The magical land of marshmello babies????

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Ummm my friends and I passed a notebook around and wrote this.... I don't know what you would call it.

Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



Once apon a time there was a ignorant, little, angry bunny named Grumpy. Grumpy would lazily hop with his friend Ass, the donkey. If you looked in a dictionary and looked up stupendously stupid, the bunnies friend, Ass, would appear. All he did was laze around eating apples and talk to Grumpy.

Grumpy always wanted to be in the lead. He wished his brother Reardon was with him. Wishful thinking, Grumpy decided he needed to leave Ass in search of a more compatible companion. He darted off leaving Ass alone wondering what he did wrong. Grumpy ran into a long lost friend, Grungy the lizard.

The reason he was long lost was because he was now nothing more than a pile of bones. Grumpy stared and then slowly hopped away in search of a new friend. And that is how he met the sparkleing, purple, Pegasus, zombie, who's name was Bob.

Bob is quite the character. In spite of being pink and sparkly, he was a handsome zombie. All the girls swooned over him. By night, Bob was not such a spookie zombie. His last victim was \" sugar baby panda baby.\" one day Bob ran into grumpy and they agreed to meet at midnight under the bridge above the rail road tracks. Just before midnight, while Grumpy was waiting for Bob, the sparkleing, purple, Pegasus, zombie, who had just that day dyed his hair grey.

The zombie, Bob dies the next day because Grumpy drank some monster and went berserk, eating the zombie.

Being a sparkilie zombie Bob kills everyone in sight once he came back to life using one of his trillions of lifes. Bob becomes a vegetarian only eating spaghetti right after eating Violets brain, or what was left of it. Grumpy and Bob then flew to the land of Magical Marshmello Babies.

They had a very soft landing on marshmello island when they got off the plane to was a storybook land of butterflies and rainbows and honey and everything good. All the marshmello babies were singing and laughing. In this land bad was not allowed. People had yet to figure out who Bob was. Soon Bob started to eat all of the marshmellos. But Bob only liked the green marshmello babies. Later he quit being a vegetarian and he ate ALL of the marshmello babies and their brains. Bob fell through the coulds and was never seen again.

2 weeks later

Bob was found and put in a mental asylum for killing and eating all of the marshmello babies. He ate 1 hamster a day. One day a rock named Steve made a difference in the world. He fell from the sky killing Bobs watch dog person, he broke free off the straitjacket, and went on a killing spree with Michal Myers, eventually killing Justin Beiber.


Soon Bob went to a flea market to get some hamsters to \"play\" with but Bob gets lost!!! No one could find him. Suddenly Bob sees 2 full cages of hamsters and gobbles them all down. But Bob was still hungry. Lacy shows up so Boo eats half her brains and gives the rest to Grumpy. Grumpy felt bad for the girl so he gave her the rest of her brian and half of his. She springs up, now she was immortal and had bunny ears and a tail.

Long story short Lucy defeats all evil, blah, blah, blah. And then she dies so not really a happily ever after.

............................the end.

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