Do You Know?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 05, 2018

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Submitted: April 05, 2018



Do you know how much I missed you; unrelentingly fantasizing about you all day; and unsurpassable hours even past the lonely winds of midnight?

Do you know how much I cared for you; incorrigibly following you like a shadow; ensuring that even the tiniest of enemy stayed boundless kilometers; away
from your heavenly stride?

Do you know how much I wept for you; those instants when you were enshrouded by thunderbolts of inexplicable pain; when devastating fever capsized each ingredient of your crimson blood?

Do you know how much I reminisced your celestial smiles; drowning myself profusely; in the mesmerizing ocean of your melodiously tinkling laughter?

Do you know how much I revered you; considering you the sole saint of my life; the sole philosophy that I uttered every time I had a chance; to be born once

Do you know how much I cherished your memories; intransigently basking in the glory of those times when you whispered in my ears; even as the entire planet treacherously fought outside?

Do you know how much I was obsessively mad about you; making you the only princess; taking complete control over my mind; body and wandering soul?

Do you know how much I dreamt about you; perceiving you in the most grandiloquent forms ever existing; wholesomely oblivious to the manipulative vagaries of the vindictive earth; fighting for breath?

Do you know how much I wanted you every moment; insatiably craving for your tantalizing caress; to erupt like a fireball of untamed compassion; well beyond the realms of blue sky?

Do you know how much I prayed for you; relentlessly asking the Creator to grant you even my quota of eternal happiness; before I eventually took celestial reprieve in your Godly feet?

Do you know how much I envied those flirtatiously invidious people talking to you; clobbered myself to almost a ghastly extinction; each time even when the
winds blowing away from you; tried to entice you?

Do you know how much I perennially longed to see your face; the first thing when I woke up at the crack of dawn; sleep like a king with its ravishing titillation; all throughout the uncouthly perilous night?

Do you know how much I liked you; irrefutably shirking every opulently pleasurable in this world; just to savor a single moment by your marvelously benign side?

Do you know how much I praised you; indefatigably erupting into a fountain of adoration for your enamoring countenance; each time I heard your name
being called outside?

Do you know how much I fought with the diabolically belligerent society; just to make them understand the wonderfully stupendous artist fulminating in each of
your veins; the poignant enigma hidden magnificently in your glorious voice?

Do you know how much I admired your majestic sound; enlightening each arena of my despairing life with its pungent cadence; like a slave liberating from his satanic cage?

Do you know how much I was attracted towards you; drifting like an untamed volcano in every direction you swished; massacring my very entity from this
planet; even at the most inconspicuous of your command?

Do you know how much I died without you; extinguishing like a frigidly soggy matchstick into wisps of remote oblivion; every time you left me to slither aimlessly
on my own?

Do you know how much I trembled without you; pathetically devastated at every step I tread; sinking infinite feet beneath my grave; as you disappeared like a miraculous mirage from my sight?

And do you know how much I loved you; immortally bonding with your everlasting Universe of vibrant beats ever since my first cry of birth; even though you kicked me nonchalantly away; like a speck of dust from your sacrosanct side?

© Copyright 2020 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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