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On a mission to prove that the planet Deleterious is habitable, our narrator tells the story of the unfortunate events occurring after crash landing on the planet Deleterious. The story is told in a series of mission logs that report important events throughout the story.

Submitted: November 02, 2015

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Submitted: November 02, 2015



Mission log
User: Nikolai.G.B
Ship:The Harbinger 
1•Explore Alfa Centauri B 
2•Land on ACB-Deleterious 
Log-1: we have successfully achieved a stable orbital encounter with the binary system Alfa Centauri. We are going into Cryo sleep now, next time I report will be 9/14/2227, 2 years from today's date 9/14/2225. 
Log-2:Awake now after my 2 year nap, everything has gone as plan so far, We plan to aero brake on Alfa Centauri A then brake again on Alfa Centauri B to achieve an elliptical orbit. We will make 1 full orbit before we can achieve an orbital encounter with Deleterious. Next I report we will be orbiting Deleterious. 
Log-3: We have achieved and circularized our orbit around Deleterious. The planet appears to be mostly jungle but we've spotted several lakes and rivers. We will begin to descend in 15 minuets if we are still alive I will report shortly after landing. 
Log-4: our ship has crashed and I'm the lone survivor. The Harbinger is destroyed beyond repair. I've sent an SOS but the transmission won't reach earth for 4 years I have managed to find my survival kit and I still have my recorder so I plan to keep logging my mission. The planet seems to be habitable, I have found water and shelter in a small cave but I've found no signs of animal life. The days are 26 hours long and are hot and humid reaching up to 35 Celsius in the day and down to 15 Celsius at night. I will make my next log when I have food and fire.
Log-5: I have made fire and found a source of food from a native tree that grows a strange kind of fruit, the fruit contains a gel that is edible but not very appetizing. 
I plan to move my camp else were because of strange noises coming from the cave.  I will log once I've found a new area to live. 
Log-6: It has been 10 days since The crash. I have food water shelter and I have discovered animal life in the valleys. The most common creature I find here is a small deer like creature. I've also encountered new species of birds, small reptiles, amphibians, and small predators that are very territorial similar to wolverines.
Log-7: It's the 23 day I've been on the planet. I was attacked last night by a wolf like creature, Ive sustained minor injuries and will survive. 
Log-8:I am weak now and slowly dying of starvation I will not make it through the winter. I must learn to hunt if I wish to survive.
Log-9: Ive lost track of time, I have begun to talk to myself I think I may be going crazy I hear things at night like people talking but I can't understand them. The voices get louder every night. The only upside is that I've managed to kill the deer thing using a wooden spear I managed to sharpen using rocks. 
But it may be to late I've grown very skinny and my shoes are worn through. The air is growing colder and I must sleep in my space suit to stay warm. 
Log-10: I've found intelligent life I've been stabbed in the side and I am bleeding out. The only reason I am alive is because I hid under a over hang on a ledge of a cliff. The creatures are taller than us they use swords and spears they talk with screeches and appear to be covered in welts and scars. I hope my recordings of these past few months are recovered when and if a recovery team comes. This is my last time I will report. Deleterious is not safe but I've proved its possible to survive. 
End of transmission
Date of recovery 5/21/2231

© Copyright 2018 Nikolai Gav. All rights reserved.

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