Chained Puppet

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Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018



My love for her was like raindrops pelting in torrential frenzy from crimson sky; as I unrelentingly fantasized about her charismatically voluptuous contours; all sweltering day and even way beyond the ghastly night,
While she nonchalantly brushed the excess water from her skin; spuriously suckling sleazy wine with her extravagant bunch of; vagabond friends.

My love for her was like the Omnipotent rays of Golden Sun; as I perceived the radiance in her impeccable eyes to be the most holistic panacea to perpetually
While she disdainfully shrugged the excess light from her persona; flirtatiously eloping beyond the surreptitious hills; everyday with a different man of her choice.

My love for her was like the vibrantly fragrant flower; as I uninhibitedly wafted the scent of my eternal passion; all around her magnificently sacred visage,
While she dogmatically shut her nose in utter abhorrence to the excess aroma; sensuously cuddling the capriciously fragile chest of a man; who would leave her soon like a piece of dilapidated shit.

My love for her was like the fathomless undulating sea; having not the slightest of boundary; having not the most evanescent of end,
While she lugubriously preferred to walk infinite miles away on the bombastically arid land; with a man who capriciously adored her only for her embellished jewelry and tantalizing flesh.

My love for her was like an overwhelming avalanche of unending beauty; as I wished all unsurpassable goodness of this planet to magnanimously descend upon her till times beyond eternity,
While she dolorously spat on all excess enthrallment with vindictive malice; preferring worthlessly manipulative men; who could take her for fugitive rides; in their silver Mercedes.

My love for her was like the unfathomably melodious beehive; relentlessly consecrating every step that she transgressed with all the unconquerable sweetness of
this colossal Universe,
While she pathetically lambasted all the excess harmony with her stray apron strings; partying with men who devilishly desired her; only to whet their appetite.

My love for her was like the fervently mesmerizing mists; wonderfully titillating every ravishing nerve of her famished countenance; for boundless more births yet to unveil,
While she pugnaciously neglected all the excess enigma with a remorseful frown on her lips; frigidly dancing to the clatter of currency coin; as brutal demons ogled down her spine.

My love for her was like an ardently ingratiating inferno of breath; that triggered fireballs of insurmountably unending desire; even in the heart of the morbidly deadened night,
While she half-heartedly kicked on the excess exuberance; letting her spirit drift towards a man; who incessantly viewed her only through the clouds of his derogatory cigar smoke.

And my love for her was like an immortally euphoric heartbeat; perennially bonding with even the most infinitesimal of her senses; even as; diabolical hell took a vicious stranglehold of the earth divine,
While she insidiously squelched all the excess romance infiltrating her soul; leading her entire life like a puppet chained to the tyrannical devil; just because he changed the chain every moment with meaninglessly glittering gold.

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