Shattered Lenses

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Is it possible that to be so hurt from the past, a person's outlook on anything good, is tainted with the stains of a broken heart?

Submitted: June 08, 2010

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Submitted: June 08, 2010



Countless heartache … too many to remember

her thoughts and dreams crushed through the insignificance that was her

Endless streams of tears

her heart melting through the icy prison … her most cherished defence

A lifetime of involuntary transformations;

yes to no

never to always

smiles to sorrow


The words spoken to her, a statement of faith

the questionability … the hidden meaning … the half truth, never to be acknowledged until too late

The gentle hands brushing over her spirit

the moment of a gift given freely, but at a cost much greater than ever imagined

The lies and desolation consuming her memories

never seen, creeping from inside the fake sanctuary of love and life’s heartbeat


Approaching a light of a futures chance

… her nature, to open her heart and welcome with the warmth of an outstretched hand

The possibility of the purity in a smile

… her will, to wear her soul on her sleeve

A lifetime of lenses shattered, a fierce contender;

light to dark

laughter to tears

hope to heartache


Is it possible to never feel with honesty again?

The innocence of a silent word, merely a silent word

not the pending act of her purpose being served

Is it possible to never touch with honesty again?

The beauty in a smile merely a reflection of true happiness

not the disguise of a hidden tale; the mask of a man in deceit

Is it possible to never see with honesty again?

The sweetness in actions being a safe footstep

not the sidestep onto a path leading to her inevitable demise


She cannot say … she cannot comment … she cannot respond …

for her heart is no longer hers to control alone


She lives at the mercy of false words

She lives at the mercy of broken faith

She lives at the mercy of a patchwork heart

She lives at the mercy of shattered lenses … feared never to be whole again.

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