Emotional Games

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When upset or hurting i find the best way is to write it down, it helps

Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012



Emotional Games


Why? Why? Why? That is all you seem to shout,

What? I Promise! I dont know what you're talking about.


I'll never admit to something i dont do,

You need to sort these issues out - not me, YOU!


I cant breathe, i must look at the floor,

Or else the accusations will be there and you'llthreaten to walk out of the door.


This is ridiculous, the real me from inside is shouting,

What are you doing? Why? The anger is mounting....


Right! That's it! I've had enough! You've gone too far!

What you ACCUSE me of and what you actually do are not even on par!


Keep strong, head up, concentrate on the boys!

They never hear or see whilst from the pram the husband is throwing his toys!


You speak to me like i am dog dirt on your shoe,

Excuse me? Hello? Who the hell are you???


I wish i had cheated, i wish you'd felt the pain!

You get hurt by your imagination, its not even the same!


Then you try to turn it around, make me suffer and hurt more!

"Thats it Niki, I'm leaving" - I watch and wait for you to go out of the door.


Oh how easy it would be, to be me again and have a life!

I made that sacrifice when i had children and stupidly became your wife!


Being a parent is a full time job, a job which makes me happy to do,

But you! YOU! You think its ok to walk out and hurt the little people, how on earth could you????


Im no longer playing these emotional games you seem to like to play,

This is now crunch time, you need to change, fight for our marriage or just call it a day!

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