ch3 Love at first sight *Diggy Simmons Story*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
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Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Submitted: January 16, 2012





Jessica Jarrell

Waking Up Pissed Wasn't Good. I turned on E News and i saw Daniel Fucking Simmons With another girl.

They were saying stuff like Diggy Simmons Mystery Girl or What Will Jessica Think when she's This?

Who The Hell Was That Girl Anyways?

I picked up my phone and called Daniel.

"Sup, This is Diggy Sorry I missed Your Call plea-" I cut the connection before the answering machine could finnish.

I called him over and over again. He still didn't answer.

Could he be Sleeping With her?!

Does He Like Her more than me?!

I slowly sat down on the couch while tears ran down my cheek.

Then there was a knock on the door. I went towards the door and saw a flash of light from cameras.

A whole croud of people asking questions flashing there fancy cameras at me. I hurry up and shut the door.

My Phone ranged. I ran too it hoping it was Diggy.

I looked at it, it was Justin Bieber.

"Hey Are You Okay?" He asked

"No Did You See What Was On E News?!"

"Yeah, Thats why i called You."

"That Bitch is taking away my man."

"Don't Worry about it. I don't think he Likes her."

"Pshh, i bet he does."

"Just don't Worry about it."


I hung up the phone and layed down on m couch.


I put on some clothes and grabbed an apple and ate it. I Got a Text from Mike Saying to come to starbucks.

What she had on:

I opened the door and saw a flash of light hit me in the face. I heared a croud of people talking and asking questions.

"Jennie Cartor is it true that you and Diggy are having a affair?" I heard a women say.

I closed the door.

i picked up my phone.

I texted Mike:

Me: Change of plans Meet me at the corner of my house.

Mike: Why?

me: I got Paparatzzi at my house Hurry Up!

Mike:Will Do.

10 Minutes later i got a text from him saying that he was there. I snuck out the window of the side of my house and I ran to the other side of my house and got into Mikes car.

"Whats going on?" He asked.

"I don't know."

"Well Lets Get something to eat?"

"I'm Starving."

We drove To AppleBees and we got our table and sat.

I could feel people staring at us while i was looking at my menu. Or were they just staring at me.

I put my menu down.

The lady came over and asked: "May i take your order?" she said looking at mike first then me.

When she saw me, her eyes widden, Then she went back to normal like nothing happend.

"I'll Just get the Salad and chicken with it." he told her.

"what kind of dressing?"


"And For you ma'am?"

"Just BBQ Chicken with a side of fries."

"Allright i'll be right back with your food." She walked away and looked back at me with a discusting face.

"So are you feeling any better?" I asked him.

"Yeah Much better."

"Oh Yeah i almost forgot, You have to get the notes for Mr.Berricks class."


"Here You Go." The girl said while giving us our food.

"Thankyou." He said.

The T.V Was Changed to E News.

"Diggy Simmons and His Mystress Girl." i heard a man on the T.V Say.

I put a chicken in my mouth and dranked my drink.

"Her Name is known as Jennie Cartor."

When i heard that i almost chocked on my drink.

Mike Looked suprised at the T.V.

"Whats all That about?" He asked

"I don't even Know."

People Started to look our way when they saw that the girl was me.

My Phone ranged. I looked down and it said Daniel.

"Is That him?" He asked a little perinoid.

"No." I lied. "It's no one important."

People started to whisper and look our way.

"I think we should leave." i told him.

"Yeah Me too."

We paid our check.

Soon we were at my house and the Paparazzi left when they found out i was gone.

I opened the door to my house and sat my keys on the counter.

"I Must have Missed alot since i was sick." He chuckled.

"Yeah you have."

"So are you and Diggy Together?" He asked.

Why would that matter anyways?

i don't know ask him

he probably feeling for you

or care about me!

Pshh, Yeah right.

Yeah Your probably right.

Don't I Know It.

"No, we only bumped into each other a couple of times."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah Really."

"Okay you want to know?" i asked.


I exsplained how me and diggy met at starbucks and how we talked. and how he almost ran me over with his car. and how he asked for my number and all of that.

My door bell ranged.

"It's probably the paparatzzi." i said.

"Do i sound like the got damn paparatzzi?!" a familiar voice said. "It's Janet open the door!"

I opened the door and she walked in and plopped on the couch with her arms folded and her lip out.

"How come you didn't tell me about you and Diggy?" She asked.

"It's Not True." I told her annoyed.

"Mhhm. Whatever."

"Man, Let me call him right quick." i said picking up my phone.

I called him but it went strait to answering machein.

"Ugh!" i threw my phone on the coach.

Then the door bell ranged.

I walked over to the door.

"Who Is it?!" i yelled.

"Daniel! open up!

To Be continued....



Mike Newman-21

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