The Last Kiss

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Submitted: May 20, 2009

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Submitted: May 20, 2009



She gazes into his dark blue eyes,
As she lightly grabs his hand.

He looks deep into her brown eyes,
Accepting her hand.

She goes to say something,
But is scared it will ruin the moment.

He slowly leans in,
Planting the sweetest little kiss on her lips.

She moves her hands to his face,
And pulls him in for another.

His hands move to her lower back,
Not wanting the moment to end.

They share a few more kisses,
Then he pulls away.

She looks confused,
Wondering what she did wrong.

His hands slowly fall,
Off her lower back.

She tries grabbing his hands,
But he quickly pulls away.

He tells her it's not right,
Because the feelings aren't there.

She asks him if that's how it is,
Then why did he kiss her different.

He simply states he didn't,
The kiss meant nothing.

She tries explaining how it was different,
That it felt like it meant something.

He says it was just a kiss,
He doesn't like her.

She says if he didn't like her,
He wouldn't have kissed her.

He says he was giving her what she wanted,
A last kiss.

She slowly backs away,
As tears start to fall.

She thinks how can this be the last kiss,
After all they have been through.

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