Art And Manipulation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Art immortalizes,
Manipulation wanders in realms of traumatized hell.

Art stupefies,
Manipulation is a balloon of monotony which augments by the unfurling second.

Art mesmerizes,
Manipulation rots in dungeons of stagnation.

Art fortifies,
Manipulation collapses even before it rises from the ground.

Art blossoms,
Manipulation is a vicious whirlwind which always recoils.

Art embraces,
Manipulation strangulates beyond realms of suffocation.

Art showers,
Manipulation salaciously dries every droplet of blood that serenely cascades.

Art tantalizes,
Manipulation annihilates fantasy from its very roots.

Art symbolizes,
Manipulation disdainfully infiltrates irrefutable truth.

Art innovates,
Manipulation puts all dreams to an obnoxious standstill.

Art sings,
Manipulation is the origin of all obstreperous abuse.

Art harbors,
Manipulation ruins the mightiest to raw grains of inconspicuous ash.

Art unites,
Manipulation profoundly dismantles the crux of blissful humanity.

Art enlightens,
Manipulation perpetually fails to break the walls of despair.

Art smiles,
Manipulation brutally sucks the tiniest trace of jubilation in life.

Art entices,
Manipulation repels even the most horrendous battalion of mosquitoes.

Art intoxicates,
Manipulation buries a man breathing celestially beneath his grave.

Art succeeds,
Manipulation rots in corridors of gloom even after amassing unfathomable wealth.

Art blesses,
Manipulation snatches the most cherished people from your life.

Art evolves,
Manipulation puts dismal brakes to the captivating spell of newness and excitement.

Art ignites,
Manipulation spills profuse nonchalance since the first cry of beautiful life.

Art dazzles,
Manipulation extinguishes every trace of light basking in the glory of truth; on the trajectory of this boundless planet.

Art dedicates,
Manipulation insidiously changes color every instant of the day; disappearing brusquely like a deceptive mirage; at the slightest of difficulty.

Art conquers,
Manipulation devastates innocuous angels into lecherous parasites.

Art fulminates,
Manipulation  sequesters in horrifically dark vicinities of self imposed doom.

Art epitomizes,
Manipulation  melts treacherously into the aisles of nothingness as each minute unveils.

Art purifies,
Manipulation adds dismal stains to the most sacrosanct of mothers milk.

Art intrigues,
Manipulation satanically massacres your ability to think beyond spurious laws of management.

Art perceives,
Manipulation is an invidiously sinister game; of one man trying to incessantly overtopple the other.

Art personifies,
Manipulation slithers miserably on the devils blood coated footsteps.

Art frees,
Manipulation commences and ends capsized in chains of abominable slavery.

Art reveres,
Manipulation is a blatant expletive which emanates from the hedonistic mouth.

Art romanticizes,
Manipulation extricates every diminutive iota of love trapped
compassionately in the veins.

Art exultates,
Manipulation jeopardizes the very roots of spell binding fantasy.

Art teaches,
Manipulation evaporates holistic reminisces; to withered leaves never coming to
life again.

Art unveils,
Manipulation chops your wings even before you learn to fly.

Art ameliorates,
Manipulation exacerbates even non existent pain to the most unprecedented limits.

Art defends,
Manipulation surrenders even after reaching the absolute zenith of victory.

Art challenges,
Manipulation trips you into the dungeon of pathetic cowardice for centuries immemorial.

Art mingles,
Manipulation rips apart the most intimate of friends like obsoletely remote aliens.

Art rehabilitates,
Manipulation poisons the most congenial seeds of love; to beyond the tenterhooks of extinction.

Art propagates,
Manipulation pulverizes pearls of prudent wisdom before they diffuse from the rubicund lips.

Art magnifies,
Manipulation shrinks the most impregnable of countenance to a stature less than the ants.

Art exemplifies,
Manipulation slaughters all power of everlasting rhyme and perspicacious reasoning.

Art imparts,
Manipulation terrorizes you to relinquish all beyond what you had ever imbibed.

Art consecrates,
Manipulation devastates the most synergistic of relationships to summits of devilish prejudice.

Art solves,
Manipulation triggers tumult; transforming every utopia into wholesomely solitary graveyards.

Art charms,
Manipulation sardonically relieves you of overwhelmingly poignant spice in life.

Art bestows,
Manipulation sucks all benevolence; philanthropically entwined in your soul.

And Art is the very reason I could take birth an infinite times,
While O! Almighty Lord; keep manipulation away even from the most decaying framework of my dead bones; each time I left for my heavenly abode.

Submitted: January 30, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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