Simply Not Enough

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When I held a fat slab of wax in blistering fire; it painstakingly melted as the passionate flames kissed its dainty periphery; eventually reducing to a pool of
solitary liquid,

When I held a trunk of seasoned wood in blazing waves of orange fire; the timber mercilessly charred into embers of raw ash; as the seconds unveiled by and the
heat augmented to tumultuous proportions,

When I held a mountain of blank paper in the menacing swirl of the pugnacious fire; all that was left of them was profoundly black soot; inconspicuous threads of fluff as the vicious plumes licked them from all sides,

When I held a field of silky cotton in the sweltering ball of fire; the magnificent cloth evaporated into a thick cloud of white smoke; blended with the open sky as the fire galloped at the fire galloped at fierce pace,

When I held a dungeon of gold biscuits and jewels in the belligerent hell of fire; all that remained after a few seconds; was a golden stream of orphaned pale yellow; that floated unceremoniously through the granules of soil,

When I held a cluster of ravishing fruits and succulent berries in the heart of the vindictively escalating fire; there was onerous difficulty to search even for the seeds; a few minutes after the hostile flames attacked from all sides,

When I held a conglomerate of coiled wires in the ominous conflagration of unrelenting fire; all that was left after a while was dilapidated fragments of shattered metal; overwhelmingly disrupted by the towering heat,

When I held a cabin of scintillating glass in the forest of inexorably savage fire; the same people who used to throng it incessantly to admire their tantalizing silhouettes; now ran miles away after sighting their horrendously distorted reflection,

When I held a fleet of swanky automobile in the center of the whirlwind speed fire; there was a deafeningly thunderous bang that occurred; and what once seemed to
be the princely cavalcade of cars now exploded and disappeared into plumes of black smoke,

When I held a festoon of scarlet roses in the repugnant blanket of brutal fire; all that remained after fractions seconds of time was inconspicuous globules of ash; and the scent which was once supremely redolent now resembled that emanating from
the morbid graveyard,

When I held an ocean of sweet milk in flamboyant wisps of fire; an obnoxiously burnt stench blended with the still atmosphere; and the solvent which once was
ubiquitously known all round the globe for its superlatively salubrious properties; the impregnable strength it imparted after consuming it; now appeared like threateningly dark paint dribbling down slowly from the walls,

When I held a sac of robust potatoes in the thick of fulminating fire; all that I got to eat after an hour was gruesomely charred stone; pathetic slices of dust that arose in bountiful amounts all around,

When I held the majestic tusks of elephant in the throes of the animatedly leaping fire; all that remained after a day was diminutive shells of utterly hopeless despair; being swept away with even the most tiniest draught of wind,

When I held the royal castle in the middle of the agonizingly volatile fire; the place replicated a barren farmland after a few days; and people trespassing around thought that something fresh needed to be constructed; that some crops needed to be
freshly sowed,

When I held the exorbitantly opulent bank in the agitated island of springing fire; the unfathomable notes of currency wailed in inevitable gloom; and what was once a colossal storehouse for satisfying the most infinitesimal of people's needs; now lay buried several feet beneath the dust,

When I held an insurmountably long rope of tangy toothpaste in the entrenchment of boiling fire; there initially wafted an incomprehensibly poignant aroma in the air; soon to be replaced by winds of rotten fish scent,

When I held a mammoth box of matchsticks in the body of venomously rising fire; there reverberated a noise that was greater than a thousand bombs; as the sticks
incinerated instantaneously into a cloudburst of unending flames;
irrevocably  refraining to subside,

When I held a billion follicles of mesmerizing hair in the belly of acrimoniously stringent fire; the resultant fibers that came out were so profoundly scarred; that even the ghoulish faced witch refrained to adorn them,

But when I held me and my beloved in the core of the same treacherous fire; its flames no doubt pulverized our bodies to a pair of frugal bones; but were simply
not enough make even the slightest of dent on our immortal love; the perpetual harmony and bliss in which our souls existed for unsurpassable times together; even after our death.

Submitted: June 08, 2018

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