Dancing In Her Heart

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Submitted: April 05, 2018

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Submitted: April 05, 2018



When I danced on the ultimate summit of the astronomically colossal mountain; initially I felt waves of stupendously ingratiating exhilaration deluge me from all sides,
Although as time rapidly unleashed; and the Sun austerely gleamed to sweltering radiance; my nimble feet trembled uncontrollably upon the treacherous slopes; and I found the conglomerate of my robust bones metamorphose to inconspicuous chowder; as I yelled my last before smashing against the cold-blooded rocks.

When I danced on the fathomlessly tangy ocean; frolicking in the heart of the marvelously poignant waves; initially I felt the gregariously rhapsodic froth transit me into realms of tantalizing heaven,
Although as the minutes crept by; and the Sun commenced to languidly kiss the horizons; an intransigently vicious pain enveloped my entire countenance; as a malicious battalion of pugnacious sharks dragged me barbarically to blend me
with the rock bottom.

When I danced on the ethereally spell-binding clouds; kissing the mesmerizing mists as they floated past my rubicund cheeks; initially I felt as if I had witnessed every iota of enchanting beauty upon the trajectory of the boundlessly bountiful Universe,
Although as the day unfurled itself into hideous night; and the Moon refrained to creep up in the sky; I found myself taking the greatest plunge of my life; sinking down to find devastated refuge with pertinent worms; infinite kilometers beneath soil.

When I danced on a pile of incomprehensible gold coin; feeling an unfathomable barrage of scintillating silver cascade down my neck; initially I felt as if I was the most flamboyantly opulent man alive,
Although a few seconds later; and as vindictive witches of hell descended down on earth; all celestial empathy vanished uncouthly from my disastrously shriveled persona; to ruthlessly snap the eternal chapter of my romantic life.

When I danced on a shimmering garland of blissful sand; ravishingly tickling my soles with the resplendent granules of enthrallment trapped within; initially I felt as if all sorrow had abnegated forever from my life,
Although a few moments later; and as dusk seemed to advance its ominous stranglehold over brilliant light; I ludicrously slipped worse than nine-pins to lick
worthless dust; with a cluster of irascibly heinous ant playing hide and seek; with my lame ears.

When I danced on an unfathomable horde of crocodiles; intrepidly caressing my big toe nails in exuberant gusto against their majestically serrated skin; initially I felt the bravest man on earth; applauding my Herculean feat by staring mockingly towards the heavens,
Although as the hour changed its dimensions; and the beasts started to belligerently shrug their afternoon siesta; I found no difference between my brain and feet; disappearing into threadbare oblivion for centuries immemorial.

When I danced on royally flaming fires; trespassing intractably across the sizzling embers all day and murderous night; initially I felt winds of supremely uninhibited compassion enshroud my penuriously dithering visage; for countless more births of mine,
Although as the clock fervently ticked; and as the overwhelmingly traumatized agony of heat proliferated multifold; I soon transformed into ashes of insipid nothingness; to coalesce with corridors of lecherously  lambasting hell.

When I danced on the land of nostalgically impeccable souls; ebulliently juxtaposing with their timeless essence; initially I felt all richness and endless grace on this planet being showered upon me in unequivocal plenty,
Although as days sped into painstaking fortnights; and as even the most minuscule beam of hope immutably denied to linger in the devastatedly sinister atmosphere; every iota of my invincibly looming persona; soon evaporated into non-existent trails of the satanic ghost.

When I danced in the heart of my divinely beloved; bonding each beat of my miserably palpitating heart with the insurmountably perennial river of her immortal love; initially I felt an Omnipotent endowment to lead a countless more ecstatic lives,
And I can state it with irrefutable pride this time; that as the moments unfolded into a sparkling tomorrow; I was reborn again and again and again; as the most powerful entity on this marvelously enamoring Universe; the power which was none else but the fragrance of her impregnably unceasing love.

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