The Haunting in the Forest.

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This is a "Fan" Fiction of the video game/meme, Slender. I honestly don't like the game. The graphics suck, but I love the concept,(I've only played the original. I don't know about the spin/knock-offs that people have made.) so I wrote this. I would love your feedback!

DISCLAIMER: I've included content that isn't in the game!! I'd rather not state what that is, for it may be a spoiler. I am aware that these things aren't in the game! They are merely to give the story more of a plot and make it a bit more original. If you don't like it please tell me so. I accept all the criticism that I can get!

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013




I awoke in a dark forest. I didn’t know how I got there. I didn’t know that it was after me. I looked around. I saw a flashlight, picked it up, and turned it on. I pointed it in front of me and circled in place. Nothing but trees surrounded me. I put my hand on my arm. I always did this when I got stressed. I felt an odd texture. I brought my arm into my flashlight’s beam. Collect all eight pages. That was what was written on my arm, no, what was cut into my arm. The words were scars. I assumed that I had been unconscious for a long time. I had been in a coma, perhaps? I figured that I’d better do what it said, so I started walking. I looked down at myself. Everything was fine. Nothing was out of the ordinary. My legs were still thin. My hair was still short, and as far as I know, I had all the right parts that a guy needed. I walked on, and on until I came by a truck. It was a blue Volvo with a large fuel tank on it. I hopped through its open door and turned the key that was in its ignition. Nothing happened. Not a sound was emitted. “Damn it.” I said to myself. I hopped out and walked around the truck. I stopped when I saw a piece of paper taped to the fuel tank. “That must be one of the pages.” I said. I pulled it down. It had a crude drawing of a face without a mouth and X’s where its eye should be. It read, in sloppy, rushed handwriting Always watches, No eyes. I folded it up and put it in my pocket. A sharp pain coursed through my arm. I put it in my light’s rays. New scars had randomly appeared. 1/8 was written out of the puckered skin. The pain died down and I turned around to keep walking, and I saw it. It was a good many yards away, but I could clearly describe it. It was tall and thin as a skeleton. It wore a black suit with a white shirt and red tie. Its arms were dragging against the grass, with fingers at least half a foot in length. Its face was as white as fresh snow. It had no mouth, no nostrils on its nose, and no eyes. This thing was what the paper described. I turned and ran as fast as I could from it. I came upon a tunnel. It looked like a giant PVC pipe had been buried in the ground. I ran inside and slumped against the wall. I controlled my rapid breathing and stood up after a minute. I walked to the other end. I saw another note. It was a sloppy drawing of the thing and had no written a multitude of times in the background. I did the same thing with it as I did with the other. The pain went through my arm again and I looked at my arm. The scars had changed. They now read 2/8. I quickly ran out of the tunnel, for fear that it might find me again. I came to a building That looked like it might be a bathroom. I scouted the perimeter of it to see if I could find another page. I didn’t find one. I walked away from the building. I was afraid that it might corner me if I went inside. I came upon another truck. It was a red Volvo with a hauling bed on it. It was accompanied by a tiny building that looked like it might be a camper or something similar to one. I tried to open the camper-like thing. It was locked. I scouted it and found another page. HELP ME! More pain in my arm. I folded it and ran. I turned. It was very close to me! I kept running. I looked ahead and saw it again! It was so fast. I pivoted on one foot and legged it, losing breath, towards a big red silo. I found another page, then another at a very weird tree, and another at a forest of cut-down trees. LEAVE ME ALONE! CAN’T RUN! FOLLOWS! In that order. After I had found my sixth page I turned around. It was right there! It pounced on me and brought me to the ground. It brought its head down to my face. Its white skin slowly ripped apart, making a sound like tearing a piece of cloth, revealing rows of jagged teeth. It opened its mouth wider than one guy could ever have seen in his life. Saliva dangled between its teeth in strands. “W-w-what are you?!” I struggled to ask. It said, in a voice that sounded like it was swallowing my very heartbeat, “I…am a creature…confined to your desolate planet called Earth. I…am haunted…by the sun’s rays. They will-” It stopped. Smoke came from out its back. I saw that the sun was rising over the horizon. It hissed and jumped off of me and covered its face. That did nothing for it. It soon caught fire, like a vampire. It burned until it was nothing but dust.

I wish that was the truth. It didn’t burn into dust. It merely ran off into the pipe thing. I tried to run away from the forest, but I couldn’t. I got lost more times than I could count, and when I did get out of the forest I always ran into a seemingly endless electric fence. I kept walking around for hours. I finally slumped down next to the red truck, in great need of a bog, and started to think. Why does it want me to find these pages? Why am I the one that it wants? One question finally crossed my mind. What happens when I find all of the pages? Does it kill me, or will it let me go?

I soon decided that It’d be best to find the rest of them. I started toward the pipe to see if it was still there. I could barely make out a thin shadowy figure. I walked away, afraid for what may happen if I got too close.



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