Chicken Identity

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taken from my book, "Position The Thought"

Submitted: August 21, 2014

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Submitted: August 21, 2014



Chicken Identity


I identify as a chicken

That clucks away!

Though, I am so not a hen

You wouldn't know just by looking at me

But I could say "bucock"

Just LIKE a chicken

And I would LOVE to lay an egg!

If only I could do it

The time I spend

Sitting on a circle of twigs

Built by birdies


__pretty much

____the whole day

Sometimes an image of a clock on a wall

__flashes before my eyes

I get horrified that I'm losing time

But what to do about it?

I don't know

"I don't know"

__seems to be the most popular words

____in my vocabulary

Other than "bock"

__and "bucock"


______and "buggock"


__________and "brock"

____________and then finally, "buck"

But like I said

I don't know how to be human

How to live a normal life

How to make peace

Nor settle down with some one

__and keep them

How to be a "man"

How to grow up and work for a living

How to live without medication

__that requires Medicare

How to support myself without the government

How to tell what's really real

How to know the difference

Between voices of ghosts

__and peoples' voices

How to get my ratings back

How to get likes

How to get multiple comments

__on my work

how to have sex longer

How to be a father

How to make enough money

__to do without the government

____that I use to afford

______both my medz

________and my lifestyle

How to avoid a co-dependent relationship

How to take more than 1 class at a time

__in college

How to acknowledge myself as a grownup

How to believe in myself

How to care for everybody

__at all times

How to calm down without time

How to quit nicotine

How to say goodbye to caffeine

How to not crave for sweets

How to make time to properly groom

Nor thee effort

How to learn sleep hygiene

__so that I don't use generic Ambien

How to prioritize wisely

How to have patience

How to manage my time

How to pray

How to meditate

How to give in

__to a Power Greater than my self

How to have faith

__that all will be O.K.

How to take the time to read

__instead of just write

How to peddle harder

__on the street

____and catch up

______with the rest of the riders

How to run without stopping

How to pay attention

How to clean my apartment

How to not let the dishes pile up

How to not fall in love

How to win a woman's heart

How to keep my thoughts to myself

How to not speak so vulgarly

__on the street

____at every lady


How to not make my attraction

__so obvious

How to eat when I don't feel like cooking

How to afford lunch

__instead of what I'd rather be buying

I don't even know

__where I'm going with all of this

The bag of potato chips is staring at me

And I'm nearing pre-diabetes again

__so I can't have sweets

Though the salties

Are getting

__quite boring

I'm not getting amused

__by crackers an chips

I mean, I know I would be

__if a box of crackers

____were at least cheaper

______since they don't last long

I'm hating

__just about every one around me

i just wish these punk ass kids

__would grow the fuck up

Even though I'm not a grownup, myself

I also can't stand women

Who would never make a move on me

__if their life depended on it

But that's only because

__I am the one

____who is supposed to make a move

And I HATE that

Why is the world so SEXIST

__when it comes to relationships?

Why is everybody SO fuckin' mad at me?

Why can't I just be my fuckin' selves?

I can feel the hatred


____around me

Even thee old people

__are hatin' on me

Even the typical stranger

__on the street

But that's all my fault

My big fuckin' mouth

And my googly eyes

The world just wants me to die

I'd want myself to die too

If I were any of you

But I'm not you

So I wanna live

And nobody can stand it

How can I stand any of you?

I can't

So I stay away

From all from you

Though my goodbyes

__to the cruel world

____will be left unsaid

Y'all never said "hello"

Let alone "goodbye"



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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