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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Naturally shy Jenny Stuckey has a crush on Travis Thompson, the hottest guy in school. So when fate provides a way for her to get Travis to notice her, Jenny takes advantage of the opportunity. However, as the old sayings goes, "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it" soon proves to be so true.

Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014



A carnival is an awesome place to escape reality and for fifteen-year-old Jenny Stuckey, she needed to escape. She had had a lousy week. Two pop quizzes in geometry and history, in which she totally crashed and burned, had taken her completely by surprise.

Duh, Jen, her best friend Becky had scolded her after Jenny had complained, of course they always take you by surprise. That’s why they’re called “Pop” quizzes!

Then there was the social studies test that she had studied for and had still failed. So when the weekend finally came around, she more than jumped at the chance when Becky texted her and asked if she wanted to go to the carnival.

So here she was casually decked out in jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt; her long brown hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail with not a trace of make up on her plain yet pleasant face. She didn’t care at this point how she looked.

Becky Reynolds, on the other hand, was in full flirtation fashion. Her curly ruby red hair tumbled effortlessly down tanned shoulders. Dressed in Daisy Dukes and a half track tank top, she made certain she would easily attract any guys who were cute enough to be worthy of her further attention.

Best friends since fifth grade, Jenny’s and Becky’s personalities were a perfect balance. Becky would always nudge Jenny out of her natural shyness, while Jenny would always drag Becky back from going over the edge in just about everything.

So as they walked down the midway, preparing for the sugar rush as they munched away on cotton candy, Becky began to plot the evening’s strategy.

“We’ll head to game alley first,” Becky started, “there should be some cute guys over there.”

“Why don’t we hop on the Ferris wheel first,” Jenny suggested, not really in the mood to talk to anyone tonight, especially after the week she’d had, “up at the top we can gaze across the fairgrounds and see whose here and whose where.”

“Lame-O!!!” Becky quickly replied, “Ferris wheels are for kids. We’ve got to be seen at ground level. Not at the top of some rickety wheel that was probably last serviced during the age of the dinosaurs. Besides, didn’t you learn anything from watching all those Final Destination movies?!”

“Guess not,” Jenny wearily replied, knowing full well it was pointless to try and talk her friend out of something she was so determined to do, so Jenny just shrugged her shoulders and walked with Becky towards the gaming tents. As they wandered along, Jenny suddenly spotted someone she knew.

For quickly approaching was Travis Thompson. As in Travis Thompson, the best looking guy in school. To Jenny, however, he was the best looking guy in the world and her crush on him was as large as the universe itself.

However, Jenny also noticed Travis was with Courtney Lamb. Courtney was blonde and pretty with a ton of make up that engulfed her face. Almost immediately, jealousy began to slink through Jenny’s system. Although Jenny knew a guy like Travis, with his wavy dark hair and brown bedroom eyes, wouldn’t ever consider hanging out with as plain a looking a girl as she was.

“Hey!!” Becky suddenly stated, “Isn’t that your boy friend, Travis?”

Becky knew full well of Jenny’s crush and how Jenny was just too shy to do anything about it.

“Hi Travis!!” Becky suddenly called out, which made Jenny just want to melt into the ground.

“Hey guys!” Travis replied, his deep and dreamy voice sweetly trickling into Jenny’s ears, “how’s it going?”

Jenny could only stand there and grin stupidly.

“It’s going good!” Becky finally answered for both of them, “Hi Courtney.”

“Hello, girls,” Courtney boringly and sarcastically replied, as she tried to drag Travis away by his arm. Jenny found herself wishing she had the nerve to tell Courtney to buzz off and ask Travis to be her date for the rest of the evening. Instead, she just kept quiet and continued to grin as Courtney managed to finally succeed in pulling Travis away.

“See ya!” Travis called back. Soon they disappeared into the carnival crowd.

“Well, I think he likes you,” Becky remarked off handedly.

“Yeah, sure he does,” Jenny cynically replied, finally breaking her silence, “I couldn’t even find the nerve to say “Hi”.”

“That just means you’re letting him know you’re the silent type. Guys dig the quiet ones!” Becky mischievously smiled. So they moved on towards the gaming tents. It didn’t take long for Becky to scope out some guys over by the dart game.

“Let’s go flirt with those guys,” Becky excitedly announced, but before Jenny could even answer, her friend was already gone. Still not in the mood to talk to anyone, Jenny just stood back and watched as Becky spun her flirtatious magic.

All of a sudden, Jenny felt a light tap on her shoulder. She quickly turned and almost let out a yelp. For standing right in front of her was a man almost seven feet tall. A pale sinister face stared down at her with long white hair that hung way past his shoulders. He was dressed in a black, flowing robe which just added to the air of weirdness that surrounded him. Weird even for a place naturally full of weird things.

“Y..yes?” Jenny shakily said.

“You look like a person who would be very interested in her future,” the pale man stated, in a creepily low voice.

Jenny didn’t know how to reply, as she didn’t know exactly what this eerie guy was up to. She felt like turning around and running over to Becky, who was now giggling while some guy handed her a large stuffed bear he had just won.

Meanwhile, the creepy guy just stood there. Jenny figured she’d better say something or they both might be in for a long evening staring at each other.

“Yeah, I guess,” she finally mustered up the courage to answer.

The man then smiled an even creepier smile as he held out his hand. Jenny glanced down to see he was holding a ticket.

“Then please accept this complimentary ticket for one free consultation with Lady Fate.”

Jenny found herself reaching out to take the ticket from the man’s wrinkled hand.

“This is a limited time offer,” the man continued, “so please take advantage. You’ll find Lady Fate waiting for you in the third tent on your right.”

The man then pointed back over Jenny’s shoulder. She turned to look in the direction he was pointing and did indeed see a tent up the midway with a sign outside that read Lady Fate’s Fortunes and Potions.

“Well, thank you but I don’t think I can…”, Jenny started to say but cut short her reply when she turned back to discover the strange man was no longer there.

Well, that was certainly weird, Jenny thought and was just about to toss the ticket into a nearby trash can when she suddenly noticed Travis reappear further down the midway arm in arm with Courtney.

The sight made her even sicker with jealousy, so she glanced back over to Becky, who was now holding onto another stuffed animal that another guy had given her. So Jenny quickly decided she wasn’t just going to stand around there all night, so she headed on up the midway to Lady Fate’s tent.

Upon arriving, she hesitated from going in. The tent’s flap was pulled back but it was eerily dark inside. Jenny felt an apprehension set in and was just about to leave when she heard a voice from somewhere inside the tent call out

“Come on in, child. Your future awaits.”

Jenny shuddered but inadvertently found herself going on in. Inside the tent were all kinds of mysterious objects like strange charms, dream catchers, glowing orbs, and crystal pyramids.

“Over here, my dear,” she heard the voice say. Jenny glanced over to see a young, pretty woman dressed like a gypsy, with a long black flowing robe and a hood that covered the top of her head. Ebony curled hair flowed down to her shoulders, as greenish deep set eyes seemed to harshly glow.

“Uh, I have a ticket,” Jenny nervously said, as she held up the paper in her shaking hand.

“Of course,” the woman replied, “My name is Lady Fate and I was expecting you.”

“Uh.. Okay,” Jenny replied, as Lady Fate motioned for her to take a seat across from her at a wooden table. Jenny quickly sat down.

“So, uh do you like read palms or glance into crystal balls or something?” Jenny anxiously asked.

“No, I just look at you and tell you what you need.”

“You just look at me?” Jenny was confused.

“I look at your aura. Your natural energy field that surrounds you,” Lady Fate playfully explained, “it will tell me everything about you so I can tell you what you need.”

“So what does my aura say?”

“It says you like someone very much.”

“Well, I like a lot of people,” Jenny replied, thinking she had made a mistake coming here in the first place, “could you be a little more specific?”

Lady Fate smiled knowingly, “Yes my dear. I can be much more specific. You like Travis Thompson!!”

Jenny’s mouth dropped open and she just about fell off the chair.

“Wh..What?!” she stammered, “How do you know?!”

“The aura tells all,” Lady Fate explained, “so do you want to know how to solve your problem?”

“Solve my problem?” Jenny asked, still confused.

“Yes, my dear,” Lady Fate continued, “don’t you want Travis Thompson to notice you?”

“Well, uh, yeah, I guess.” Jenny answered.

“Don’t you want Travis Thompson to love you?”

“Now wait a second!” Jenny began, “Lets not get carried away here!”

“But that is what you want. Is it not?” Lady Fate re-stated.

Jenny held her head down and had to admit it was true.

“Yes. I do.”

“Excellent,” Lady Fate replied, as she reached under the table then pulled out a tray with three jars along with three small metallic tubes. She then placed the objects on the table in front of Jenny. The three jars were each filled with a glowing liquid. One had a bluish color. The other a yellowish tint. The third a purple glow.

Lady Fate took one small tube and dipped it into the blue jar to fill it up. Then she took the second tube and filled it up from the yellow jar, then the third tube from the purple jar. Jenny watched in fascination but had no clue as to what was going on. Especially after Lady Fate handed her all three of the liquid filled tubes.

“Uh, what are these for?” she hesitantly asked.

“Those are potions,” Lady Fate smiled, “blue is for love and purple is for hate.”

“I..I don’t understand,” Jenny confessed.

“Well,” Lady Fate explained, “you want to be noticed by Travis Thompson, do you not?”

Jenny nodded.

“Then the next time you see him, drink from the blue tube. Then make sure within the next twenty seconds he makes eye contact with you. Then your problem is solved.”

“How?” Jenny wondered.

“The blue potion will enhance your aura with love,” Lady Fate explained, “anyone who you make eye contact with will fall madly in love with you.”

“Why twenty seconds?”

“This potion is potent and works very fast. After twenty seconds it dissipates.”

“What does the purple represent?” Jenny asked.

“If you somehow fail to get what you want with love,“ Lady Fate smirked, “then maybe hate can be of help.”

“Again, I don’t understand,” Jenny replied.

Lady Fate nodded, “Your aura showed jealousy as well. Maybe someone else stands in your way to Travis’s heart?”

“Courtney!” Jenny stated.

“Courtney,” Lady Fate confirmed, “so if you cannot get Travis to fall in love with you, then maybe you can get Courtney to hate him instead.”

“What does the yellow potion do?” Jenny lastly asked.

“Oh yes, the yellow,” Lady Fate smiled knowingly, “that is your cancellation potion.”

“I don’t understand,” Jenny frowned.

“The fates can be unpredictable and very fickle,” Lady Fate warned, “sometimes what we wish for doesn’t turn out to be what we expected. So if that happens, drink the yellow and everything will return to the way it was. Look at it as your escape clause.”

Jenny nodded nervously, “So how much for all three tubes?”

Lady Fate laughed, “No cost! Remember, you had a complimentary ticket.”

Then Lady Fate pushed all three tubes towards Jenny, who cautiously picked them up and put them in her jeans pocket.

“Well, my time is up,” Lady Fate suddenly announced, “and your future is about to begin. Good luck, my dear. May the fates be with you.”

“Uh, thanks, I guess” Jenny reluctantly answered, as she left the tent with all three tubes in tow.

Once outside Jenny heard her name called out and turned to see Becky quickly approaching carrying an armful of stuffed animals.

“Help me carry these will ya?” Becky giggled.

“Where’d all your boyfriends go?” Jenny amusingly asked.

“Can you believe it?” Becky angrily replied, “they were all here with their own dates and those girls weren’t too thrilled to come back to find their boyfriends winning stuff for me to say the least! So where’d you go, girl?”

“Oh man, it was really weird,” Jenny explained, “I went to see Lady Fate in that tent right behind us.”

“Lady Fate?” Becky wondered, “Where?”

“Right behind us,” Jenny repeated, but when she turned around she noticed the tent was gone. Only an empty space now stood. Jenny’s face suddenly went pale.

“You okay?” Becky asked, “You act like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

“M…Maybe I have,” Jenny replied, still shaken by what had just happened.

“Well then lets get out of here,” Becky said, as she handed over some of the stuffed animals, “you can have any of these stuffed animals if you want, Jen.”

But Jenny didn’t answer as she helped Becky with her treasure trove. She wondered if she had imagined the whole thing with Lady Fate, but she could still feel the three tubes snuggly in place in her pocket so she knew it had to be real.

By noon on Monday, Jenny found herself in the school cafeteria sitting across from Becky.

“Hey, don’t look now but Travis is over by the salad bar,” Becky pointed out.

Jenny glanced over and saw her heart throb grabbing a plate while chatting to a couple of cutie pie girls.

Well, if this is going to work, Jenny thought, then here’s my best chance.

She reached into her small pocket purse, where she had placed the three tubes and took out the blue one, popped the top, then quickly gulped it down. Jenny noted the liquid was tasteless.

“Is that some new kind of energy drink?” Becky asked, but Jenny didn’t answer as she quickly got up and headed towards the salad bar.

You have only twenty seconds, Lady Fate’s warning echoed in her mind.

She was almost there when suddenly someone bumped into her. She quickly glanced over to see that it was Don Wilson, a nice but nerdy guy who was a member of the chess and science club.

“I’m so sorry,” he replied, “please excuse me.”

“Its okay,” Jenny replied, as she noticed Don was staring at her goofily, but she didn’t have much time left so she quickly approached Travis, who was just about to finish filling up his plate. Jenny didn’t know what to say to him so she just said the first thing that came to mind.

“Excuse me,” she said, as Travis turned to see who was addressing him. Jenny made certain she looked him straight in the eyes.

“What time is it?” she heard herself say.

Travis had a quizzical look at first but instead of answering her question directly, Jenny noticed his eyes becoming transfixed on hers, as a smile slowly spread across his face.

“Why hello!” he softly said, as Jenny felt her heart melt, “you were at the carnival last week weren’t you?”

Jenny nodded.

“You’re Jackie?”

“Jenny” Jenny corrected.

“Well, Jenny,” Travis began, “why don’t you join me for lunch?”

“Well, sure. I’d like that,” Jenny tried to answer with a cool tone but inside she was having an OMG moment.

It works, she excitedly thought, the potion works. I can tell by the look in his eyes.

“Then come on,” Travis said, as he firmly took a hold of Jenny’s arm and guided her over to an empty table. Jenny glanced back to see Becky with a what the heck is going on here look upon her face.

After they took their seats, Travis sat so close to her that Jenny thought he was going to sit on her lap.

“Let’s get together after school, okay?” Travis forwardly asked.

“Well, yeah sure,” she replied.

“We’ll go to the mall,” Travis added, “then take in a movie.”

It was all happening so fast that Jenny was finding it hard to take it all in.

“Well, if we go to the mall, I’ll have to go home first and change,” Jenny informed him.

“Okay, I’ll give you a ride and wait for you,” Travis decided, “but I expect you to dress up in your hottest outfit. I want to show the world my new girlfriend.”

My new girlfriend? Oh…My…God….Jenny thought, this can’t be happening, but she knew it definitely was.

Soon the lunch bell rang and it was time to head back to class. As they headed into the hall, Travis put his arm around Jenny and whispered in her ear.

“Lets ditch the rest of the afternoon and head to the mall now.”

Jenny was taken aback, “But I can’t. I don’t want to get in trouble.”

“You do love me don’t you?” Travis asked, a little threateningly to Jenny‘s chagrin.

“Uh, yeah,” Jenny replied, surprised at her reluctance to answer.

“Then let's go for it!” Travis quickly stated, as he firmly took a hold of Jenny's arm and led her down the hallway and on out the door.

“Travis!!” she called out, “What’re you doing? You’re going to get us both in trouble!!”

But before she knew it, Jenny found herself in Travis’s car and on the way to the mall. Jenny had to admit it was exciting. After all, she was now with the hottest guy in the world and he loved her.

At the mall they held hands and wandered over to the theater. Then they went in to see the latest Transformer movie and Travis insisted they sit in the very last row.

However, before the movie even began, Travis leaned in and kissed Jenny. His lips felt so soft and warm and she felt like she was in heaven. Soon the movie began but Jenny’s feelings turned panicky when Travis kept at her. She brushed his hands off a couple of times when he started to become a little too frisky for Jenny’s taste.

“Travis, please!” she scolded him, but he kept at it.

“C’mon,” he whispered, “you know I love you.”

“Yeah, I know and I love you too,” Jenny replied, “but things are just going too fast for me!”

“Not fast enough for me!” Travis replied, as he began to pull her in for another kiss, but Jenny pulled back.

“Travis! Please stop!!” Jenny begged, but as she started to get up, Travis grabbed a hold of her arm and forcefully pulled her back down.

“Travis, you’re scaring me!” she desperately whispered.

“Okay, sweetie! I’m sorry. It’s just that I love you so much. Forgive me?”

Travis then gave Jenny such a sad puppy dog eye look that she just couldn’t resist.

“You’re forgiven,” she finally said, “but lets just relax and watch the movie, okay?”

Travis nodded and after a few more minutes had elapsed, Jenny became comfortable enough to let Travis put his arm around her, as she nestled her head snuggly on his shoulder. However, Jenny then felt Travis’s hand land on her upper thigh.

“Travis please don’t” she once again whispered.

But Travis didn’t answer her, as his hand started to move further up her leg. Jenny tried to once again get up but Travis had his arm so tightly around her shoulder that she couldn’t budge. She thought about screaming for help but was just too scared, then she realized there was only one thing to do. She reached down and with the aid of her fingernails, she abruptly pinched Travis's wrist.

“Hey!!” he blurted out, quickly pulling his hand away.

“I’m sorry,” Jenny said, “but please Travis. Cool it, okay? I know you love me and I love you but let’s take it slow. Would you do that for me? Would you do that for the girl you love?”

Travis sighed in frustration and nodded, but as he sat back, Jenny just knew he would keep on trying to get her to do things she was not ready to do, so she reluctantly did the only thing she could think of.

She reached into her pocket purse and felt around for the yellow tube. She knew the love potion had worked too well and this was the only way to get herself out of this situation she had placed herself into. In the dark of the theater she fumbled with the tube to pull of the top and then discreetly swallowed the contents. She then sat back to wait for everything to go back to normal.

Travis then replaced his arm around Jenny’s shoulder and looked into her eyes and smiled. Jenny smiled back until she noticed Travis’s smile transform into a grimace.

“Get away from me!!” he suddenly said.

“Pardon me?” Jenny replied.

Travis immediately removed his arm off Jenny’s shoulders.

“I said get away from me,” Travis repeated, then grabbed Jenny and pulled her up from the seat and started to drag her up the aisle and out the door into the lobby.

“Travis what’s wrong?” Jenny desperately asked, “What did I do?”

“You really thought that I could love a girl like you??!!” he replied in anger, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I hate you!!”

It was then that Jenny knew something had gone wrong and quickly looked back into her pocket purse and noticed she had mistakenly drank the wrong potion. She had drunk the purple potion by mistake. The potion of hate.

Travis was now furious.

“Don’t you ever tell anybody and I mean ANYBODY that we ever went out. You hear me? I don’t know what you did to trick me into bringing you here but its going to stop right now! I can’t control my hatred for you so I might do anything right now and it’s all your fault!!”

“Travis, I’m so sorry!” Jenny began, “You’re right. I did sort of trick you, but if you’ll give me a minute I think I can remedy all of this.”

“Remedy?! What are you talking about?!”

Jenny noticed the fiery hatred in Travis’s eyes, so she had to act fast because it looked like he could try to kill her at any second. She immediately reached back into her pocket purse and found the last remaining tube. The yellow one.

She popped the top and quickly drank down the contents.

Travis started to turn away.

“I’m not wasting anymore time on you,” he uttered, as he walked away, “but you better not let me see you at school or they’ll be hell to pay, I promise you that!”

Jenny now knew that the clock was ticking. She had only twenty seconds to get Travis to look into her eyes one more time.

“Travis wait!!” she called out to him.

“Leave me alone!!” he called back, not looking back.

Jenny took off after him. She quickly caught up and grabbed his arm.

“Look at me!!” she pleaded.

Travis yanked his arm away and continued on. Jenny then realized time was about up so she sprinted past him then turned and grabbed a hold of both Travis’s arms and looked into his face. His fiery red eyes met hers and for a second she thought he was going to break away from her grasp and reach out and choke her to death, but as he looked into her eyes, the hatred suddenly subsided and his face began to take on a quizzical look.

“Where am I?” he asked.

Jenny let go of his arms.

“In the theater, at the mall.”

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?” he asked with a look of total confusion upon his face, “I know you from school don’t I? Your name is Jessie?”

“Jenny,” Jenny replied, “but it’s not important. Your car is in the parking lot. Lets just head back to school. I’ll explain everything along the way, okay?”

Travis nodded, still in a state of confusion. So on the way back Jenny tried to explain everything but she knew it was pointless. Even she couldn’t believe what had happened so why would she think that anyone else would?

School was already out when Travis dropped her off and Jenny noted her cell phone had a dozen messages from Becky asking what in the world was going on with her and Travis. Jenny figured she’d let Becky know later what happened although she figured Becky wouldn’t believe a word of it either.

So as Jenny started her walk home, she suddenly noticed someone up ahead. As she got closer she noticed it was Don Wilson, the nerdy kid from school.

“Hi, Jenny,” he greeted.

“Hi, Don,” Jenny replied, as she continued to walk on.

“Could I walk with you for awhile?” Don suddenly asked.

“Don’t you live in the other direction?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, but I just wanted to talk to you,” Don answered, very assertively Jenny thought for a guy ten times shyer than she was.

Jenny looked at the expression on his face. Don had the look of someone in love. Just then Jenny remembered. After she had drank the love potion, Don had bumped into her at the cafeteria and they had briefly made eye contact.

Oh My God!! Can it be? Jenny thought.

“Don, can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah sure,” he smittengly replied, “anything.”

“Are you in love with me?”

“Yes,” Don Wilson proudly answered, “Yes, I am.”

Jenny slightly smiled but was just too tired to argue and besides, it was pointless anyway. She didn’t have any more potions left and apparently Lady Fate was long gone.

Maybe this is my fate, she wondered.

“Okay, Don,” Jenny wearily replied, “you can walk me home, but keep your hands to yourself.”

“Yes, maam,” Don eagerly replied.

So as they walked along, Jenny glanced over and noticed something she had never noticed before. Don was still definitely a nerd but he was kind of a cute one as well.

© Copyright 2020 Nikki Evans. All rights reserved.

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