Live Life Higher Than The Clouds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I didn't want to overrule anybody; make philanthropically blissful entities my slaves,

I didn't want to supercede anybody; make my wishes come true at the cost of peoples happiness,

I didn't want to overshadow anybody; make only presence felt all throughout the globe; when my fellow counterparts were crippled and needed all the support,

I didn't want to dominate anybody; ask individuals to emancipate; just to satisfy my insatiably gargantuan desire to become the king,

I didn't want to petrify anybody; display to the world the worthless power of my pompously inflated muscles,

I didn't want to slap anybody; in order to save my cheeks the tiniest of tyranny that could occur because of the wind,

I didn't want to snatch food from anybody; only to appease the sanctimonious buds of taste that lingered every minute on my preposterously fat tongue,

I didn't want to wake up anybody; just because I wanted to snore thunderously even well past after brilliant sunlight,

I didn't want to abuse anybody; meting my personal frustrations on innocuous souls who hadn't committed the remotest of crime,

I didn't want to rob anybody; simply to placate my unrelenting ardor of becoming overnight rich; inundating my hollow treasury with biscuits of diamond and glittering gold,

I didn't want to pinch anybody; just to pacify the pertinently peevish tendencies lurking irately in my mind,

I didn't want to scold anybody; blurt out murderously stringent tunes; simply to quench my perennial longing to shout,

I didn't want to force anybody; profusely exercise my chauvinist characteristics; in order to prove that I perpetually reigned supreme,

I didn't want to blind anybody; just to get back the pathetically diminishing vision of both my rotund eyes,

I didn't want to laugh at anybody; jeer a person to unprecedentedly embarrassing heights; just to supremely satisfy my swollen ego,

I didn't want to intimidate anybody; speak in ostentatious slang; simply because I knew that the person beside me was entirely oblivious even to his own name,

I didn't want to drown anybody; just because I wanted to remain floating; inhale in infinite mouthfuls of celestially fresh air,

I didn't want to bite anybody; just because I wanted to smother the niggling sensation in my conglomerate of decayed teeth,

I didn't want to kill anybody; just because I felt that I was veritably dying; had an immortal wish to be always breathing and full of vibrant life,

All I wanted is O! Omnipotent Lord; was to live life higher than the clouds; and offer the same with irrefutable equality to all my blessed fellow beings.

Submitted: May 20, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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