Make Me One Of Your Disciple

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Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Submitted: May 21, 2018



If you were the redolent rose; shooting delectably from ravishing crusts of brown soil,
Then please bestow upon me your scent; flooding the most intricate of my senses with your stupendous fragrance.

If you were the colossal sky; profusely embedded with a cocoon of magnificently silken clouds,
Then please shower upon me droplets of enchanting rain; drenching my persona wholesomely with tantalizing globules of fresh water.

If you were the gigantic tree; prolifically impregnated with succulently delicious cherries and a cluster of salubrious fruit,
Then please drop a berry or two in my lap; making me relish the unsurpassably mesmerizing taste of mother nature.

If you were the mountain; completely engulfed by a blanket of incredulously white and crystalline snow,
Then please melt upon me your stream of sparkling liquid; profoundly titillating every pore of my frigid and lackluster skin.

If you were the celestial body of flaming Sun; blazing in flamboyant fervor all throughout the blistering day,
Then please besiege me with your festoon of fiery rays; generating waves of euphoric passion in my dreary demeanor.

If you were the resplendent battalion of marvelously shimmering stars; scattered in immortal harmony on the map of the boundless cosmos,
Then please allure me in the beam of your unending charm; the inscrutable enigma in your poignant shine.

If you were a mammoth elephant; having invincible fortitude embodied in your tusks and legs,
Then please impart me with a little skill to defend myself; sharing just few secrets of your mind boggling strength.

If you were the sacrosanct cow; being worshipped ubiquitously for your incomprehensible prowess to bless mankind,
Then please give me a few droplets of your holy milk; supremely rejuvenate my every morning with the adorable river of your pious energy.

If you were an astute Businessman; cunningly manipulating every move in the industry; stashing your warehouses with exorbitant wealth and unparalleled affluence,
Then please elucidate me with some tricks of your trade; giving me a chance to fight for my survival in this ruthlessly selfish world.

If you were the sweltering sands of golden desert; harboring billions of tons of
sand and vivacious cactus,
Then please impart me with minuscule fractions of your tumultuously compassionate heat; to illuminate and enlighten my gruesomely frozen night.

If you were the royally oligarchic castle; harboring infinite numbers of supremely majestic rooms,
Then please give me some space to live however minuscule; to sequester my head from the tyranny of the satanic devil; the bitterness of the gorgeously voluptuous night.

If you were the frozen slab of benevolent ice; dribbling painstakingly as the afternoon augmented its pace,
Then please tell a chunk of yours to be my pillow; when I was struck disastrously by the brunt of disastrous drought.

If you were the melodious nightingale perched blissfully on the hills; captivating the hearts of all ages with your seductive voice,
Then please recite to me just one of your tunes; flooding my life and soul with unprecedented happiness.

If you were the ocean with vivaciously swirling waves; rising and falling incessantly before clashing against the rugged chain of cold rocks,
Then please splash a trifle on my obscurely tiny window; evoking fathomless tremors of sheer exultation to creep up poignantly down my spine.

If you were a girl with hazel shades of eye; an unprejudiced heart throbbing violently in your impeccable chest; a desire to audaciously fight against whatever odds that confronted you in your path,
Then please spare a moment of yours in my life; making me feel that I had good friend to lean upon.

If you were a mother who loved her child immensely; unrelentingly devoting every unfurling minute of yours in harnessing his innocuous blood and flesh,
Then please take me in your lap just once; teach me how to discerningly discriminate between all the good and ominously bad.

And if you were Almighty God; diffusing your omnipotent aura in every little cranny of this Universe; holding it upright on the nail tip of your tiny finger,
Then please make me one of your disciple out of the countless already existing; give me the power to fight every hurdle; embody in me the tenacity to lead life; and over and above all bestow upon me the philanthropic ability to serve all mankind.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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