First Scene: The Grimoire

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This is a short story within a short story I'm trying to write. It's about a young boy who recieved a strange book with an unillegible language written in it. He soon finds out he's the only one who is able to understand the language better than English. This is the first act basically, hope you enjoy :D

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



Quill opened the grimoire with bitter interest. He began reading it at once as the crude letters began to form perfect symbols of understanding in his mind. There were stories or dark wizards and their reign in time, then there were stories of heros who brought light to dark pasts. All of these stories included the book Quill was now reading. Certain sections in the stories would go into detail on how to use the magic it would describe, using a simple step-by-step illustration. He soon finished with the first chapter and closed the book. Setting it down beside his bed, he muttered a small phrase, "Shirok mattath viekro." The book slowly vanished. Satisfied he turned over in his bed and fell asleep, not noticing a small stream of green light running through his fingertips.


That night a group of demons crept into his room, easily stepping through the walls in his bedroom. "Where is it?" A smaller demon muttered as he quickly scanned the room."It's here all right. I felt it. Not a very strong push, but I know it was there." Spoke another one, about the same size. "Kelethredope." He muttered in a crude language, then a sudden red flash appeared beside Quill's bed, it flashed the outline of a book. "I've found it!", the creature screeched, running over to pick up the still invisible book.


"Thyk carte!" Quill yelled in a twisted tongue. A green ray of fire leapt from the tips of his fingers and encircled the demons. He leapt down from his bed and picked up the book, breaking it's stealth. He quickly tossed it on his bed and grabbed his bag he always carried his school supplies in. Spilling out all of his 12th grade school books onto the floor, he took the grimoire and packed it away. The demons stood still inside of the green circles of light that bound them, cackling.


The larger demon of the 5 that had entered Quill's room spoke in a hideous growl, "Bekksehr Arwnd!". The green circles then turned red and burst, drips of liquid fire igniting the school-boy's floor. "Oh what do we have here? Looks like you all ready took a peep into the book." He spoke, laughing. "Hand it here boy, it's not meant to be within human grasp," he smiled, "The knowledge in it is too dark for your pathetic mind to wrap around." Gruk moved slowly toward Quill, holding a fiery hand out. He had a large scar that ran horizontal across the lower-half of his forehead. Quill let out a scream. "Get him!" The two smalled demons called out simultaniously. The group circled around the boy.


All Quill could do was clutch the book close to his chest, he didn't know why it felt so important, but he knew he had to keep it safe. All of the sudden a bright-white light flared next to Quill. Two slim figures grasped him by the arms and vanished, like the flash of a camera. The boy and the book were gone, leaving nothing behind but possibly a spark or two. Gruk slammed his fists into the floor and let out a large roar which shook the house. "Find them!" He thundered. The group of demons scattered like roaches, fleeing from the house and back into the dark pit they came from. "Byrn can't hide forever... I'll find you!" Gruk yelled before disappearing back to his home plane.


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