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I was traveling from Colorado to Missouri in a car. I always encounter crazy weather, so this time I would like to share it. Hope everyone likes this, thank you.


Every summer is exciting for me, because it means I get to pick up my son.  I always drive from Colorado to Missouri and back again.  This summer was truly eventful for me, because it was full of stimulating weather.  My mother was my companion on this trip, so we enjoyed the sites together.  The trip to Missouri started with hail, a lightning storm, pouring rain, and strong winds.  These elements made the trip exciting and scary.  Never before had any of my trips been so eventful. 

In the first part of the trip driving on the highway, we started to notice hail accumulated on the sides of the road.  It also covered the fields on both sides.  If it was not seventy degrees outside someone would believe that it snowed.  The cars slowed down to a crawl on the highway, and just as quickly the hail and rain started.  The sound was like someone dropping marbles on a hardwood floor.  It was so loud a person could not hear themselves even if they were screaming.  The person driving could only see the car lights in front of them.  It was the middle of the day, but dark like it was night.  Driving through piles of hail was like driving through sand dunes in the desert.  This lasted about thirty five minutes then it was quiet.  It was like driving through a set of curtains the rain and hail stopped.  Looking behind us as we drove away from the storm, the clouds were so low and dark.  We were glad to get through it and be able to hear the radio again.

That night the sky was filled with big puffy clouds.  The full moon would peek through the clouds like a dull flashlight in the night sky.  When lightning flashed it would brighten up the sky and the horizon like a fireworks show.  The clouds would be highlighted when the lightning would strike and at times it would look like a laser light show.  It was so beautiful and majestic.  It was a demonstration of nature for travelers driving across the state of Kansas.

Kansas City, Missouri highways are always full of construction.  Construction is difficult because the city will close down a road and give an alternate route.  A person driving through this city has to pay close attention to make sure they are still driving the right way.  As soon as our car passed through the city limits the rain began.  This rain was so heavy it was like driving through a never ending carwash.  The car was moving at a steady seventy miles an hour as soon as the rain started we had to slow the car down to forty miles an hour.  The only cars on the road were semi-trucks and my Chevy impala.  The rain fell so fast it would accumulate what seemed like lakes.  The car felt like it was driving in a washing machine.  We pulled off of the highway to grab a cup of coffee to help bear through this storm.  As we are driving through town we could see the curbs filled with water flowing.  I looked like rivers on each side of the road. 

The attendant at the gas station told us that there was seventy mile an hour winds and tornado warnings ahead of us.  Winds so strong they were making it rain sideways.  The trees were splitting with the force of hurricane winds.  A transformer was reported to have fallen over and started a fire.  We were at the tail end of this storm, but if we continued on we would drive right into it.  At this point we reassessed the trip and decided it would be best to stop for the night and let the storm blow over.  We slept like babies as the storm provided more rain and thunder.

The trip to Missouri was eventful with weather that will never be forgotten.  It started with hail that was so loud, it sounded like we went to a concert and sat right next to the speakers.  In the early evening, we were front and center to the best firework show nature could provide.  The trip to Missouri ended with pouring rain that seemed like we were driving through back to back waterfalls. On the way back to Colorado it was uneventful, peaceful and quite.  The sun showed all the way without a cloud in the sky.

Submitted: August 15, 2011

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