Forever with you please

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Love love love love what else to say?

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011



Twilght kisses, my body shivers

Day light peaking, you still linger on

Endless nights move on to endless days

Your my comfort; forever hold me in your gaze....

Eyes that show no emotion turn to me and soften

Your voice is low, seducing even

Whisper to me "I love you" my body shivers once more.....

Soon is the parting, why must it come early?

Seeing you is like heaven itself opening up it's doors

Waiting seems what we're always doing

Just waiting, just waiting to see eachother again

Again apear to me again and again....

Silience is heard between us around others

So many think it's strange

I don't mind because when out of sight, yes we are shy, but in your arms it feels like I can fly

Swaying slowing to the music in our minds

Looking deep into eachothers eyes

You smile, the tiniest little smile, and I hope forever to keep that image in mind

From your eyes to your lips my eyes wander

Leaning in slow I beg the moment not to go

Let time stop while I'm in your arms

Please time stop while I kiss your sweet soft lips.....

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