Twisted Business

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just a short story i wrote about 5 years ago about a the business dealings of a ruthless and masochisitic group of individuals, kinda vague but i guess the entire thing is pretty vague. i also left out the last section of it because i felt it didnt really suit the vibe of the story so tell me if you think it reads like its missing something, i also changed around a couple sections to make it more jumpy but tie together better, let me know what you think.

Submitted: August 24, 2009

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Submitted: August 24, 2009



Twisted Business

Part 1: Business

A gurgle of blood echoed down the hallway, failed attempts at cries for help only bounced back off of the dark room's walls. There she stood, a couple feet away from the body. Her lips shimmered a crimson black under the glaring red light of the dark room. The body was curled on the floor, twitching ever so slightly, grasping at the cold metal still hanging out of the gash in it's throat. She smirked a little, a mischievous, playful smirk, at the crumpled human mess on the floor. She licked her lips at the sight of it's fresh blood spurting from the wound, and at the pain that seared in her freshly cut shoulder. She lit a cigarette and to a long drag, the kind of drag you take after a good fuck. "Sweety, sweety," She purred out as she sat down next to the corpse.

"Its just business, you know how it is." She pulled the cigarette from her mouth and kissed it on the forehead. She paused, staring at the gash still slowly letting blood seep out, "But you were so damn good," She licked some of the blood around his mouth, "So damn good." She kissed it and walked to the giant sliding door.

From Her

The vibrations of the music hummed down the hallway as she opened up the door. The light behind her filled the corrodid hallway in front of her,she slammed the door. Her feet barely made a sound as she glided down the hallway to a giant steel sliding door, the music was pounding through it, begging her to go in. She pulled out a silver cigarette case and popped it open. There was a little vial of coke next toeight pills of ecstacy, thats two less than she had almost half an hour ago, she slid a pill on to her tounge closed her mouth and gave it two good chews before she swallowed it and pulled the sliding metal door open.

The blacklights beamed onto her body, illuminating her figure, she looked around the the room, a giant meat locker. There was a layer of cold mist about knee high where everyone stood in the center, the mist dancing out of the cooling fans from the sides of the room.She walked around the edges, slightly lifted over the floor, walking past all the people fucking in blood stained corners, she licked her lips, she needed a good fuck, a rough painful fuck. She stood just beside the strobe light, staring out at the crowd, a smile crept across her face as she felt another wave of the x rush over her body down to her finger tips. The cold crept up her back tingling up her spine, she pinched her thigh hard, it sent an orgasmic pain through her body. There she stood, licking her lips, running her fingers gently down her chest, staring at him.

From Him

The crack of the bodie's skull under his boot sent a faint shiver up his spine. "From the boss." He said and forced all his weight down, the head crushed under his boot.

The room was rank with animal blood, there was a slaughtered pig sprawled across the table, it's guts curling over the edge, some splattered on the floor next to the crushed head. He walked towards the door and put his knife back in its sheath, it was cold against his skin. He took his shirt off the door nob and put it back on. The shirt was red, stained in spots with blood, torn up.A costume just for this occasion, his boss had a sick taste, which he didn't mind.

He stepped out into the dimmly lit hallway and stode down to the slaughter room door, he pushed it open and rushed by all the butchers chopping up cows and pigs, past the conveyor line taking freshly sliced animals to the freezer hung on meat hooks. The buzz of the music was getting louder, he veered to the left down towards the basement where they lock the boss' kid when these events were going on. Well he wasn't really a kid, just a really big mindless fuck, and right now he had a hold of one of the boss' client's daughter, the client refused to pay up.

The hallway leading down to the basement rang with classical music, put on to calm the child. He walked up to the steel door and opened the sliding eye slot. The child was sitting on a wooden crate with a meat cleaver in it's hand, staring at the body. The girl was hanging by her ankles from a meat hook in the ceiling. Her naked body covered in blood, one of her arms was severed, sitting over in the corner. Her eyes were gone, no need to look for them, the child was rolling them around in his hand. The girl's mouth was in a sort of silent scream, twisted anguish. He shut the slot and started his way back up to the main floor.

On the way back up to the main floor he had a sharp stabbing pain in the center of his back, on that scar, that long jagged scar about seven inches long. Oh, that scar. He reached the main floor and threw open the door that led to the meat locker, the main room. He sturck up a cigarette as he made his way onto the dace floor, into the ice cold mist. He took a deep drag of his cigarette as he manuvered his way over to the other side. The blicklights were suddenly over powered by the stobe lights, thats when the pain crept back into his scar. That scar, it was throbbing, burning as he looked up. Next to on of the stobes there she stood,her eyes glistening in lust. There he stood, staring in awe. She ran her fingers between her breasts, he took a drag of his cigarette then flicked it onto the ground, disappearing under the cool mist. She turned and headed towards the sliding door at the other end of the room,he caught the message and started to work his way through the crowd.

He reached the door and slipped through shutting it behind him. The long hallway in front of him was lit by a single light at the end, the very last room. She turned and beckoned him with her finger. The evil smile. He lit another cigarette and began to walk down the hall towards the red glow burning just low enough to not hurt the eyes but bright enough to guide his way. He took a drag of his cigarette flicked it out and entered the room.

The Child

"St....Stop....please....St.." The girl murmmered as the child stumbled closer.

"Let me down, please!"She cried, tears falling fo the floor as the child cocked his head to the right and stroked her cheek.

"Can't help you, you hurt d-d-daddy." The child stuttered.

"I DIDN'T HURT ANYONE!!" She screamed through her tears.

"Now y-you call him a l-l-liar!" The child stepped back and sat on a wooden crate.

The girl was sobbing, her tears running down her forehead, her face was turning red, all of that pretty blood was rushing to her head. She was begging for her life, but the child was absorbed in the music daddy had put on for him. He began to hum an off-tune version Chopin's Fantasi-Impromptu. "Why...wh...why?" The girl sobbed softly through music.

The child was humming and swaying to the music, he danced over to the table and grabbed the meat cleaver. "Oh, nooo....please" The girl cried and tried to work her wrists out of the rope that bound them, no use.

The child grabbed her hair and stared at her face, smiling as he raised the meat cleaver. The cleaver slashed across the air in a silver arch, the girl's stomach split open pouring blood and instestines out, spilling over her face and onto the ground. They hung over her face as the rest slowly crept out of the gash like pink bloody slugs, slowly crawling over her chest and face. The child hummed louder as the gore splattered onto the floor in a wet slap.

"La-lala-la-lala" The child was singing, far out of tune. The girl stopped moving.

"Oh, no fun." The child laughed as he grabbed her arm, "Wake up!" He swung the cleaver down and took the arm off in three sluggish chops. The bone splintered at the shoulder like toothpicks imbedded in the skin.

He spun in a quick circle as the music picked up, he tossed the severed arm over to the corner of the room and danced over to the table then back to the girl. "You eyes," He stared deeply into the lifeless blue eyes, "p-p-pretty." He stammered and grabbed the back of her head with the cleaver still in his hand.

He jabbed his thumb into the girls eye socket and yanked at the eye. It started to ooze a filmy red puss-like liquid as it tore from the socket. He did the same with the other eye. The music reached its climax as the other eye was torn from the girl's skull. The child stumbled back and sat on the wooden crate with his new eyes rolling around in a puddle of ooze on his palm. "B-b-beautiful." He rolled them around as he slid the meat cleaver's blade across his butchers apron, birthday present from daddy.

Footsteps rang down the hall but the child didn't care, he sat absorbed in the music, rolling the eyes back and forth in his palm. He started to hum the melencholic tune that echoed in the room. The slot on the door slid open, the child could feel the heat of his stare on the back of his neck. Daddy's servant, that evil man. The child sat and waited rolling the eyes as the evil man watched. The the slot slammed shut and he could hear the man walking back up the ramp, but the slot wasn't really closed. No it was't. It was letting light seep in from the hallway, the severed finger had blocked the slot from locking.

The child walked over to the door and slid open the slot, big enough to fit his left arm through. He reached out and turned the key that had been left in the door. He smiled as the blood stained steel door swung open, he stood in the door fram illuminated by the candles lit behind him. He dropped the eyes and started to ascend the ramp, he gripped the meat cleaver in his right hand and started humming.

Twisted Love

There she sat, propped up on the table. Her skin bleeding red from the light, he flicked out his cigarette and stepped into the room. "You shouldn't do that." She played

"Oh yeah? why's that?" He played back.

"Its really bad for you." She smiled.

"He took off his shirt, showing all their scars, "Your pretty bad for me, you dont want me to stop that do you?"He stepped towards her.

"You can't stop, you can't quit me." She spread her legs.

"Probably not." He stood between her legs and ran a finger down her thigh.

She licked her lips and grabbed his hand. "But i can stop," She smiled and put his hand on her chest, "for a little bit." She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him close.

He lit a cigarette and took a deep drag as she squeezed him in tight between her legs. "Let me take that." She rached up and grabbed the cigarette.

"You shouldn't do that." He smiled as she took a drag.

"Oh yeah?" She pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and held it close to his chest.

"Yeah." He smiled as she pushed the cherry into his skin, sizzling, the smell of burning flesh whipped at their noses.

He slid his hand around her back as his other pulled out his knife. "Oh whats that?" She purred as he slid the knife down her arm, the cold metal raising every hair on her body.

"You remember this?" He toyed.

"How could i forget?" She ran her fingers across the scar on his back.

"How could you forget." He smiled and slowly ran the blade across her arm drawing a line of crimson beauty behind it.

"Yes!" She leaned her head back as the knife sliced into her skin.

"My turn." She slid her hand around his wrist and took the knife into her hand.

He leaned over her as the knife traced a thin red line up his back. "Deja vu."He smirked as the knife reached his shoulder blade.

"It'll be a little different this time." She smiled as she reached around his neck and brought the knife deep into his throat.

The Boss

"Show her in." The boss bellowed as the stripper in the middle of the room spun gracefully around the pole until she reached the floor, spreading her legs. He popped another grape into mouth as the door opened and she came in, he stood up.

"Why hello, have a seat." The boss laughed and waved off the stripper.

"Enjoying the party?" He ate another grape and sat back down in his chair.

"As always." She smirked, those black wet lips glimmered in the flourecent light of the boss' office.

It was a smaller meat locker, blood stained walls, meat hooks hanging from chains in the ceiling. There was an open area to the right of his desk where the stripper had been. It had the same mist drifting around only this was from the fog machines mounted around the room, the boss prefers compfortability. "You thought about my proposal at all?" He asked rolling another grape between his fingers.

"Yes,I have." She eyed him.

"And?" The boss said tossing the grape into his mouth.

"And, I accept." She slid a hand through her hair.

"Great!" He snapped his fingers and a man dressed in some sort of leather bondage outfit came in. The boss whispered something to him and he walked back out.

"You know what you have to do, its his position you have to fill, so get rid of him, then you have it." He leaned forward in his chair, "Make sure he knows its nothing personal, just business." He leaned back in his leather chair.

The bondage butler came back in with a silver tray, he set it down on the desk and left again. The tray had a small silver cigarette case and two wine glasses with a sip of blood red wine in them. "This is yours, just a small taste of the product you'll be getting and protecting." He slid the cigarette case across the table, "You get the rest and the job once its done." He grabbed a wine glass.

"To a new job, and to the death of an old friend." He smiled as the drank their wine. She set her glass down and left out to the main floor.

"To the death." She licked her lips and took a vial out of the case.

"Oh yes, to the death." And she walked out of the boss' office smiling.

The boss sat there a minute, he grabbed another grape and summoned the stipper back. She came in and smiled as she mounted the pole in the open area off to his left. The boss kicked his feet up onto the desk as the stripper spun and crawled on the platform. "Nice." The boss smiled and took a bite from a peach.

"Want some extra money tonight?" He asked as he took another bite of the peach, juices running down his chin.

"Sure." The stripper purred as she stopped spinning on the pole.

The boss tossed the peach into the trashcan by his desk, set his feet on the floor and unzipped his pants. "You know what to do." He pulled out a bill fold and set it on his desk.

"Alright." She smiled, walked over and got on her knees.

"Yeah, thats it." The boss set out a line of coke on the mirror he had built into his desk and inhaled it.

He placed his hand on the back of the strippers head and grabbed a handful of her hair. "Yeah, thats right, take it..." A scream poured in through the door.

"What the fuck?!" He stood up knocking over the stripper and stuffing his dick back in his pants.

The body of his bondage butler came plowing through the door, blood spilling on the floor where it landed, the head rolled slowly through the door where the body had broken down the door.

"FUCK!" The boss reached in his drawer and pulled out a .45 pistol.

The stripper stood up and tried to run out the door, just as she reached the door frame a flash of silver arched out of the darkness and caught her in the throat sending blood spurting out like a fountain as she fell back to her knees and was kicked aside. There he stood, the child, whiping the cleaver off on his butcher's apron. "You lied d-d-d-d-daddy!" He sobbed and stepped through the doorway.

The Victim

"What did you tell him!" The man shouted as his fist landed a solid hit on the victims nose, sending him reeeling backwards into the butchered pig that lay sprawled on the table.

"I didn't tell him shit!" The victim said as he stood back up holding his now blood spurting nose.

"BULLSHIT!" The man in the red bloodstained shirt screamed.

Of course it was some bit of bullshit, he had spoken with the child and all. "What the fuck did you tell him?"The man took off his red shirt and hung it on the doornob.

The man turned back around revealing the knife he had sheathed under his right arm. "You told him something," he pulled the knife from its sheath, its long silver blad hung loosely from his hand, "and i want to know what you said."

"I just told him the truth." The victim snarled.

"Oh and whats that?" The man raised the knife and waved it slowly as he walked towards the victim.

The victim stumbled backwards onto the table, sticking his hand in the mutilated animal that was spread around the table, knocking some of the intestines onto the floor next to his foot. "I told him how your boss killed his parents and took him under his wing so he could use him for all his dirty work. How the boss only kept him because that damn kid is easy to control and believed every word that fat fuck told him. And thats the only reason that thing is still ali.." The victim was cut short as the knife forced its way into his chest.

"Thats what i thought." The man smiled as the victim fell to the blood soaked concrete.

"The boss told me to get rid of you if thats what you said, no one disprespects the boss, and you just pissed all over him." The man said as he put his boot on the victims head.

"Fuck you and your boss." The victim gurgled out.

"Thats nice, well this is it for you. And though i take pleasure from this, its not from me, its...."He pushed his boot down hard and the victim could feel his skull begin to crack, "From the boss." All his weight came crushing down on the victim's head, everything went black as a loud crushing noise dominated the victim's life. All went black.

Taking The Job

"It'll be different this time." She smiled as the knife sliced into his throat.

He leaned forward as she pushed the knife a little harder then stopped. He could feel the steel in his neck and the warm blood flowing over it, he opened his eyes. "A lot different this time." She blew a kiss then grabbed the knife and pulled it violently to the other side of his throat giving him a crimson smile from ear to ear. Blood poured down her arm as he staggered back, staring, his mouth hung agape in disbelief.

The gurgle of blood echoed down the hallway, the failed attempts at cries for helponly bounced off the dark room's walls. There she stood a couple of feet away from his body, her lips shimmered a crimson black under the red light. The body was curled on the floor, twitching ever so slightly, grasping at his own knife that still hung from his throat. She smirked a little, at his body, a crumpled human mess on the floor. She licked her lips at the sight of the fresh blood, at the pain that seared through her fresh wound. She lit a cigarette and took a long drag, the kind you take after a good fuck. "Sweety, sweety," She purred as she sat down next to the his corpse.

"Its just business, you know how it is." She pulled the cigarette from her mouth and kissed him on the forehead.

She paused staring at the blood still flowing out of his throat. "But you were so damn good." She licked some of the blood that was around his mouth. "So damn good." She kissed him and stood up.

She left the dark room and headed for the main room, the x was hitting her hard now, she got to the sliding door and stared back towards the dim red glow at the end of the hallway, she smiled and opened the door.

The music was pulsing through every limb of her body as she walked back towards the boss' office. She licked her lips as she passed the D.J, he smirked a little then black lights kicked back on as the music slowed. She brushed by him grabbing his ass then continued to the office.

She opened the door that led into to the boss' bondage butler's, or secretary if you must,office. The door that led to the boss' office was smashed in with blood splatter speckled on the wall around it. She rounded the corner into the boss' office, the stripper lay by the wall, blood puddled under her high heels. "Shit." She whispered as she walked towards the desk.

"Boss?" She said as she moved towards the chair.

"Hey, whats going on?" She stood across from the desk leaning towards the chair. Someone was humming an off-tune version of some classical music that she didn'nt know.

"Bo..." The chair turned and an arch of silver spun out, she recoiled holding her throat.

A man in a blood soaked butcher's apron stood up, blood was pouring from a bullet hole in his chest and right shoulder. He cocked his head to the side, crying as he held a meat cleaver in his right hand and, she stumbled back onto the floor fighting for air through all the blood, the boss' severed head in his left. She started to fade, the blood puddling under her head as her eyes closed she could hear his heavy footsteps near her head as she died. "Shit...."She gurgled as everything went black.

Family Ties

"You lied d-d-daddy!" The child sobbed as he stepped through the doorway.

"Lied about what boy?" He asked raising the gun towards the child.

"About my real f-f-f-family!" The child stepped closer gripping the bloody meat cleaver harder.

"It was for your own good!" The boss said uneasily and followed the child closely with the .45.

"So he d-didn't lie, y-y-you did!" The child lurched forward at the boss.

The boss shot the child but it kept coming, he shot again catching the child in the chest but it didn't slow him down. "Stop, you listen to me! ST..." The child swung the cleaver, tears falling as it sliced into the boss' neck.

The child screamed as he chopped again and again until the head rolled free. The spinal cord protruded about four inches out of the body, splintered like it had been bashed through with a sledgehammer. The child picked up the head by its hair and sat in the leather chair behind the desk. He cried as he stroked the blood covered cheeks of the boss' head and started to hum the song he always played for him down in his room, Chopin's Fantasie-Impromptu. "I'm s-sorry." He cried closing the boss' eyes.

The door to the main room opened and the child could hearlight footsteps as the person entered the office.

"Boss?" It was a woman, he grasped the meat cleaver in his right hand as the footsteps grew louder.

"Hey, whats goin on?" He started to hum a little louder as he grasped daddy's hair in his left hand.

"Bo..." He spun the chair and sliced at the woman's throat, she opened her mouth and gasped for air as she stumbled back onto the floor.

The child stood up, the woman stared at the head, he looked at her with tears rolling down his cheeks. He walked past her as her eyes closed and the puddle of blood around her head began to soak into her hair. "Shit..." he heard her gurgle out as he reached to doorway.

That god awful music was blaring through the door, it was hurting his head. The child screamed as he kicked open the door that led out to the dance floor, he stumbled out of the door....

Party Is Over

The x was slamming him hard as he changed vinyls when a loud horrifying scream rang through the silence. The D.J smiled as he flipped on another vinyl and started the music back up, but nobody danced. The D.J turned and saw a severed head rolling across the middle of the dance floor throwing the mist into a twist in all directions. "Holy shit!" He smirked as he kept the music flowing.

A man in a blood soaked apron came stumbling out of the doorway winging a knife as he hit the crowd. The D.J could hear only faint screams over his music as the people began to scatter. He kept the music going. Thats what he was paid for. The giant man began slicing at the crowd, blood was disappearing into the mist as the giant advanced on the D.J. It was as if someone were mowing through the crowd with a lawn mower, a straight line through the middle of the crowd. The giant screamed as he gripped a bleeding hole in his chest. The D.J sat there staring as the giant pulled the meat cleaver back and lunged it forward.

"Oh shit!" He yelled as he jumped backwards, the knife hit the turn tables sending a deafening screech of feedback over the speakers.

The D.J cupped his ears curled up against the wall as the feedback died to a low hum. He stood up and walked over to the demolished turn tables. Little fragments of vinyls were scattered on the ground and the knife was burried in all the cables. "Fuck!" The D.J leaned over the railing and saw the man crawling back to the severed head in the center of the room, a trail of blood smeared behind him. The D.J stood for a moment longer than ran out of the room, leaving the man cudling with a human head, all alone.

Death of The Child

The child screamed as he kicked open the door that led out to the dance floor. He stumbled out of the door and threw daddy's head out into the crowd. His chest was burning with pain as the music bashed at his skull. "OFF THE N-NOISE!" The child screamed as he lurched forward.

People stared as he advanced on them, confused maybe, but mostly scared. He raised the meat cleaver above his head as he reached the crowd. A woman in front of him screamed so he let the blade dive forward. He started humming, tears pouring down his cheeks. The crowd fell one by one, after about the fourth person the crowd befan to flee, trampling eachother trying to get out. He sliced his way to the man standing above the crowd. He stood there staring as the child moved closer, the child fell to his knees screaming, he pulled the cleaver back and with one final surge of life he let it fly. The man dove backwards as the child's cleaver sank into all the wires. A loud cry poured from the speakers as they died.

The child fell backwards and turned his eyes towards daddy's head, which lay not far away. The child began to crawl, well slide his way over to it. He could hear the man moving and staring behind him but he didn't have enough time to care. The child slowly but surely made it to daddy's head. He grabbed it gently and stared into it's eyes as the man ran away. "I'm so s-s-sorry." He stroked its cheek and curled into a fetal position, his tears mixing into the puddle of blood that was forming around him.

"I'm so s-s-s-sorr..." His voice trailed off as he shut his eyes and the head dropped from his hands, rolling away into the cold mist dancing around the child's body, dancing up and over him, covering his body. The child died alone, covered in daddy's blood under the gentle cold mist.

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