Terrorism In The Making

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Its about a young boy who hates his school so much he is planning on doing some real horrible stuff to it, but what he didn't know is that his mom had a different plan in mind for him.

Submitted: October 22, 2010

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Submitted: October 22, 2010



The room is dark with the computer being the only light. I like it that way. The pen and the paper are to my right and that’s how I like it. Sitting here I wonder if I should make this video or not...I know I should because people must know the true me...but then again I don't get why terrorist makes videos. Telling who they are and why they did what they did, like we give a fuck. The damage is already done, so I know they don't give a fuck about us anyways. So it is said I will make the video...

\"Hi, my name is TAM. I am making this video not to tell you about me but to show you how much I hate you and what I will do about it. Don't get me wrong I love this country and all the self confidence it gives me. Because around every corner there is a person who’s BMI (body mass index) is 400 times what mine is, a black person eating chicken with gold teeth, a white person driving a fucking hybrid, and to top it all off Mexicans and like 50 fucking kids. I am the only person in this country that is perfect \"ha\"....However back to the topic...

1st I am going to rip your \"T\" off and shit on it!

Oh and you call that an \"O\". I am going to take it down and make you wear it around your neck. Mother fuckers!

I am going to take that \"W\" turn in to M, so I can use it to spell out moron across your big fat chest!

Don't even get me started on the \"E\". I am going to take it down, shit on it, slap it across your face, then make you eat it bitch!

The \"R\" are you serious that should stand for fucking ridiculous!

and that \"S\" is a piece of ...

As soon as he was about to finish his mom walks in \"oh honey, your dad and I decided that you will be going back to \"TOWERS\" next year. We just know how much you love that school. Good night now\" She closes the door behind her as she leaves his room. He looks to the camera and the only words that could come out of his mouth was...\"oh FUCK\"

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