Bury Me Alive

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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Submitted: March 18, 2018



Even before you could drag her hands towards the acerbically gleaming knife; slice my fingers into infinite pieces,

Even before you could drop a stone on her dainty head; smash my skull into a million fragments,

Even before you could deprive her of inevitable glasses of water; gruesomely extricate my throat of its last bit of poignant saliva,

Even before you could maneuver the pin surreptitiously towards her spell binding eyes; blind me for countless births of mine to yet unveil,

Even before you could make her trip inadvertently over the cold floor; hurl me uncouthly from the summit of the colossal mountain like a chunk of lifeless
Even before you could make her forget a single anecdote of her overwhelmingly precious life; make me wander like an insane lunatic; oblivious to all mankind,

Even before you could make her grapple a trifle in the placid swimming pool; drown me ruthlessly to the rock bottom of the fathomless ocean,

Even before you could make the tiniest of tear drop ooze from her mesmerizing eyes; flood my entire destiny with unfathomable sorrow and treacherous malice,

Even before you could make her falter in her stupendously emphatic speech; convert me into pathetically dumb; barbarically chopping my tongue into incomprehensible number of minuscule bits,

Even before you could furtively capsize her transiently tinkling laughter; sew my lips satanically with the threads of irrevocable terror,

Even before you could rob a single hair from her alluring scalp; make me completely bald; with my head sparkling a ghastly white under dim beams of moonlight,

Even before you could deprive her of even a diminutive fraction of celestial sleep; savagely rip away all the bliss engulfing my persona; thrusting me into an ocean
of unsurpassable complications,

Even before you could keep her hungry for more than a single minute; starve me miserably for unimaginable number of decades,

Even before you could think of destroying her divinely dwelling; mercilessly pulverize each of my bones to more than a billion pulp,

Even before you could snap an inconspicuous strand of hair from her voluptuous eyelash; assassinate both my supple lids from deep within their very fragile roots,

Even before you could tamper the slightest with her ability to seductively sing; transform my voice into one more hoarser than the obnoxiously black crow,

Even before you could trespass the most infinitesimal with her tumultuous exuberance; exhaust all the energy and blood from my vast conglomerate of veins,

Even before you could cause the faintest of panic in her heart; make my beats race faster than the volcano erupting and profusely blazing through the atmosphere,

And even before you could evolve the wildest perception of taking her breath away O! Almighty Lord; bury me alive a thousand feet beneath my corpse; till the time you wanted this planet to continue.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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