This is another old poem that I wrote back in middle school. Life is like forgotten knots and cry and complain about your life and what do you do? You die just like everyone else. Most people die and become part of a knot but I am telling you do not die like this! The phrase escape the knot means don't be like everyone else! Die achieving something. There's a difference between a job and a career. You work everyday at your job and waste precious time in your life and it all goes to your manager. A famous poet said that "the difference between a job and a career is a job is for a salary but a career, a career you can devote time to, a career is for satisfaction." The poet that said this is, still is (he's alive) sali breaks.

Life is like a knot of forgotten souls You cry and then you die and all you do is tie another knot but its not what you think, you would think people remember your cry, you would think people remember your tie that you contributed but they don't, it's like pulp, nasty and gross but it just grows into the knot, do not become tangled in the knot, it's not right to be tied like this, to die like this so get out of the knot, your not an oblivious soul, your told to just tote the other knots but I'm telling you do not become one of these forgotten knots, it's not right, just keep yourself tight in devotion it's an inspiring potion it's an enlightening deportation from this portion of knots just do not get tangled in the knot.

Submitted: April 21, 2014

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