To breathe

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A romance about a girl who secluded herself knowing she's different, but is saved by someone unlikely

Submitted: June 15, 2011

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Submitted: June 15, 2011



Moving around all the time is difficult, you can never make true long lasting friendships, you don't get boyfriends, you don’t become very familiar with where you live, because you know that sooner or later, you'll move on to the next place. This time I didn't even unpack some stuff, Olivia as always, said 'Don't worry hun this time we are staying'. Then she'll inevitably meet a guy, fall head over heels in love, get used and abused and finally we move on.

But this time was different. Normally we'd be moving on to parts of England.

But we didn't, we moved far... further than we'd ever, and I guess that scared me. America.

America a huge continent, 7140 km away from England, my homeland, my country, my identity. 'America' is too opposite from England, how can she just dump me there and expect me to survive? Doesn't she care? doesn't, just for herself. You see, I’m just baggage she has no choice but to carry around. Don't get me wrong I care about her, she's a good person, but not a good mother, she hasn't grown with the fact she's still responsible for me.

Ever since I was 9 years old, she let me do anything and everything I wanted, which could have had a negative effect on me -if- I wasn't so stable minded.

New worlds meet

It was the day before we were due to leave and I’d made a promise to myself, to take in all I could. So I visited all the peaceful and unpeaceful places, in which I enjoyed being in and I just stood there. I ever so slowly recorded every moment, every sound, every colour, every shape, and every person. Things that seemed like nothing held my attention you see my mind is extremely observant. Anyone who didn’t know me would think I sounded weird now, like some loner who has no friends and who lives in her own world. Well, the whole no friend’s thing may be true and maybe to some extent, the loner thing but I live on planet earth, probably more than others. You may not notice the bee zipping past you or the trees, while they swayed in the wind or when it rains, how it makes such rhythmic tunes, which is probably why people find it easier to sleep when it rains, but I do. Most people don’t even noticed the slight changes in expressions or movements of other people, which I see give them easily away about their true feelings.

When I watched such things they calmed me, secured me, and made me feel at ease with myself. In doing so, keeping all that is important to me and my sanity both, as a sort of keep safe.


The day had come so fast every moment had come too quickly. Slowly I opened my eyes to my pale blue ceiling ordained with a single suspended light bulb. I stared into the menacing darkness that almost swallowed up the faint light of my alarm clock and listened attentively beyond the noise of my low volume radio.

I heard a car engine silently rumble in the distance, against my window, the crash of raindrops thundered through my walls and the sound echoed through my heart, it rebounded coercively against my chest burning me away pricking at the edges of my walls. I shudder from the pain and my thoughts turned to Olivia, my mother. How she would be pissed off about that then -if she was awake-, she would be cursing at the fact that, that day of all days, the rain would happen in the particular time we would be getting dressed and ready to leave, for good.

She didn't realize or understand that it is a simple expression, a goodbye to us. The rain washed away the old to make room for the new. I guess... we too will be washed away. Now that's what I'll curse about, why we were going? Why couldn’t we stay? Why must we be drained out of that country? Imperfect as it was... I didn’t want to live anywhere else, but what choice do I have?

The cab came quickly it didn't give me even an extra second, to record anymore of the place that I love. The cab driver, jam packed all of our suitcases in the car, in that ‘skillful’ way they do.

Our furniture and all the other belongings were long gone to this ‘America’. Olivia decided to buy new beds so the ones in which we slept in is to be disposed of. I sit down in the weird smelling cab, staring at what now was my house, was my home inside home, now to be nothing but a distant memory, a place of flittering happiness. The car started moving; I manoeuvred my seat belt, to stare at my old home. My old precious home.

It disappeared as we turned around the corner, salty water gathered in my eyes and a tear that was pent up for so long came and cascaded down my cheeks. I sat properly and realised just how attached I was to England. This was the final good bye to my sanctuary. It dawned on me ever so slowly. I knew it wasn’t the house I was attached to , but what the essence of home England was to me. I never thought I had got attached to places, well it was ridiculous to. Especially if you only stayed there not even long enough to even make a proper friend.

However, obviously long enough to fall in love in Olivia’s case.

You see that’s another thing I think isn’t ‘fit’ for me. Love. I don’t love anybody. I mean, I obviously have fond feelings for Olivia for even keeping me, rather than not. But for us I suppose the fact of not being lonely is why need each other.

Do I feel that I could not live without her? Financially yes but with her being herself I could realistically live without. It is a harsh reality but I have come to accept it. I have gratitude, after all she gave me life, but what’s the point in being alive if you don’t get a chance to build a life?

You may as well be... -not alive?

I suppose, but the future holds many things I’d like to believe, which gave me hope that I would one day, even for the shortest time, live in the real world. But I’m afraid I’m too attached with my ideal world. People would think that the isolated way I live in this world is misfortunate; however I rather think I’m blessed.

The Real world is reality, so I guess whether I like it or not I shall have to live in it or go into a mental institute, personally that doesn’t sound too bad to me. The peace and stillness would be bliss. The numerous things to observe about the people there. Sounds enlightening almost, but the stigma around it affects me as much as many in the end.

But if I did, if I did go into this real world, I’ll never be able to return to this ‘living dead’ (as Olivia calls it)She says it’s like I’m a zombie or something time passes me and that I neither have the ability nor spirit to catch up, I’m frozen and cold. No-one understands me and nor do I them. Breathing for me is like taking that first step of being noticed stepping out of the veil of my own ‘unconsciousness’ toward the world and people in it. It’s like coming into life; you cannot stop breathing until you die. What a scary thought breathing for the first time. I wonder how that would ever work for me.

“Come on Nay-nay,” we were just about boarding the plane to...America. The new Continent, the new country, the new ‘home’.

“Come on we don’t have all day!” Moaned Olivia excitement boiled over in her big brown eyes. Her ecstatic behaviour seemed to slide off of me. It Left me unaffected and lonely.

Is this it? England? Good bye...

I boarded the plane its was chilly, I dodged passengers packing like an Olympic champion, ducking and side stepping to save myself from decapitation. We came to our seat where I sat next to Olivia who was then, contently listening to her iPod, not a care in the world troubling her, and seemingly unaware of the attention she grabbed of the male passengers married and single alike. The attention which was directed to her made me feel anxious, thoughts resurfaced in my mind, were they looking at me, if yes, then why? Could they tell? Can they see I’m not of this world? That I’m not normal, I’m different…so different I stick out…, my breathing got heavier and shallower, I began to feel light headed, a drop of sweat drizzled down my temple.

I twirled my hair trying to distract myself. However nervousness had dominated every move I made. The captain began his ‘taking off’ speech and I began to feel glares and stares divert from us to the cabin crew. Everything slowed down. I felt my resolves tighten, my grip on my ‘view of the world tighten with pressure, like holding your breath in a room with no air. Fear if you actually took that breath…you’d find no life there…that infact this was your last breath, you’d hold onto it until the end. To me I wasn’t at the end, no where near it infact, I started looking frantically my eyes search for things of my world, but all I saw were faces and faces, all I heard was babies crying and crying and all I could feel was the cool draft of the air conditioning. My world was shattering around me, it was washing away. I held my breath, I wasn’t ready! I don’t want to breathe!

I close my eyes and drowned out all sound creating my own sounds, tastes, sights. I could see the autumn trees ranging in shades of yellow and orange on their leaves. The breeze was chilly but still pleasant. I watched intently as the squirrel ran towards a near by tree twirling up the trunk. I took in the wide bright morning sky, could people really not know of the beauties on the world, what was the need for the constant rush and complicated-ness of the ‘real’ world. As I was about to close my eyes, a disruption of birds in the far distance, prevented me. And suddenly a wave of force came pulsing towards me tearing everything in its path to pieces. Instantaneously I awoke to the sound of the pilot welcoming us to America. Olivia was fast asleep.

“Wake up we’re, Here,” I sighed realising too we were there. Olivia woke angelically, apparently I wasn’t the only one that noticed, I almost growled at the guy a seat across from us for smiling, like a crushing teenaged boy.

I held our carry ons as she was still half asleep and the men’s eyes were still enjoying it. I stepped outside the air craft onto the steps, the heat set ablaze my exposed skin. The blue azure sky and amazing terrain astonished me. I continued to stare in awe, as I walked down the runways.

We enter the departure points. I made a Note to myself -The air conditioning was most appreciated, I would convince Olivia to get some. Both I and Olivia excitedly waited for our luggage. Once they were retrieved them we placed them on the trolley and we were off past security, which was way too easy thanks to Olivia. I looked outside for what would be our driver. And standing sticking out like a sore thumb was blond haired blued man, of course in the absolutely most clichéd way! He stood there anxiously with a sign saying ‘TheJhonsons.’

“That’s us!” I almost squealed. Olivia stared a smile crawling past her lips, looking slightly confused at my excitement. She puts her arm around me and we walk towards the man. We drove in style, a pick up truck, open backed and two seated, so I all too willingly took the back. Olivia sat in the front of the truck talking away to the driver, flirting lightly with him.. I guess she hasn’t noticed the ring on his finger, when she does she’ll stop. However I can’t worry about that, while I’m sitting here experiencing this amazing feeling.

The air washed against my cheeks and is swimming through my hair, as I drowned in the sun, everywhere looked so alive, it made me itch with excitement. If this was America I was more than ready to dive in.

Wow. America it’s not as bad as I thought…

“We’re nearly there!” the man bellows from the front. I stood up and as I looked up I saw it. I saw a huge expanse of blue, with waves lashing at the shores and cliff tops like white stallions charging. I found myself getting closer and closer to it. I was surprised Olivia had brought a house so close to the sea. I mean I could even smell it the salty tangy water so fresh that I could taste it. The salty air enticed me. “Maybe I might like the short time we’ll spend here,” I thought.

“Let me help you with your luggage,” Offered the man his bright blue eyes shining in the sun.

I lunged out of the truck as my new house towered over me.

Wow, our house was amazing. White with censored glass door, big windows and a wooden veranda with a swinging chair perfect for daydreaming.

I noticed that Olivia and the man were talking again. Too excited to wait I took my suitcase out of the back. Then disaster struck... I didn't notice the boy...

The suitcase became caught in a crevice in the truck as I pulled the suitcase swung clumsily and collided with him making him stumble, and it only got worse of course when he went toppling over our white picket fence.

“Arrgh” he groaned. I dropped the bags to run awkwardly to his side.

“He’s closing his eyes maybe he needs mouth to mouth!” screeched Olivia. I rolled my eyes painfully ay her statement, remembering the Christmas I asked for a brain surgeon as a mother in exchange for Olivia, a small smile twitched my lips.

“He didn’t drown” I hiss, the boy laughed at that. I lifted his chin as I tried to rest him in the recovery position. He opened his eye’s squinting at the sun and staring up at me. His eyes were, astonishing, quite like the blue sky that welcomed me at the airport. His blond hair glistened in the sun almost as if it were stained with it; he was undeniably perfect, in looks wise anyway. He was about my age, 17 maybe?

“Are you ok son?” says the driver breaking the silence, however not our gaze. Why was he staring at me?

“Yeah, I...just need an ice-pack.” He said still looking at me, I realised then that everyone was.

“W...What?” I said my heart accelerating at the extra attention thrown in my direction.

“Honey he needs an... icepack, one of our icepacks!” She hints.

“Oh right,” I got up momentarily. He follows suite waiting for me to lead him off. I walked hesitantly to the door and unlock it with my decorated key...Olivia, I silently growled at her. I swear she thinks I’m like 4. The door opens and the sweet smell of ‘home’ whirled into my nose. I walked in, in a stupor, this is defiantly the best house we’ve had. Not the biggest but the best. I look up the staircase, wow I bet my rooms up there, please be segregated from the rest of the house. Someone clears their throat. Oh! The boy! I forgot...

“Sorry” I said facing him looking toward the ground wondering how the day had come to this. I guess curiosity did kill the cat...

He was still quite by the door as if he were letting me enjoy my first moments with the house.

“I don’t actually know... where the kitchen is...,” I say uncomfortably laughing. He joined in for a brief moment.

“It’s this room,” he said. How did he know that you could hardly see that from here?!

I follow him and he seemed pretty familiar with the place. He stood right in front of the fridge. I pause forgetting it was in reality, my house. I found the icepack underneath the frozen peas, which was underneath the pork chops. My mum had asked her new boss to stock her fridge with some necessities.

“Wow,” he said, as he squinted his eyes.

“What?!” I asked worried. He held his head.

“I feel seriously dizzy.”

“Sit down!” I ordered a little panicked, I placed the ice-pack wrapped in a tea towel on his head. He reached up and put his hand on mine and moved the ice-pack to the right. I hope he didn’t think I was being rude, because I flinched pretty badly.

“Is that better,” I said my eyes retreating to the floor.

“Yeah,” He sighed deeply. I blushed thinking he’s probably had enough of my stuttering and bumbling ways... always the same story.

I looked around the kitchen, it was like a chefs. Olivia will love it!

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Nayla,” I told him, wondering why he would ask that.

“Nice name,” is?

“W- wh- what’s yours?” he looks out the window, something holds his attention. I guess there goes the’s a new record though....

“Katy?” he says puzzled, he’s puzzled?

“Your name is Katy?” I said much more puzzled than him.

“Hmm, no...No” he laughs, his lips pulling into a wide grin. “Ben Watson.”

“I said Katy because my little sister is out there.” He points toward the window and my eyes follow, to witness the most adorable white blond haired, rosy cheeked little girl. The kind who would win those baby pageants hands down, even without all the make-up and hair styling.

“She’s adorable,” I cooed and then back tracked, when have I ever had such a long conversation with anyone other than Olivia, and kids I normally found them repulsive and so time and energy consuming.

“Yeah, that’s because you haven’t met her,” he laughed again and I noticed he had a kind of side smile and he has slight creases around his mouth, which probably meant he laughed or smiled a lot.

“Hey, you’re kind of zoning out on me,” he said waving his hand in front of my face.


“You’re a day dreamer aren’t you?” hmm his voice is so un-American. I don’t think he’s directly from here.

“You’re not from here are you?”

“You can tell?”

“Yeah,” he stands up and stepped the tiniest step from being taken back.

“I think I’m ok, thanks for caring. God bless you,” He’s religious, I almost rolled my eye’s.

“If you’re not busy just call me and we’ll do something ok?”

“You-y-you actually want to hang out with me?” I questioned generally shocked and confused and not really talking to him but myself.

“Yeah you sound so surprised.”

“BWENNY!!” says his little sister running into his open arms.

“Heyaa kiddo, wassup?” he says as she clung to him.

“Oh, er Katy this is Nayla,” I stoop with them.

“Hello!” she grinned, then abruptly turns back to her brother.

“You have a bumpy lumpy, Dr. Katy will fix it with a magical medicine kiss!” she kissed his bump, and they absolutely emanated the perfect family, I knew there had to be a catch to him talking to me, he’s a Christian, salvation and all that, but I don’t need his charity, I was fine before I’ll be fine a few years and more.

“Honey did you offer them drinks, snacks?” says Olivia, acting as though I could literally be the best host.

“Don’t know where they are!” I called to her. ” sorry about your...lumpy bumpy, I’m gunna unpack now, so bye.”

I run upstairs as quickly and quietly as possible. Talk about ruining a day, I started to unpack, I could tell Olivia was apologising for me being so rude. So I unpacked louder. In response I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I put my defiant face on, once it’s up Olivia just gives up.

A knock.

“What?” I breathe. The opened slightly, and a head peered around, it wasn’t the one I was expecting.

“Sorry, but er, I told you to call or come down, but I didn’t even give you a number or address...” I get up off the floor and take the paper. His face looked troubled. He smiled reassuringly when he saw my face reflect his. He turned to the door.

“You er kind of was uncomfortable before, did I say something? Or was I too pushy?” I felt kind of guilty ‘round about then.

“No...No, just have issues,” I said staring into the ground and doing crazy person hand movement.

“Ok if you need a friend I’m here though I have my own issues, not sure i’ll be able to help...” I laughed a little.

“Your name was Bwenny wasn’t it?” I asked, amusement playing in my voice.

“Ha-ha so you do have a sense of humour?” Ben grinned.

I smiled to him.

“I’ll see you around then.”

“That’d be… nice,” I replied as he beamed back at my response, I noticed as he spoke his face turning a shade that almost matched my crimson watch. He turned swiftly as I watched him leave while the door closes behind him.

Did I just make a friend? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^.^-------------------------------------------------- To Breathe…

Chapter 2 - Fresh currents

Morning came quickly; sleeping was the only rest from my thoughts. As soon as my eyes peeled open, the thoughts drowned me. Was this for real? Had someone actually taken a real interest in me? Am I just kidding myself?

“Oh, you’re up?” hummed Olivia, this was disturbing to me. Suspicion bubbled on the surface of my face.

“Why are you awake…?” I questioned her. “So early in the morning?” my eyebrows rose in emphasis to my accusations.

“Oh because John asked us…as we don’t know the area very well to sort of go on a local tour thing,” She said sweetly.

“John?” I asked expectantly. How is it possible she’d met a guy in the short time I’d been asleep?

“You know John! You met his son the other day!” she giggled.

“Oh, them huh? O.K! Have fun!” I said laying back down.

“Oh no, your coming too missy! You were quite rude yesterday, so today shall be your punishment! Also it’ll give you chance to get to know Ben!” she hinted. I sighed deeply and turned away from her.

“Can’t you see I’m jetlagged?” I asked desperate not to make a fool out of myself on my first day here at least. Plus I hadn’t exactly decided whether he truly wanted to be my friend, or was trying to ‘earn his wings’.

“Where’s the fun in that hunny? Go on…UP!” She cackled, while she ripped my covers off of me.

“You’re an evil creature Olivia!” I growled at her. As she swirled around with my covers.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, so bacon, eggs…fry up sound good for breakfast?” She crooned as she walked out the door.

“Olivia I want-.” I screamed after her.

“Yeah I know scrambled egg,” she interrupted me as she hopped down the stairs. I swung my feet off the bed. I really disliked Olivia most when she acted like a real mum! How do I mentally prepare for such a day? Why me?

Ok, I guess all I can do is not getting too attached to the situation like a shadow; I’ll be able to disappear, unnoticed. Yes just like I always did, except he’s not an object or a place, it’s going to be hard.

“Breakfast!” Sung Olivia from the kitchen. I begrudgingly trudged downstairs, unable to forgive her, as she was the reason for this very unpleasant situation I was facing.

Time flowed by and much to my discern, it neared closer to the ‘pick up’ time. I was washed dressed and ready, physically. But mentally I was a mess.

The bell sang, and I froze. Thoughts whizzed through my mind a mile a second, a thought caught my attention. When did I start to care about such things? I’ve met people before why was he so different? I supposed it was my guilt for nearly causing him bodily harm, which made me feel able to free myself to him.

It was time to lock up completely, become as cold as ice…I don’t need anyone I never have so why should I now? I walked downstairs calmly, like a living zombie, like me. The ‘me’ that only I and possibly Olivia know. I stared at the floor unable to look at him, just as yet. As my eyelids lifted to reveal my irises, I and he connected with some unknown force, like electricity, mysterious, dangerous and exciting.

This feeling frightened me; however before I knew it I was smiling and approaching him.

What’s going on? I thought. This area of unknown made me uneasy and anxious; Ben stood watching me as if he were listening to me. A look of fear flashed across my face.

“Good morning Nayla,” he said coolly. “Good morning Olivia.” Apparently I was not the only one in the house who had noticed who he addressed first. I sensed the amusement in Olivia’s face.

“Good morning Ben, Good morning John,” John nodded appreciatively.

“Morning.” Was all I could manage, as I became increasingly aware of every move I made.

John led the way and Olivia followed his lead. Of course Ben tagged along with me.

“Are you excited?”

“I guess, yes I am- but only a little,” My voice lowered to a whisper. Why is everything so different? I don’t want to speak every word from my muddled confused mind! I have to be mean; heartless I need to be separate. My face smoothed out, no emotion or expression.

“Something wrong?” his voice and his face imprinted with worry, as he climbed on the back of the truck. It took great effort to be hostile, but I knew he wasn’t right for me, because I wasn’t me with him. This day is going to be horrendously difficult I imagined, as I rejected his help to get in the truck.

The wind and horizon was a great distraction from looking at him. However not looking over was becoming an unbearable task to hold, especially when you can feel his stare…the atmosphere was building up.

“Is there something wrong?” he said releasing the tension, as if he knew it was bothering me. In his voice I couldn’t help but hear the raw rejection, knocking me off track.

“I’m sorry, nothings wrong, I’m just a daydreamer.” We smiled together and I knew that this only encouraged him.

“I think you’ll like it here, it’s very peaceful, people give you enough time to daydream,” Curiosity pricked at the edges of my silent brain.

“Where did you say you were from?”

“I didn’t .” he grinned, sending a pulse of excitement through me, causing my heart to beat faster, which made me jump from being so aware of my heart.

“You ok?” He asked again amusement flickering in his eyes.

“Oh, just a hiccup,” it was the first excuse that crossed my mind. His eyebrows arched up, then he exploded with laughter, before I knew the edges of my mouth pulled up into what I noticed was a grin. For I had never grinned for as long as I know, I’ve smiled yes, but grinned? What in my life would I be so happy about?

The day swam by so quickly, I eventually noticed that I was enjoying myself. This can’t be good it really and honestly can’t be good!

Olivia on our arrival home invited them in for a drink, of course Ben accepted, resentment bubbled in my head, although my will made me unable to show it.

Ben and I lounged in the kitchen, he with a drink of apple juice.

“I had fun today,” he told me.

“I enjoyed myself also,” I replayed that in my head. I’ve only known this guy for 2 days and he’s transforming my life for the worst. I can’t let him!

“I’m from Australia.” Such a random statement to a passer by, but I soon realised it was an answer to a question I craved to know.

“I can hear it now,” I said more to myself than to him.

“Thanks I didn’t know I sounded that much like an outsider.”

“Don’t forget I’m one too,” I smiled

“I don’t mean to be rude but can I ask you a question?”

“Ask away there isn’t much to know,” my voice trailed off as I realised how true that was.

“I very much doubt that…have…have you ever had friends before?” I thought for a moment and wondered whether it was weird that I didn’t feel offended.

“No,” I said after a short pause.

“Why?” he asked, literally shocked and confused at the same time. “I don’t understand, why wouldn’t anyone want to be her friend? She’s fascinating and funny,” I don’t think at that point he was talking to me. I felt rude as if I was intruding his personal thoughts. He looked up at me his face turning a deep shade of red.

“I just don’t understand,” he says distantly, not intending it as a question.

“Well, you see, there is a reason behind it really, I don’t tend to make friends as it always turns out that me and Olivia move around a lot, she has a problem you see…she…,” I tried to stop myself but the impulse to tell over rid.

“You don’t have to tell me,” he mused. “So, is you staying here a permanent thing?” he asked coolly.

“I don’t know, it’s pretty unlikely,” I said keeping his gaze and watching the lines between his eyebrows crumple ever so slightly.

“I, I kind of hope it’s different this time,” I didn’t really understand all of a sudden he’d just flush red. What did that really mean? I wondered whether I should ask.

“Me too,” was all I could manage.

I don’t want to take up all your time but what are you doing in a week’s time? I mean I can drive, I could give you…a personal tour.” He laughs “me and my dad prefer different places, so, do you want to go?” he asked

“Huh?” there’s a reason for my answer you see my pulse had accelerated, and my heart is beating so hard, just because he smiled, I mean really smiled right at me.

It wasn’t a menacing smile like the girls at school used to use, but it’s a different smile one I’ve never experienced or even knew existed. His fingers touched my hand as if to tap me back into reality, I rejected his touch - my default reaction.

“Sorry,” I replied to his increasingly guilty face.

“It’s ok maybe another time.”

“No!” I almost shouted. Now where did that come from?

“You ok in there?” mum shouted from the living room.

“Yes,” I tell her, again keeping his gaze.

“Yes to her or me?” his face finally recovering from the outburst of mine.

“Both.” And again the tips of my lips turned up into a wide grin. He tried to hold down his own smile but was unsuccessful.

“Nayla I haven’t seen you smile so much in 1 year, let alone 1 day!” she giggled amusement bubbling in her smouldering eyes. The smile faded from my face as self consciousness kicked in.

I asked them to come for dinner tomorrow, isn’t that nice?” asked Olivia.

“I’m busy.” I say frozen all inside I felt sick inside. All I could think about was who was this person who smiles like that who talks like that…it’s not me, not at all! I begin to rise from my seat.

“Nayla not this time,” she warned. I secured my look of defiance.

“Nayla is getting late so we’ll start to make a move I’ll talk to you tomorrow; I’ll come around, around 12?” says Ben

I simply nodded knowing he’d saved Olivia from an argument with me.

“Good night Olivia, ‘night Nayla,”

“Night,” I say walking up towards the steps and straight into my room flopping lifelessly into my bed, I felt so bad I could cry. I heard them say by and again Olivia apologised for my rudeness, I listened to door close, as tears ran down my face…

Did I just lose a friend?

© Copyright 2020 nikki92. All rights reserved.

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