After A Tired Day In Office

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Sun had never seemed so brilliant before; with its pungent rays streaming through the eerie darkness,

The winds had never seemed so exciting before; whizzing past my scalp in nervous exhilaration,

The leaves had never seemed so greener before; with the dew drops on their surface shimmering profoundly in the morning light,

The voice of the Nightingale had never seemed so melodious before; drifting me into waves of unparalleled rhapsody,

The river had never seemed so buoyant before; with the swirling waters; culminating into tons of froth as I whistled by,

The meadows of grass had never seemed so blossoming before; with the mystical camouflage drowning me into an ocean of enchantment,

The clouds in the cosmos had never seemed so robust before; with each patch of cotton wool resembling chunks of rejuvenating ice-cream,

The echo in the valley had never seemed so thunderous before; engendering a billion droplets of dry sweat to envelop my body,
The trio of rabbits leaping through the pastures had never seemed so boisterous before; innocently bouncing over the pathway of shriveled twigs,

The children dancing on the dance floor had never seemed so pepped up before; gyrating their bodies to the tunes of vivacious wild life,

The sizzling slices of bread had never seemed so ravishing before; rekindling even the most dormant taste bud down my throat,

The designs embossed on the walls of the caves had never seemed so realistic before; as if events which had happened centuries ago were unfurling bit by bit before my eyes,

The peacock under pelting rain had never seemed so majestic before; with the kingly plumage of its feathers captivating me in complete mind, body and soul,

The boats sailing on the sea had never seemed so magnificent before; with the stars shimmering resplendently in the sky engulfing them with silvery light,

The tears of the new born infant had never seemed so emphatic before; with their mesmerizing softness making my heart leap in exultation,

The ring on my finger had never seemed so glistening before; with the rays emanating from its demeanor adding a glitter to my morbid eyes,

The body of my beloved had never seemed so tantalizing before; with each area on her skin; enticing me to coalesce into an everlasting embrace,

The lap of my mother had never seemed so warm and compassionate before; luring me into invincible and heavenly sleep,

And the photo of my God had never seemed so radiant before; with his omnipotent aura firmly reinstating my lost faith in all mankind,

O! yes after a tired day in the office; slaving more than 12 hours under my pretentious boss's nose; the world outside seemed as if it was recreated again; and things which seemed like wholesomely dead in office hours; now struck me as if they were bouncing and alive; as if they had been just born. 

Submitted: January 28, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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