Don't You Dare O! Devil

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Submitted: April 08, 2018

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Submitted: April 08, 2018



It was a bundle of overwhelmingly sparkling joy; please don't mercilessly maraud its flesh; with your obnoxiously uncouth nails,

It was a sacrosanct leaf of freshly blossoming life; please don't invidiously inundate its immaculate brain; with your horrendously truculent tales of bizarre manipulation,

It was a fairy having just descended from the heart of celestial sky; please don't gruesomely maim it with your indiscriminately cold-blooded stride,

It was the ultimate fulfilling fantasy of any two perpetual lovers; please don't heinously strangulate the last iota of breath from its innocuously godly body; with your infernos of indescribably sordid malice,

It was a quintessentially ardent constituent in God's chapter of timeless procreation; please don't ghastily blind it forever; even before it could open its mesmerizing eyes,

It was an Omnipotent lantern illuminating countless dwellings besieged with disparaging despair; please don't ruthless snap its hands; with your fangs of vindictive hatred,

It was an unassailable harbinger of humanity; please don't venomously poison its holistically vibrant soul; with your lecherously stinking world of politics and crime,

It was an astoundingly eclectic and unconquerable prince; please don't lay a battlefield of your pugnaciously acrid thorns in whatever path that it crawled and blissfully tread,

It was a fountain of inexorably unending happiness; please don't satanically thrash its ears; with your whips of derogatorily unforgivable savagery,

It was an everlastingly smiling doll which embraced all mankind; please don't sinfully replace its bountifully adorable laughter; with your ghoulish teardrops of torturously penalizing hell,

It was the most divine fantasy of every organism alive; please don't hideously cripple its unblemished originality; with your disparaging greed and ostracizing prejudice,

It was an unparalleled jewel of the poignant eye; please don't salaciously rip apart its skin; with your profusely blood stained and barbaric butcher knife,

It was a blessing from the cosmos to all fraternity of mankind breathing and alive; please don't trade its innocently benign flesh; for your sinister wads of debasing money,

It was the most impregnable Sun of tomorrow; a spell bindingly guiding light; please don't horrifically confound its boundless resplendence; with your cloudcovers of treacherously gory night,

It was an unfathomable cistern of perennial enchantment; please don't bawdily kick it with your bohemian toes; always sunk way beneath the graveyards of insane lifelessness,

It was the greatest star ever shining on marvelous earth divine; please don't brutally plagiarize it with corpses of illiteracy and pernicious sodomy; instead of gifting it with effulgent toys,

It was a horizon which had absolutely no end; please don't vengefully asphyxiate its chords of celestial existence; with the disdainful abhorrence for all surviving; ostensibly burgeoning in your eyes,

It was an immortal heartbeat pulsating with unstoppable life; please don't tyrannically deprive it of all the fathomless tributaries of love; that it was destined to assimilate every unfurling minute of its beautiful life,

In the name of the Omnipresent Almighty Lord O! Devil; please don't in anyway harm the new born child; even if your desire to kill transcends everything else on
this planet; you can readily take my life; but please don't harm the child; don't you dare harm the freshest outcry of newborn life

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