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a must to read ancient indian epic mahabharata scene which involves personal favorite character- bhismar. he whom angered the god and made even the divine lord overwhelmed with anger as no one could defeat him in the war.

Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



Bhisma! Who is he? Why was he extremely glorified in ancient Hindu text, manuscripts and in the epic Mahabharata? He was a normal man with abnormal birth and death ever in human history. According to the authentic ancient Indian mythology this grand warrior was initially named as Devavrata and was adorned by the Earth and all god, goddesses and beings with his “ugly oath” of lifelong celibacy and vow to serve whoever sits in the throne of Hastinapur, in order for his father the King Santhanu (descendants of Chandra and the Kuru Kingdom) to marry Sathiyavathi, a fisherwoman after the disappearance of Ganga “goddess like figure of a river” (mother of Bhisma). He was named after Bhisma which means the man of the terrible oath afterwards of the incident and was blessed with numerous boons and mythological powers as such as he was given the liberty to choose the time of his death and being immortal till then by his own father. He grown up with recognition from almost every one of his good deeds and served the people of his nation and of the other with pure kindness and immediate justice. Bhisma was the perfect gentleman ever recorded before any legends.

However, the twist in his life came upon from the desperate search of brides for his half-brother, Vichitravirya after the demise of King Santhanu and the prince next in kin, Chitraganda. Vichitravirya suffered from erectile dysfunction and as Bhisma could not oppose his stepmother’s wish of getting their continuity of the generation and on the same time he had to keep up to his oath. Thus he abducted three sisters’ princesses namely Amba, Ambika and Ambalika by putting up a fight with all the suitors aligned. He brought the ever beautiful ladies back and was pleaded to set free by Amba since she was in love with King Salwa. She was indeed sent to him but was turned down since the king was beaten soundly by Bhisma before. Nowhere to turn after, Amba asked Bhisma himself to marry her and as he rejected her for his oath, she became furious. She took refuge by Bhisma’s guru, Parasuram the incarnation of a demigod like old man with an axe. As the fate fiddles their destinies, the fight had to be put to a stop by the Lord Shiva himself otherwise their armor fight would result in massive destruction of mankind. The unsatisfied Amba with the grudge even wild than the forest fire went to the Lord himself and asked upon a solution. And finally she was given the boon to kill him with her own hands due to her loss of all happiness, pride and respect but with a catch. A catch which states that her dreadful wish will only come to alive after her death of the current life. So, without hesitation Amba dived into a flame of fire to reborn later. Unfortunately, Vichitravirya also died right before making love to his newly wedded two most elegant princesses. To cover up the shame and misfortunate, once again the aged Sathiyavathi made a mistake by pairing the both young widows with her another son, whom she admitted born for a sage in her early life. And this estranged brother of Bhisma gave the ladies both each a son and also one for a humble maid in the palace in the most bizarre way. These sons then became King Dhritarashtra, King Paandu and minister Viduran. And from there onwards the bloom in characters occurred as well as rivalry which later led to the Great War; Gurushektra. The sons of King Dhritarashtra the blind man were titled as the Gauravs and the five sons of King Paandu were titled as Pandavars. The clash between them were merely because of the quest to whom should rule the land and a lady (Queen Panjali) who was abused in the palace by the own cousins of Pandavars, the Gauravs as they won the gamble and bloodshed occurred years later with millions of deaths in a war which lasted for only 18days which was taken part by the Lord Shri Krishna, Balraman and many more powerful characters. 

It was the ninth day of the great Gurushektra War. Numerous armies of the Pandavars were killed by the everlasting Bhisma himself just so to show his true loyalty and fulfill his once given ugly oath. Despite having no heart and will to fight the war on the Gauravs side instead of the rightful and very own loved Pandavars behalf. For almost a week he only been avoiding attacks and protecting the armies from his battalion and of course the prince Duryodhana and his ninety-nine biological brothers. Bhisma stood like a stallion on his chariot and observed his opponent on the other side. The Supreme Commander fought reluctantly for couple of days back as his integrity and code of conduct was questioned by the crook minded Saguni. Though he was the grand uncle of both the cousins in war, he had no other option but to fight as he was accused that he took sides of the opponent due to his affection for Pandavars by Duryodhana one night. So, the man whom lived for five generations according the written history then took another vow that he will kill Arjuna (the third brother from the five siblings of Pandavars). Or at least he will make Lord Shri Krishna to break his promise to mankind that he will not take weapons to win the war. Without food and beverages and sufficient sleep, Bhisma chose to stand still at the war zone over the night and to fight the war when the conch shell is blown at dawn. And so happened on the ninth day he slews at least approximately 10,000 warriors single handedly. Since he was invincible and was no match to anyone present during that time, the camp of Pandavars started to get shaken. The numbers of deceased grew and he wiped away half the population of armies and sentries. All five of the Pandavars tried their level best yet they failed to even wound Bhisma. ‘Fight me!’ he let go a loud shout with his open chest to his grand-nephews whom hesitates and fear to oppose him. Earlier the day he had already given them his blessings and permitted them to bring him down in any possible way. No matter what, his soft spot for the five was still unchanged ever since their birth. Seeing him combatting with the Pandavars, Duryodhana understood Bhisma’s sincerity and his entire squad felt spirited and never gave up their will in defeating their opponent.


‘I am starting to doubt on my own will power, Partha (Lord Shri Krishna’s alternate name)’ said Arjuna the famous archer of the time. Lord Shri Krishna sat quietly staring at the shinning silver of Bhisma’s attire stained with blood of many lives. ‘Even the unparalleled strength owned by Bheema (second sibling of the Pandavars) was deflected by the Great Bhisma!’ Arjuna again said with his trembling voice. Lord Shri Krishna himself witnessed the iron mace of Bheema hurt nothing but itself during the attack on Bhisma. ‘Oh Madava (another name of Lord Shri Krishna), what shall I do when my powerful arrows were broken by grandfather? How do we win him now?’ he begged the lord whom drove the chariot for him desperately. ‘Look at how Sahadevan and Nakulan (both youngest siblings of Pandavars) are striving to put up a fight… - worse still is when our eldest Dharman gave up’ he whispered. Arjuna stood helplessly on his chariot with his bow “Gandiva”. Without realizing every word uttered by him instigated and cultivated the anger of the lord. How a man on Earth could possibly attained such unimaginable strength? The lord himself was puzzled and angered. Why was he as equal as any god or goddesses? Was his deeds and blessings of nobleness made him such an invincible man even for the lord!? It made Lord Shri Krishna’s temper hiked sky high. The long snow white hair of Bhisma was let untie to his back and his yellow whitish beard resembled a fierce white fur coated lion. ‘I am very much proud of you Abhimanyu…!’ Bhisma said those words softly that only his charioteer heard. He adored the kid’s skills and persistency. ‘You fight better than your father, uncles and forefathers… but now move away! I have no time to entertain toddlers’ Bhisma pushed away Abhimanyu’s javelins which was potentially capable of killing any man. Out of all the grown-ups, the teenager was the only one to at least prolong Bhisma. Bhisma on the other hand seemingly to be more than pleased to join the child play while Arjuna and Lord Shri Krishna devise a plan on defeating him. ‘Krishna… if this situation extends till the dusk, then for certain that I will be a history tomorrow’ Arjuna disappointedly acknowledged his divine maternal cousin. The dark blue skinned Lord sat astounded by their now rival, Bhisma. Not long after he cleverly distracted Abhimanyu into another contest with his own charioteer, Bhisma himself took in charge of the chariot and wheeled across the spot. He rode the horses and made his way to exactly facing Arjuna. A swift wind blew and the dust flies. The horses neighed and the nearby infantries and known characters watched them. In the midst of the thunderous war scenery, somehow an intense silence of obscene occurred. ‘Are you not ashamed of hiding Arjuna?’ Bhisma asked. ‘Come! Let’s live like a legend and die with dignity. Pick up your sword!!’ Arjuna had no other option left but to abide and accept the offer.


Exhausted using all his spears and magical arrows Arjuna made his mind to go for his sword and combat one to one with Bhisma although he affirmatively understood of his weak position. Hence, he jumped down to the ground and rose up his golden plated sword on the air moving forward to Bhisma. However, nothing made the courageous man intimidate. In spite of that, Bhisma threw his long and razor sharp blade towards Arjuna’s sword which effortlessly breaks the way through. Now Arjuna stood indefensible and vulnerable to attacks from any direction. That was the trigger point of the following incident which made a huge mark ever in history. Lord Shri Krishna got up and called out boldly of Bhisma’s name. The entire perimeter froze and all the eyes set to him. ‘Enough of portraying your capabilities…!’ after a brief moment of paused he continued ‘I warned you as the alter image of the Almighty himself… STOP IT!!!’ he stared at Bhisma coldly. ‘Otherwise?’ Bhisma scoffed. ‘The universe will witness the stalemate and most terrifying war between you and me!!’ Lord Shri Krishna’s eyes turned red as if the volcanic eruption of lava. Bhisma smiled and open wide his both muscular arms. ‘Then shall it be so…’ he replied. ‘I would welcome that as well with all my heart’ as soon as he finishes his phrase, Lord Shri Krishna came down his chariot. His feet stamped hard on the ground and he dashed to a human sized wheel from a fallen chariot. The overwhelming frustration and anger made him carried the wheel and aimed at Bhisma to be thrown. Quickly, Arjuna ran towards the lord and begged him by hugging his legs. He reminded the lord not to forget of his promise not to wield any weapons during the war. Later reconsidering and realizing it, the attack upon Bhisma was not c.

This event of occurrence is to depict that even at times the Supreme God can be brought to dilemma or sometimes they can be overwhelm by feelings. However, the core of this short story is to proof that nothing is impossible even if to against God for the right reason with enough will power. The actual strength of a man lies not in his body nor blessed powers but his own mind. The mind is the key for many answers yet to be discovered by us in our daily lives. Whether you think you can or not, you are right!!@@_

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