Into The Shoes Of A True Lover.

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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



Does love mean; being extraordinarily possessive about your beloved; not leaving her even for an infinitesimal instant; from the ardently obsessive fixation of your sight?

Does love mean; giving your beloved the freedom to pursue anything and everything she wants; although at times she might transgress the fine line of your poignant emotions and desire?

Does love mean; overtly forgiving your beloved; even if she blatantly and obnoxiously pulverized the principles of existence; intermittently spat directly on the naked space of your face; at the tiniest of exasperation?

Does love mean; inundating every conceivable skin pore of your beloved with so many kisses; that she could hardly feel any other sensation of the Universe on her nimble flesh?

Does love mean; standing like a perpetually unflinching citadel abreast your beloved; knocking the last breaths out of any alien man; who dared to flirt with her?

Does love mean; profusely kissing every footprint made by your amiable beloved; keep slavering upon obdurately cold ground; with your tongue fervently wagging and till the time that she walked?

Does love mean; expecting your beloved to idolize none other than you; every unfurling instant of the day; and perceiving none other than your countenance all throughout the bewitchingly starless night?

Does love mean; unthinkably putting every perceivable part of your body forward; to each vicious arrow that dared come the way of your beloved; sacrifice your life at the slightest innuendo of danger to her smiles?

Does love mean; emaciating yourself to the most extreme levels of gruesome extinction; just in order to witness your beloved replenish even the most evanescent of her shadow; with all the richness of this planet?

Does love mean; deriving fathomless happiness at witnessing your beloved flourish in her career and pursuits; whilst you abandoned everything so that the feeling of competition never arose; and to forever see her smile?

Does love mean; unstoppably embracing your beloved in your invincibly vice like grip; from which there wasn't the tiniest of escape; for an infinite more lifetimes?

Does love mean; penning countless lines of immortal poetry on your majestic beloved; unrelentingly staring into the rustic whites of her eye; all day and in the ravishing stupefaction of the night?

Does love mean; emulating even the most obsolete action of your beloved; going to the most painstakingly ridiculous heights in copying her bit by bit; and at the same time bearing with the laughter from the society outside?

Does love mean; in all totality surrendering  even the last droplet of blood in your veins; to the most ethereal command of your beloved; perpetually re-christening yourself as her soul-mate as well as chained slave?

Does love mean; wholesomely obfuscating and shutting your ears to the outside world; romanticize till times immemorial in the voluptuous bosom of your beloved; even as the planet ghastily deteriorated and crumbled outside?

Does love mean; prostrating forever at the feet of your sacrosanct beloved; considering them as the ultimate god; the ultimate heaven and hell on this globe; and for a boundless destinations beyond?

Does love mean; timelessly kissing your beloved on her blissful lips; mollifying every bit of hunger and thirst in your ravenous body; by only savoring the compassionate sweetness of her redolent creation?

Does love mean; letting each sensuous breath of your beloved; be the only oxygen for your penuriously asphyxiated lungs; as you royally embellished each naked arena of her flesh; with the untamed virility of your creation?

Does love mean; forever and ever and ever bonding each beat of your passionate heart with your beloved; letting two bodies exist as an unconquerably fragrant 'one' for as long as the earth lived?

Well. If I for one were to step into a true lover's shoes; then love for me would mean all of the above; impregnably implemented at some stage or the other; in the chapter of my mellifluously destined life.

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