Tale of the Amusement Park

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This is a story about a group of friends. They get left at an amusement park after they missed the bus home from their class trip. They end up spending the night in the park, and have their own paranormal experience.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



A/N: Here is another story I wrote. I hope you enjoy! I am stil in the process of figuring out how to post in chapters, so these shorter stories are getting posted as one big short story. As I am new to this site, please be patient with me. Please post comments! I am always looking to improve!

Finally, it was down to the last month of the school year. The seniors were ready for the end of the year, and this day in particular they were especially excited for. It was their day of their senior trip. They were headed to Six Flags amusement park, and they were ready to take on every ride in the park.

As like every other, this class had their clicks of friends. There were the jocks, the band geeks, the nerds, and the misfits. There was one click of friends though, who always stuck together, like the melting pot of those categories. John was on the football team, Jess was assistant caption in the cheerleading squad. Allen and Noelle were in the band, Joe was a computer geek, and Dan was the misfit. They just enjoyed each other's company, and that's why they hung out with each other.

The senior class met at the high school at 7:00 am. The buses were leaving at 7:30, so the staff wanted to be sure the students made it on time. John, Jess, Allen, Noelle, Joe and Dan all sat on the same bus, and of course they sat together at the back of the bus. When everyone was accounted for, the buses left to be on their way to Six Flags.

During the trip down, everyone reminisced about not only the past year, but their school years in general. They talked about first meeting each other, and about all the trouble they caused over the years, in and out of school. They were excited and sad at the same time about graduating. Not only were they going to be starting a new chapter in their life, most of them wasn’t sure if they were ready to close the chapter they were currently in.

After what seemed like forever, students started seeing signs for the amusement park. There were many cheers of excitement and joy, as the kids knew they were almost there; to enjoy a fun filled day as a reward for doing the best of their abilities and completing their general education.

As the buses pulled into the parking lot, the students and chaperones cheered. The students cheered because they were excited to finally reach their destination, and the chaperones because they were about to be pushed to the brink from the students being antsy. The busses were parked, and the students practically crawled out the windows to get to the park. Once they were in, they all headed for their favorite rides.

John, Jess, Allen, Noelle, Joe, and Dan all headed straight for the roller coasters first. The first ride they agreed to was the Great Bear roller coaster. The group rode two more rides after that before deciding to grab something to eat.

They agreed to order a pizza pie and drinks at one of the stands. They requested the pie be cut into six slices, so there wouldn't be any slices left over. They found a table outside the shop, and waited for their pie to be brought out to them.

"Well guy, this is it! This is one of our last big events before the end of the year. We may never be able to do something like this again," Jess said as their pizza arrived.

"I know, we all have our own plans with college and afterwards, who knows where that will take us," John said.

"Well, we at least have the summer to make the best of it. I say we make a pact," Allen said.

"What kind of pact?" Dan asked. He was a little skittish about making pacts.

"A pact that we at least got together at least twice a month until we leave for college," Allen said.

"That seems fair enough," Jess said.

"Agreed," Noelle chimed.

So, the six friends held their cups in the air in a toast to their pact, and drank to it.

"And at least we have stuff like Facebook, to keep us in touch after we do go off to college," Dan said, after swallowing his soda.

"Yeah, but we have your face here, so we don't need that to hit the next ride," Joe aid, as he collected everyone's empty plates, and took them to the garbage can.

The group finished their drinks and went on their search for more adventure around the park. The sun was starting to set when they realized how late it was.

"Oh shoot, it's already going on 6:00. We are supposed to be on the bus soon," Noelle said.

"Well, we better hurry so we don't miss the bus," Allen said. And the group raced to the gate where they all came into the park at.

As they were traveling to the gate, Jess's cell phone rang. She stopped and looked to see that she received a message from one of the other classmates.

"Guys, Wait! The buses are pulling out now!" she yelled to them. They stopped dead in their tracks and turned around.

"What do you mean they already left?" John asked.

"I mean they already left. Ashley just sent me a message asking where I was. The buses pulled out of the parking lot," Jess explained.

"What do we do now?" Dan asked in an uneasy voice, it was easy to tell he was scared.

"I guess we call our parents," Allen said.

So, everyone called their parents to let them know they were left at the park. None of their parents were able to come get them that night, so the kids were stuck at the park all night.

At a loss for what to do next, the students continued to ride the rides at the park. As the sun set, the lights came on, and the kids enjoyed riding the rides with the lights gleam in in their faces.

They noticed the crowd at the park was dwindling, and they had nowhere to go. None of them had enough for hotel rooms, plus they had no way to get there, even if they did. 'So, they hid in the bushes between some of the concession stands as the employee of the park left to go home for the night. Once they knew all the employees were past, they came out of hiding.

"This is so creepy," Noelle said.

"I agree," Jess said.

"No, this is cool!" John exclaimed. "We have the entire park to ourselves!"

"Yeah the entire park that is shut down for the night," Dan rubbed in. "What are we going to do in an amusement park that is closed?"

"Amuse ourselves, duh!" Allen said. Everyone laughed.

The group decided to walk around, to see if there was anywhere in the park they may be able to sleep for a few hours. They didn't have anything else to do, since everything was closed.

As they walked around the park, one member of the group would occasionally stop and turn their head. Everyone did it at least once while they walked, as if they weren't the only ones in the park. They thought they were hearing screams of excitement from the rides, or people yelling to each other to wait up. A few of them even thought they were bumped into by someone else, but it wasn't by anyone from the group.

Around one in the morning, the group was walking by the merry-go-round. As they were almost past it, the lights came on, and the music started to play.

"I thought we were the only one here," Joe stammered.

"We are. We haven't seen another soul in the place since it closed," Dan said.

"Then please explain why the Merry-Go-Round is running?" Noelle demanded.

"Who Cares? Let's ride it!" John exclaimed.

The six friends went to the entrance of the carousel, found the gate was unlocked, and entered the ride. Some took the outer horses, while others jumped on the horses that went up and down. Once they were all seated, the ride started.

The kids called back and forth to each other, and decided to ride again after the Merry-Go-Round came to a stop the first time.

When they got off the carousel the second time, they realized the rest of the park had lit up, and every ride was running. Everyone was ecstatic, and couldn't decide where to go next. So, they made their way around the park, one ride at a time.

When they got to the first roller coaster since the park "reopened" for the night, they were shocked to see others were in line too. As the group of high school kids got closer, they realized that everyone was dressed differently than they were. Bellbottoms and headband were everywhere. Many were even wearing tinted glasses and tie-dyed shirts. It was almost like they had gone back in time to the early 70's.

The group cautiously approached the entrance. They were not sure what to expect, especially since they were approaching what appeared to be a bunch of hippie.

The group got in line, and waited their turn. There were two trains running on the coaster now; they recalled only one running earlier on the very same coaster. They didn't think much of it, and didn't say much to each other, as they were taking in their surroundings. They were in awe of the people around them, also waiting for their turn on the coaster.

"This is so freaky," John said to his friends.

"Yeah, it's like we have gone back in time or something," Allen said.

"Don't you think that this is weird? You know, that there are other people here too?" Noelle asked, a little freaked out.

"What's weird about it?" Dan responded. "We are waiting in line for a roller coaster."

"What's weird is the fact that it is 2:30 in the morning, and there are like a bazillion hippies around us in a park that is supposed to be closed," Jess said. "That seems more than a little weird to me."

"Where are you dudes from?" Everyone in the group jumped. They realized the voice came from one of the people ahead of them in line.

"Oh, we are from Berwick," Joe responded nervously. "What about you?"

"Right on! I am from Benton. We are practically Neighbors!" The hippie said. "What brings you young dude here?"

"Senior class trip," Joe said. None of them felt comfortable saying that they had missed their bus home and were stuck there.

"Far out, man. Well, hang on tight, and enjoy the ride dudes and dudettes," The man said, and moved up in line.

The grope rode the rights all night and continued to do so until the sun started to rise. They met some interesting people throughout the night. Just then, a voice came out of nowhere.

"Hey, you kids! Hey Kids, what are you doing in here!"

The net thing they knew, the kids were laying on a bunch of benches next to the merry-go-round. Dan fell off the bench he was laying on, landing face first on the rocks below.

"Well, are you kid going to answer me, or are you just going to sit there like a bunch of punks that are trying to break the rules?" The voice was coming from a security guard that was scouting out the park.

Everyone looked around confused. They couldn't figure out how they ended up on the benches when they were just walking around at the other end of the park.

"No sir. You see what happened was..." John started.

"Save it. Let’s get you kids to the main office so we can get you home," the guard said.

"What time is it?" Jess asked.

"Um, 9:00 am," Allen answered, glancing at his watch.

The students called their parents, and Noelle's parents came to pick them up, as her parents were the only ones with a vehicle to pick u all the students at once. They explained to security that they missed their bus home, and didn't realize until after the park was already closed and everyone had gone home that they were locked in. They were thankful that security bought their story, because they didn't want to be in any more trouble than what they were already in.

On their ride home, they reminisced their night in the park, and were trying to figure out whether it actually happened, or if it was all a dream. They went to school the next week, and told their classmates about their adventure. Everyone thought they were just making it up, and the six friends even had a hard time believing themselves. But, a dream or not, they knew that they had a strong connection between them for wherever their next journey would take them in life.

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