The Fire Within.

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Satom. Strong, firce, and not afraid to fight. She has specal powers only she can see when performed. They're hot, dangerous, and take a while to get use to. How will she survive whe she has her protectors telling her to dim down The Fire Within?

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



One quick thing..... Satom's name is pronounced (say-tum), as you will see it rhymes with "ate 'em". Satom is played by Emma Stone. Thanks for reading!

 The Fire Within~

Things move slowly for Satom. When she was 7, things got a little bit more strange in her life...

9 years ago, 7 years old...

"Satom, Satom, stupid, so she ate 'em!" The children chanted. She was dared to eat a 3 hot chili peppers, that had been spat on, swished around in the mouth,spat out, rubbed in the dirt, and then just wiped off with two small fingers so the germs could stay on. She had not seen the dirt, or felt the slimy saliva. In they went, as the expression on the other kids faces went from smiles to disgusted frowns. "Ewwwww!" The other girls would exclaim. After two had been eaten, a sick feeling came upon her stomach. She fell to the ground and soon woke in a hospital room.

She heard small mumbles from the door, and in walked her parents and two men in a white robe. "Oh, Satom sweetie, your awake." Her mother spoke in the gentle voice that she always had. "This is Doctor Kevin Martin, your doctor. And this is Doctor John Renlin, the.... scientist." Satom had a confused expression on her face as her eyebrows came to a rough line in confusedness, "Why is there a scientist-ist-ist..... here?" She spoke, not knowing how to say the word "scientist" yet. Her mother swiftly moved over to the foot of the bed and sat near her feet. She looked up at Satom's father and then to the hands resting lightly on her lap. She inhaled deeply and looked to Satom. "How do I put his in a seven year olds words?" She asked sarcastically but at the same time seriously. "When you fell, you came to the hospital. When we filled out.... the paper about you, the doctor said one part of it was incorrect- uhm, wrong. So, he showed me. Can you guess what part was wrong?"

Satom thought hard. "The part about my name? You say that every computer doesn't rec-iz-nize my name." Her mother laughed and smiled sweetly. "No, that was right, silly-bean. Well, the part where it wanted me to fill out your race, you know, if your Hispanic, or Native American, or American, I filled out, what?" Satom thought what she was. "American?" Her mother smiled and gave her a high five. "Yeah! But, Doctor Martin said it was wrong! They did some tests on you..... and..... they said your...... a scientifically approved half-human, half-mutant with no trace of American blood."

Satom was confused. "What's that?" She asked. Her mom looked to her. "It means that your the only one in this entire world with your bio-genetically genes. Your one of a kind. You have powers. Now, don't take this the wrong way, honey. You really, really, REALLY have, some sort of- gift.

Present day, 16 years old...


Satom and her family figured out soon after that day that the source of the change was from the peppers she ate. They were filled with a scientific test liquid, and the girl who gave it to her to eat was the daughter of a mad scientist. She had no clue they were harmful, or at all would they work. He had injected the liquid to see if the test subject would transform into some human-dragon. And that she did.

Satom can breathe fire. She can light herself on fire.She can produce fire. She can control fire. She can throw fire.She can catch fire. Anything that has to do with fire, it involves Satom. Satom has found civilized scientists that she secretly sees each day to help her with her powers. They take tests on her and try to figure out how she can produce and contract the fire with her controlling it. When she does produce fire, they take a sample of it, but the results always come up as the same- "unidentified gaseous fumes."

One day Satom came home. She was an only child, with two average parents. Her room was always a mess, leading to her parents going off on a childish tantrum, about how "just because she's gifted with a power, does not mean she is excused from her chores" and more annoying speeches. Every other week she has an exact list of chores.

Satoms chores for the week:

- vacuum Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

- do the dishes every night

- clean the windows on Wednesday

- do the laundry Tue, Thu, Sat

- clean room if dirty

This week was her chores week. She had been juggling her chores and the trips to the lab exceptionally well, but tonight, she had a lot of homework, and her trip to the lab was a bit longer than usual. She had not cleaned her room, had not done the dishes, and had not done the laundry. Not to mention she had missed ten minutes of dinner, so they'd suspect the least bit of something. She dropped her bag quietly and walked to her room. The only thing she had done was her homework. "Satom- sit. Dinner is not skipped in this family.'' Her mothers stern voice called from the kitchen. She inched over to the kitchen and peeked out from behind the wall to see her mother staring at the door frame. She sat at the table. "Where have you been? Every night your gone. You have not done the laundry, you probably haven't cleaned your room, and you BEST be doing the dishes when dinner is over. Tell me where you've been going each night. Now."

Satom shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She fiddled with her fingers as her mother waited for an answer. "Satom." Satom looked up at her mother. "I don't think.... I can tell you. It has to be kept a secret." Her mother laughed sarcastically. "Well, until you can tell your own parents where your disappearing off to each night, you can spend the rest of this MONTH in your room. Wherever it is that your going, will have to wait a while." Satom opened her mouth in awe and choked on her food. "What?!?! That's so unfair!Teenagers have their secrets, can't I keep just ONE from you?" She loudly pushed he chair back and stood up. She sat there for a second before storming off to her room shouting, "Whatever happened to the nice mom you were when I was 7? I want her back, YOU can LEAVE!''

Her mother was appalled. She got up and stormed after Satom. Just before Satom could shut the door she held it open and twisted Satom around by the shoulder. She got up close in her face and growled, "You will respect the things your father and I give you. So what if we're mean? That's our job, and if you can't put up with it, then honey, TRY, TRY, TRY! Because we WON'T." She let go of Satom and walked away. Satoms anger boiled, and before she could calm down, her bunched up fist was in flames. She ran to her room and by the time the door was closed her arm was on fire. She grabbed the phone and called the lab. "Hi, my fire's acting up, I need to get over there now, but I'm grounded, what do I do?"


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