Divinely Mother

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 05, 2018

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Submitted: April 05, 2018



You were my first and last SMILE in life; incessantly triggering me to exist in celestial contentment; even though the clouds of abominably treacherous manipulation enshrouded me from all sides,

You were my first and last HOPE in life; profoundly enlightening vibrantly optimistic rays of desire in my impoverished existence; propelling me to kiss the aisles of astronomically benevolent success,

You were my fist and last STRENGTH in life; imparting me with the overwhelmingly Herculean resilience; to unflinchingly confront even the most mightiest of insidious devil,

You were my first and last FANTASY in life; handsomely flooding each arena of my incredulously bizarre mind; with the tonic of astounding rhapsody and majestic

You were my first and last AMBITION in life; indefatigably transpiring me to blossom into the best; uninhibitedly dedicate each of my senses to the service of despicably shivering mankind,

You were my first and last ADVENTURE in life; as I poignantly soared above the charismatic clouds; exuberantly blending each ingredient of my crimson blood with unparalleled and enigmatic excitement,

You were my first and last PHILOSOPHY in life; illuminating my every night of insidiously lecherous blackness; with the irrefutably pious ideologies of
immortal mankind,

You were my first and last FRIENDSHIP in life; compassionately encapsulating me like an invincible fortress from all sides; in my times of ecstasy; as well as unsurpassably hideous sadness,

You were my first and last EUPHORIA in life; landing me in waves of incomprehensible exhilaration; as I unraveled a path of supreme exultation and fragrant newness; on every step that I nimbly alighted,

You were my first and last ROYALTY in life; opulently besieging my drearily wandering eyes with your unbelievable embellishment; metamorphosing my
disdainfully shriveled visage into an avalanche of princely paradise,

You were my first and last AUTHORITY in life; as I bent my head in due obeisance of your Omnipotent aura; marching on even the most infinitesimal of your heavenly commands; to save wonderfully vivacious humankind,

You were my first and last REFLECTION in life; candidly expelling out even the most subdued dormitories of my conscience; so that I blossomed into a queenly flower disseminating the everlasting redolence of humanity,

You were my first and last TRIUMPH in life; as I felt irrefutably victorious at every stage in my diminutive survival; felt as if prosperity timelessly lingered on my inevitably orphaned doorsteps,
You were my first and last AWARD in life; blessing me beyond the realms of bountiful eternity; gifting me with the impregnable virtue to exist in synergistic harmony and equality with all mankind,

You were my first and last ENCHANTMENT in life; enthralling me to the ultimate realms of magnificent captivation and nostalgia; as I bounced in your lap like a freshly born infant; once again,

You were my first and last ENERGY in life; the boundless reservoir of emphatic ebullience in my incoherent bones; to catapult to the epitome of glittering success,

You were my first and last SONG in life; maneuvering each element of my disastrously stumbling countenance; with the ingratiating melody in your
ardent voice,

You were my first and last BREATH in life; instilling in me the unprecedented ardor to exist beyond my destined times; my insurmountable tenacity to believe in truth; non-violence; humanity; even as wailing hell coalesced with immaculate night,

You were my first and last LOVE in life; passionately embracing me forever and ever and ever; everytime I took birth once again; even as the uncouth society had kicked me to insipid submission outside,

And you assumed countless proportions of; Mischievous Sister; Princely Beloved; Unconquerable Father; Sacrosanct Mother; in the tenure of my transiently
shivering life;

But each iota of my visage; each ingredient of my heart; soul; body and blood; would perennially remain grateful to you not only for this life; but for fathomless more lifetimes of mine; only as mother; mother and divinely mother

© Copyright 2020 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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