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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018



The sweltering sands of blistering desert; unrelentingly  chased tantalizing globules of golden rain; pelting ferociously from the crimson sky,

The ominously slithering scorpion; insatiably chased innocuous flesh; dying to infiltrate its nefarious hood deep within; robustly glistening skin,

The merrily gallivanting crab; intransigently chased the slimy shores of the sea; so that it invidiously cropped up every now and again; playing hide and seek with
the marvelously fading light,

The gruesomely dilapidated gutter; fervently chased ravishing scent; to transform its stinkingly impoverished caricature into one replete with heavenly goodness,

The miserably shivering night; ardently chased flamboyant streaks of brilliant sunshine; passionately wanting to bask in the magnificently untamed glory of the mesmerizing day,

The disdainfully stammering parrot; intractably chased the melodiously chirping nightingale; relentlessly envying its stupendous articulation and inherent charm,

The obnoxiously rusty nail; tirelessly chased the boisterously sweet beehive; wanting to deluge each iota of its abominable periphery with unprecedented streams of harmonious honey,

The ludicrously fat pig; irrevocably chased the sagaciously bountiful saint; wanting to inundate its preposterously ridiculed persona with charismatic knowledge; gait and grace,

The uncouthly barking dog; incessantly chased the alluringly meaty slab of gigantic bone; to celestially pacify the overwhelmingly fanatic pangs of hunger in its savage stomach,

The enigmatically crawling spider; indefatigably chased the outlines of its silvery web; endeavoring to make its grip more invincible than ever; upon its sole dwelling throughout existence,

The piquantly pepped up racer car; euphorically chased the astronomical summit of the towering mountain; wanting to ecstatically triumph amongst the gorgeously
mystical clouds,

The obsessively augmenting ambition; uncontrollably chased its royal festoon of sparkling dreams; wanting to metamorphose as soon as possible; into the
pinnacle of veritable reality,

The tawny eyed clever cat; astutely chased the bowl of immaculately scintillating milk; stealthily creeping upon the kitchen sink; after its mistress had retired for the marathon night,

The infinitesimally diminutive ant; belligerently chased the might elephant; profoundly enjoying him collapse like a hill of cards; at just a single swish of its tiny mouth,

The cold-blooded icebergs; insidiously chased innocently lurking ships; insurmountably wanting to pulverize them to threadbare chowder; before
eventually discarding beneath deep sea,

The horrendously starved fisherman; incessantly chased even the smallest of fish; desperately wading his net for countless hours; in the turbulently cataclysmic

The manipulatively white collared executive; inexorably chased his boss all night and day; applying mountains of spurious butter upon his face and feet; surrendering all his benevolence for sleazily paltry notes of corrupt currency,

The fantastically fabulous artist; incomprehensibly chased beauty to the most supremest of its form; trying to assimilate all passionate goodness wandering
amicably on this vast planet; in the vivaciously poignant strokes of his paint brush,

The newly born infant; inevitably chased its mother till the last bit of enthusiasm left in its bones; frantically searching for that divinely comfort; the ultimate messiah which had bestowed it with vibrant life,

And each beat of my thunderously throbbing heart; immortally chased your magnanimously philanthropic love; not resting a single breath until it impregnably
bonded with your love; to propagate the essence of humanity for a fathomless more lifetimes.

© Copyright 2020 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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