Immortally Living Art.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



To procreate countless more of your kind was inherently natural; but to instill in them the irrefutably invincible principles of mankind; was a majestically
impeccable art,

To replenish your stomach with all tantalizingly piquant food on this Universe was inevitably natural; but to scrupulously digest them and yet sparkle into an ocean of celestially rubicund health; was a perseveringly magical art,

To transit into a heavenly slumber and fantasize uninhibitedly about all ingratiating exoticism on this planet was blissfully natural; but to manifest all those spell binding dreams into an eternal reality; was an unassailably enduring art,

To listen to the fulminating voices of your intrepid soul was poignantly natural; but to invincibly march forward in united patriotism to annihilate the last iota of evil from your sacrosanct motherland; was an indefatigably resplendent art,

To euphorically bathe at the commencement of brilliant Sunshine was iridescently natural; but to utilize every bit of your marvelously sparkling freshness to enlighten all despicably bereaved humanity; was an ebulliently gutsy art,

To dance till eternity in times of ecstatic jubilation was exuberantly natural; but to ubiquitously disseminate the same unending happiness in every dwelling besieged with horrifically remorseful despair; was a handsomely philanthropic art,

To wholeheartedly immerse yourself in your very own religion was holistically natural; but to unequivocally preach the religion of humanity till the last breath of your  existing life; was a grandiloquently benign art,

To encapsulate your entire persona with ravishing petals of rose and insatiably overwhelming scent was scintillatingly natural; but to waft the Omnipotent
scent of coalesced mankind; on every murderously manipulative cranny of this earth; was a timelessly mesmerizing art,

To profoundly enjoy the divinely melody in the atmosphere was quintessentially natural; but to tirelessly propagate every element of your ebullience to all those miserably crippled and penurious destitute; was a glitteringly humanitarian art,

To sight umpteenth galleries of wonderfully serene objects around you was instinctively natural; but to altruistically become the walking stick of all those
horrendously penalized and gruesomely blind; was a miraculously Omniscient art,

To sagaciously invest all your fathomless treasuries of wealth in the best possible gains was prudently natural; but to chivalrously dissipate even a minuscule fraction of your opulence to the service of the devastatingly deprived; was a perpetually
sacred art,

To joyously gallop through fields of flirtatiously sensuous freedom was flamboyantly natural; but to hoist all those bereft of hands and feet to destinations transcending the land of paradise; was a benevolently bequeathing art,
To cling to the lap of your mother whenever you felt gorily shattered was incomprehensibly natural; but to perennially ensure that the entire planet irrevocably
clung to the strings of enchanting humanity; was a gloriously princely art,

To harmoniously augment the granaries of crimson blood in your countenance was poignantly natural; but to selflessly shed the same for your countrymen incarcerated with treacherous despair; was a glitteringly Omnipresent art,

To decorate your pristinely barren skin with royal pearls and ornaments was splendidly natural; but to stupendously embellish the fabric of all despicably dithering mankind with untamed cloudbursts of love; was a ubiquitously charismatic art,

To act candidly and in synergy with the voice of your intransigently righteous conscience was intrinsically natural; but to wholesomely decimate the salacious web
of lies from every corner of this earth with the voice of unconquerably impeccable truth; was a royally regale art,

To tranquilly inhale air all round the clock and with the most prolific of intensity was indispensably natural; but to aristocratically placate the brutally traumatized agony of all those miserably divested with each of your breath; was a passionately Almighty art,

To relentlessly love and bountifully adore the girl of your every dream was tumultuously natural; but dedicating every single beat of your heart to all those orphaned and acrimoniously betrayed; was an unfathomably heavenly art,

And to rhapsodically live this birth and intransigently perceive to survive for an infinite more births yet to come was incredulously natural; but sacrificing each instant of your life to astoundingly spawn a countless new tomorrows of optimistic hope and
vibrant courage; was an immortally living art.

© Copyright 2020 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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