Falling Fear

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Random thoughts during late nights. About the fear of falling in love. Please, feel free to leave any feedback or comments :) Any would be appreciated and I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece :D Thanks for reading! :)

Submitted: June 27, 2013

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Submitted: June 27, 2013



I thought I already knew all that there was needed to know ,

About love and heartache.

I thought I knew everything from A-Z on how to keep a boy on his toes,

To remain strong when a lover leaves,

And to be careful with my heart.

I thought I already knew how to control my emotions,

To hide my dark scattered thoughts

And to plaster a mask of shadowed illusions in the front.


But when I met you,

You peeled away all my layers,

Patiently and with precise,

Along with a sense of determination I was unable to fight.

I tried to control myself,

To tell myself that this couldn't be,

For we were too different- you and I

And we could never be.

I refused to allow myself the very thought of falling,

While I was still pretty scarred.

But like the ocean who stubbornly kisses the sand,

Even after being pushed back,

You came upon me like a tsunami

Carrying waves of emotions I couldn't understand.

And though I tried to fight back,

I found myself being carried away instead.


In the past I've always been left behind in the dust,

Scattered among the bright but dead stars,

Waiting to be burnt out,

Away from all the others

Fogotten, alone and left out.

But you still stayed with me,

Even after many months and I couldn't help but feel touched,

Especially within the inner depths

Of the dustiest and darkest corners of my heart.


But fear still remains within,

From the past scars of the heart,

And though you reassure me that you never will,

I'm still afraid of that part.

Thus, despite your love being as strong as the ocean,

And as long as the ground on the earth itself,

I cant help but still feel a little fear,

As each day I fall closer to the ground.


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