparkling freshness that dangled from her face,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all vindictive staleness on this endless planet; the pathetically slithering corpse of hideously surreptitious avarice
and greed.

Just a single breath of her ubiquitously godly nose; the stupendously Omniscient fireball of vibrant life that it generated; with every mercurial puff of air
that it symbiotically exhaled,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all horrendously slandering pain on this unfathomable planet; the riotous abuse of mankind by disdainfully abominable powerhouses of dictatorial greed.

And just a single beat of her Omnipresently unassailable heart; those royally humanitarian reverberations so pricelessly sparkling with timelessly unflinching life,
Was enough for me to wholesomely forget all ghoulishly perilous death on this perpetual planet; the graveyard of extinction that inevitably snapped the fangs of
blissfully enamoring life.

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