Angel of Sin

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I always kind of figured I was that quiet girl, the fallen angel type I guess

Submitted: May 14, 2007

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Submitted: May 14, 2007



Deep is the line that cuts

Listen to the prayers whispered

There is hatred for imagined existence

Angel of Sin you stand on the sunset

Lend me your wings

Forgive and forget

Massed choirs singing, screaming

Hold onto a heart let it bleed in your hand

Her wedding gown stained red

The deception black in eyes

Hell matches Heaven's drum beat

Hollow it out

Grey rain clouds throw down their water

The feeling like lightning strike

Eternity's love melts like snow

Night embraces the cold world

For she is the Angel of Sin

Her heart black

Fold out her diary's secrets

She was a victim once

Held tight by the cutting vine

See her tortured by the pain

Bravely her head was held high

As it was detached from her body

Oh, Angel of Sin

You were more

A witch hunted

Your pentagram reversed

Broom set alight

A black cat growling

Hide in the depths of your dreams

One day break free

"Divinity's creature

Became the Mirror of Sin"

Water fills her eyes as her end comes near

She's dead but still has to journey to Hell

Angel of Sin go your way

I will go mine

Do not disturb anyone ever again

There will be no more night

Angel of Light

Have your way

Use the sun's rays

No longer the Darkness

Help those who have sinned

Erase them

"This song is being used by Algol of Italy"

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