Allah, Bhagwan, Christ, Buddha

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Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



Name = You could call him Allah, Bhagwan, Christ, Buddha, or an infinite forms of invincibly Omnipotent goodness.

Age= Ageless. Existing as the most pricelessly Omniscient image in the entire Universe; till even times beyond infinite infinity.

Height= Indomitably towering above all on this brilliantly victorious Universe; till even centuries beyond the definition of time had ceased to exist.

Religion= Every religion that irrefutably leads towards the paradise of sharing; towards the paradise of united fearlessness.

Favorite Color = The color of unshakably Omnipresent and timelessly eternal brotherhood.

Favorite Drink= The drink of simplistically insuperable and gloriously infallible honesty.

Favorite Moment= Every unflinchingly unfurling moment which diffuses the essence of peace and harmoniously mesmerizing symbiotism.

Favorite Attire= Any speck of fabric which royally radiates the fragrance of altruistic truth for times immemorial.

Favorite Animal= Every organism that exists in holistically sparkling unison and unsurpassable camaraderie with its blessed surroundings.

Favorite Quote= Live and Beautifully Let live; and I promise you that every element of prosperity in the  cosmos would be yours forever.

Favorite Cities= Every granule of earth breathing in uninhibitedly unadulterated freedom and miraculouslyobeying Nature Divine.

Favorite Route= Every pathway that veritably leads you to inimitably unparalleled goodness.

Favorite Car= Any set of wheels which transports you to the destination of your pristinely majestic heart; without indiscriminately pulverizing even the most
infinitesimal organism on ground.

Favorite Time= Any instant when miraculously sacrosanct life spawns out of the aisles of drearily livid nothingness.

Favorite Sport= The game of mischievously enchanting and unending flirtation; which kept even an entity nearing his corpse; as young as the freshly born child.

Favorite Dwelling= Every abode which harbors the wave unbreakably revitalizing companionship in good times and bad; whether it be even an inconspicuously
non-existent hole in the ground.

Favorite Scent= The perfume of tirelessly undefeatable proliferation; astoundingly continuing the chapters of my gifted life.

Favorite Soldier= Every soldier who has the tenacity to singularly stand bare-chested against the army of countless perfidious demons; happily embracing death to immortalize the venerated lap of his mother soil.

Favorite Mantra= The mantra of Perpetually impeccable love; celestially coalescing every caste; creed; color and tribe; into a breath of unconquerably regale oneness.

Favorite Eyes= The eyes which waft perennial empathy; for all those miserably deprived and haplessly tyrannized.

Favorite Persona= The persona which sees no evil; hears no evil; speaks no evil; mellifluously smiles to alleviate bereaved humanity; even in the face of maliciously dastardly defeat.

Favorite Word= Life. An entrenchment of unsurpassably spell binding newness and synergistic survival transcending over every conceivable and inconceivable thing in vicinity.

Favorite  Therapy= The Balm of aristocratically emollient truth and selfless philanthropism; which wholesomely overrules even the most cancerous of disease; which entirely transcends the most hedonistically murderous of devil.

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