No Experimentation

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



I indefatigably experimented with my clothes; at times aimlessly wandering in skimpily bedraggled shorts; while at times majestically embellishing even the most lackadaisical bone of my impoverished body; with a paradise of unendingly coruscating satin,
I unrelentingly experimented with my food; at times plaintively surviving on inconspicuously threadbare morsels of dolorous bread; while at times regally
titillating my emaciated taste buds with Imperial slices of Italian cheese and  sensuously exotic champagne,

I limitlessly experimented with my dwelling; at times ludicrously residing in preposterously stinking gutter pipes; while at times enchantingly snoring in castles
of exquisitely Oriental gold and resplendently twinkling pearls,

I tirelessly experimented with my makeup's; at times coating my diminutively trembling skin with sleazily libidinous mascara; while at times vivaciously
painting my entire visage with celestially voluptuous blackberry juice,

I relentlessly experimented with my slang's; at times conversing in an incongruously unruly rustic accent which only the dogs could understand; while at times
unassailably silencing one and all on this gigantic planet; with the power of my eloquently mesmerizing speech,

I unfathomably experimented with my temperament's; at times laconically floating like a cadaverously silent graveyard in the aisles of insipid nothingness; while
at times tempestuously fulminating into a boundless cosmos of insatiably heart-rendering passion,

I incessantly experimented with my footwear; at times nonchalantly trespassing through the eccentrically skewed dungeons barefoot; while at times encapsulating
my ebulliently protruding toes; with the most exorbitantly supreme snake leather skins,

I continuously experimented with my perfumes; at times smudging every speck of my languishing demeanor with a bizarre concoction of tomatoes and indolent mushrooms; while at times bathing in a heavenly pond of blissful musk till times immemorial,

I unstoppably experimented with my languages; at times fanatically absorbing myself into the fathomless literary volumes of my very own native tongue; while
at times ubiquitously disseminating the essence of global peace and eternal brotherhood in; iridescently International English,
I unlimitedly experimented with my toothbrushes; at times ruthlessly brushing across the consortium of my decaying yellow with stringently inclement tree twigs; while at times using a myriad of contemporarily world class brands to bounteously enlighten the bedraggled cavities in my mouth,

I zanily experimented with my smells; at times disastrously snoozing the entire day inhaling squalidly rebuked attic air; while at times triumphantly dancing till spaces beyond eternity; to the redolently mesmerizing scent of the divinely atmosphere,

I unsparingly experimented with my women; at times losing all interest in life with girls full of sardonically barbarous criticism; while at times jubilantly dancing with the ultimate  nubile angels having descended from the lap of beautifully blessed

I countlessly experimented with my jewelry; at times wearing esoterically jinxed necklace's of gruesomely infidel bones; while at times handsomely draping my
shivering persona with aristocratically poignant cascades of brilliant diamond,

I ardently experimented with my desires; at times withering away like a stoically feckless leaf even in the most spellbindingly rhapsodic of winds; while at
times uncontrollably spawning into a thunderbolt of insuperably blistering passion; swiping every trajectory of mother earth with everlastingly unfettered energy,

I obsessively experimented with my colors; at times choosing the most dirties shade of brown to woefully lambaste my penalizing coffin; while at times blossoming into eclectic rainbows of glorious prosperity; for infinite more births of mine yet to

I unceasingly experimented with my titillations; at times using monotonous rockets of fretful paper to stimulate my treacherously dying pores; while at times wonderfully assimilating the most panoramically exotic treasures of this earth; to blend with the invincible enthuse of my bloodstreams,

I timelessly experimented with my fantasies; at times tyrannically envisaging only about matchbox shaped corporate offices with potbellied tycoons wasting
marathon hours in sonorous cigar smoke and the robotically disdainful mobile phone; while at times intransigently dreaming all day and night about the
chapters of enriching proliferation and philanthropic goodness on the fabric of this gigantic Universe,

I uninhibitedly experimented with my philosophies; at times conceiving the prejudiced manipulation was quintessential to exist amidst the pack of
horrifically bloodsucking wolves today; while at times pioneering the mantra of selfless sacrifice in even the most mercurial quarter of this world,
And if there was indeed one thing on this planet; which I never did or would ever want to experiment with; then it was our immortal love; for my heart was
forever yours O! Godly Beloved; right since the time it first euphorically leapt out for you; and till the time death do us apart; without the slightest of baffling experimentation in between.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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