Forgive Me O! Lord

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Forgive me for inadvertently trampling over scores of tiny ants; crawling unnoticed on the cold floor,

Forgive me for spitting foamy saliva indiscreetly on the streets; on formation of excess liquid in the palette of my mouth,

Forgive me for banging my fists in tandem against the wall; clenching my teeth in raw indignation on being intimidated,

Forgive me for driving at lightening speeds through the solitary streets; bouncing in the drivers seat while listening to pulsating music,

Forgive me for indiscriminately pouncing on the petulant mosquito; buzzing incessantly in the vicinity of my eardrum,

Forgive me for not listening to my mother; when she stringently admonished to get up at the crack of evanescent dawn,

Forgive me for being insatiably greedy; when it came to extracting wealth from this uncouth world,

Forgive me for indulging in licentious thoughts; possessing feeble control over the unprecedented realms of my mind,

Forgive me for sipping opulent wine; drowning myself wholesomely into domains of tantalizing fantasy,

Forgive me for skipping my morning prayers; in the bustle to reach office and commence work at fast pace,

Forgive me for snoring like a demon all night; permeating the still air with an indefatigable volley of cacophonic sounds,

Forgive me for attending bombastic parties; blending profusely with a conglomerate of people with spurious smiles,

Forgive me for swaying rampantly on the streets; inhabiting the discotheques till
wee hours of night,

Forgive me for overhearing candid conversations; in my unrelenting curiosity to envisage activities behind close doors,
Forgive me for leaving squalid footprints as I walked; caressing the immaculately polished floor with dirt lining the periphery of my toes,

Forgive me for plucking resplendent flowers from their stalks; dismantling the moist earth by digging voraciously with my hands,

Forgive me for being overwhelmingly stubborn; standing steadfast with my baseless opinions; refraining to listen to others,

Forgive me for using abashing expletives; rebuking innocuous individuals in proximity; for no apparent fault of theirs,

Forgive me for ridiculing eminent personalities; making a travesty of the remarkable deeds they executed in their lives,

Forgive me for loitering aimlessly in space; becoming oblivious to the essence of life for some part of the day,

Over and above all forgive me O! lord for the plethora of misdeeds I have committed in my life as a human being; instead bless me with loads of fortitude to propagate double the happiness of all what I have destroyed.

Submitted: April 18, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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