If I Were President

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This is about the changes i would make to the economy today if i were president to fix all problems.

Submitted: June 24, 2010

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Submitted: June 24, 2010



As the U.S. has been around for so many years, there have been some minor issues in the economy, foreign debt and involvement with other countries. These past few months; the economy is dealing with downfall where they don't have enough money to deal with all the charges given. Each state government especially Chicago doesn't have enough money to pay for education. Many people have lost their jobs due to the loss of money. Without jobs people are unable to pay for their own homes; mortgage, rent, utility bills, and household charges. This is what is becoming a big issue in today's life and for a while, as a citizen living here, I'm not satisfied with the government and the effort they put in to make the US a better place to live.

Right now, today the US economy and the whole state of Illinois is in a downfall situation. As president Obama is dealing with a way to resolve this issue, there is a solution to everything. Since most governments don't have enough money to pay for education its leading to cutting schools for some grades, especially kindergarten where younger kids are starting to get use to the idea of school and education, a way to began a great path to greater future. Since the government is trying to cut school activities because they aren't affordable and that leads to the loss of starting out with learning the fundamental rules, and how life goes on. Right now there probably isn't a solution that the government could think of right off the bat, but I would suggest starting setting a budget for all city costs. In my experience this is what my dad does so he doesn't get backed up on any payments he has to make; this is helpful because then it would result in the government being able fund for natural city costs and stay on track for any greater conflicts to face. Setting a budget would result in all the money reaching where it needs to go and how much is needed to be sent. All in all setting a budget would spread out the money at hand for a better chance of reaching its destination.

The economy is down; certainly unable to do its usual jobs to fund each and every one of the fifty states, even though the government is trying their hardest for; people are still unable to be satisfied and many have lost their jobs. A person who works and gets paid for their hardship; the salary a person gets for any job comes from the government. If the government cant pay for a person's hard work; the person who works would quit his or her job because they aren't earning what they should be getting in return for what they have done and what they're expecting.  I strongly suggest in a way to solve this crisis, President Obama should lower tax rates for each and every state depending on the position of their government and how well they're state is running as far as the economy goes. This change in tax rates will reflect on solving a big issue which is paying taxes. Of course, the government is working on lower taxes but they should tax a vote on how much a citizen can pay depending on their job position and their own problems with money because no one can pay taxes if they don't have a job and those charges will just start to build up.

One more issue which isn't that effective right now, but will be in the near future the loss of shelter. As time passes new homes will be built and each city will try to get rid of what they think is no longer needed. New homes mean new prices, prices that regular middle class families cant afford. It would be better to deal with an issue you know is going to take affect before it takes affect. Most of those who own a home pay a mortgage and taxes for what they own. Those who rent apartments have to pay a monthly payment for living there. Each year the prices increase. President Obama, I would suggest that you shall set a price limit for the cost of a normal shelter because those who don't prefer luxury still have to pay such prices. Setting a price limit for homes and charges will benefit people so they can pay for their costs.

In conclusion, one strong suggestion would give to help the United States of American become a better pace for all of us is to set a budget for all expenses, lower tax rates to adjustable prices for all citizens ands government and lastly set price limits for estates that provide people with a shelter. These minor changes could make a big change because once they start going into action its going to be adjustable and beneficial for everyone. Education could be provided the same as always- nothing g less, nothing more. It would provide the ability to experience educational activities. Most people would have jobs being able to pay taxes and home bills. Shelter would also be easier to fine. Once every common issue is solved the U.S. and all the fifty states within will be able to clear off any other foreign debt, involvements with other countries and bigger issues such as global warming which could harm our planet and most importantly the people who live on this planet. All in all, the main idea in all of this is for everyone to work together, do what everyone agrees on and help make a change.

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