When I stood on the summit of the fabulously fathomless valley; feasting on beams of majestically pearly moonlight; as it kissed the trees and the untamed wilderness,
I was greedy for plunging into it head on; romancing with each leaf submerged in a blanket of dewdrops; and the enthralling breeze as my ultimate savior.

When I irrevocably stuck in the disdainfully claustrophobic traffic; the cacophonic horns and unruly smoke nearly asphyxiating me to veritable death,
I was greedy for possessing ebullient wings to fly; soaring high in the clouds; in an entrenchment of poignant beauty and seductive enchantment.

When I was stranded on the sands of the sweltering desert; being tyrannically lambasted by whirlwinds of turbulent dust,
I was greedy for tantalizing globules of crystal water; frantically groping in the tumultuous maelstrom; as acrid whips of mud obfuscated my vision in entirety.

When I was engulfed by perpetual silence; the ghastly graveyards of solitude strangulating the very essence of exuberance from my soul,
I was greedy for a stupendously melodious voice; miraculously pacifying my unfathomable terrain of wounded nerves; with sounds of bliss and untamed

When I sat on the doorstep of the appetizing kitchen; a boundless ocean of salubrious scent indefatigably titillating my famished nostrils,
I was greedy for rhapsodic morsels of insatiably delicious food; transiting me perennially into a sky of heavenly slumber.

When I was on the gloriously scintillating sea shores; the incomprehensibly tangy waves teasing me every now and again with their unrelenting festoon of charismatic froth,
I was greedy for a heartily voracious swim; wading across the turbulently choppy froth; into a world of bountifully ravishing excitement.

When I was in the unfathomably dark dungeons; tornado's of alluring mysticism; tingling my impoverished countenance from all sides,
I was greedy for intransigent encounters with spell binding enigma; the hissing of the voluptuous reptiles; catapulting me into a land above exotic paradise.

When I was in the impeccable lap of my mother; her sacrosanct palms dawdling away all the tensions of my manipulatively monotonous life,
I was greedy to be an immaculate child once again; incessantly frolicking in her compassionate warmth; bonding with her celestial spirit for decades immemorial.

And when I was close to your chest; the tirelessly passionate beating of your heart; granting me the astronomical privilege to live for an infinite more lives,
I was greedy for love; immortally blending my breath with your heart; mind; body and soul; to make me the richest entity living; and even after death perpetually alive.

Submitted: April 22, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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