Seasonal insecurities

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When something or someone upsets me the way i relieve the hurt is through writing a poem, this is a recent one

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



Seasonal Insecurities


How is it possible to be in love one minute and the next have it taken away?

This is now how my heart is going to stay!


Human Beings can only take so much hurt and pain,

I’ve had enough I no longer want to play this game.


Love is understanding and based upon trust,

Believing one another is definitely a must.


Not ask me a question and not listen to my response,

There was a time we were happy, that little tiny once.


I have seasonal insecurities apparently???

7 years long now, this is certainly new to me!


But whilst I am pregnant or it is winter cold these insecurities go?

Im sorry but no, I really don’t think so!


They have to be there in the first place for them to be able to disappear,

This is why when out it is you I wont come near.


I am me, always have been, day in and day out,

I don’t change, I love you, but instead you make me shout.


Im screaming inside just listen, please hear what I have to say,

Now I am numb and just want you to walk away.


But the children, they don’t know, how do I explain??

I cant tell them, I don’t want them to feel any pain.


I just want to be happy we only have one life,

Yet you hate me for nothing and I’m supposed to be your wife???


Your problem is you think I look at men?

Why would I when you’re far better than any of them?


Im tired, so tired of the same old row,

Things will never change how can they? HOW?


The house, the kids, you are all my world, what I live for,

Except this time my heart has up and left and walked out of the door.


So where do I go from here? What to do now? What am I able to bare?

My heart is broken, its beyond repair.


Children – Sadness – Children I cannot hurt my world,

When they are in bed I shall sit alone, curled.


I shall empty my mind and for an answer I shall search,

I should have never made those vows in the church!!

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