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What happens in a swamp area situated in Louisiana... is it a beast? Or something more that just can't resists the hunger of blood

Submitted: April 12, 2016

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Submitted: April 12, 2016



The five men went further in the forest. They travelled via a small motor boat through the filthy dark swamps. After an hour and half, they reached the spot. The so quiet and long abounded area of the thick woods in Louisiana which many claimed to witnessed the gore of the creature. The half man half wolf has been reported seen roaming around by many poachers, hunters, tourists or even worse the state law and order officers itself. Recorded back to the year 1970’s till date none had actually manage to capture the beast despite many unfortunate encounters. ‘Spooky shit it is’ said Jerry getting his bag pack up to his shoulders. ‘This is it! Let’s rock and roll…” Samuel loaded his pump gun and lowered his feet to the ground. They got down from the boat one by one. ‘Say cheese yo! Those chicks in the town gonna be amazed with your bloody asswipe smile’ Steve as he was always behaving like a teen with his cam recorder went around and made fun of TJ especially. The old Schulz came down last with his ancient already long blade. The last time he came here was before he met his love of life and now he has 17 grandchildren of his own. The only man whom had a very up close encounter with the beast and the scar it left on his chest still brings him back to that very day of the misfortunate. The day that his friend became the breakfast for the beast and he narrowly escaped alive that dawn. And now he’d came back to get even. It wasn’t his idea at all but the investigator team wanted his help to locate the exact location. ‘You okay Mr. Schulz?’  TJ laid his fingers on the man’s shoulder. And he replied with a nod. ‘Just old damn memories’ he said with a faint smile. The team set up their gadgets and tools set to catch the creature dead or alive. Or at least shoot it in their cam recorder.


Jerry starts to record all details in his journal for personal record on the case. He checked his G-shock and the time is 0700 hours. As the others walked through the woods the breaking and crunching sound of the twigs and dry leaves could be heard. While recording the scenes, Steve softly asked the old Schulz to brush through a little a bit of the urban legend in their recording. It seems no one knew precisely what or how this creature came about. But he could only narrate a part of it -that long time in 1930 there was this hunter whom was cursed and became what the creature now it was. And now and then if anyone does any mishaps or harm the swamps or the woods in any ways it would come after them. ‘Then why did your friend was killed? Mind to share?’ Steve grinned after his question. ‘Nothing!’ and not far from there they all sat down to rest a minute or two. That’s when all the abnormalities begin. Samuel had to answer the nature’s call thus he excused himself to the bushes nearby. But he never came back. Never! ‘What’s taking him so long?’ Steve and TJ went after to look for him and what they saw made their tummy flip flop. ‘Sam… Samuel…’ they called his name and suddenly the heard something. Something dashing from one end to another made them alert. TJ called for help using their walkie talkie and he felt his voice shaky already. And there behind what appears to be a man sized rock on the ground a voice came. GO…. And TJ knew that moment that things are going to turn ugly. Despite the warning Steve kept his feet rooted there and recorded. ‘What the hell?’ Jerry shouted out of fear looking at TJ’s blood stained jacket. ‘It is real…’ his panting is really miserable. ‘- Steve…’ he bent down to his knees and shook his head non-stop. Schulz knew what TJ wanted to say next. He saw the same expressions he had back then. ‘Jerry, take over the gun! TJ follow close.’ Schulz commanded them and went to where TJ said Steve is attacked by the thing. Traces of blood were all over. And there it was! Sitting on Steve’s body and chewing on his flesh. ‘F***’ Jerry pumped the firearm Samuel brought and releases multiple shots over the beast. The hairy and huge monster figure leaped out of pain and ran to his left. ‘I think that’s enough to kill it…’ Jerry said and turned back and TJ was missing already. He panicked. He felt his heart throbbing hard. Never once in any summers he sweat that much. ‘I told you people. That devil is fast. Nobody surpassed him. NOBODY!’ Schulz held his blade straight waiting for it to jump on him. ‘You did…right? Jerry was definitely scared. ‘You can do it once again, can’t you?’ ‘I might. But can you?’ Schulz gave him a long stare. When it came again, bullets flew one after one but like what Schulz predicted- Jerry was another victim. His head is separated from his body and the shotgun sinks in the swamp. ‘Come out you hideous freak!’ he shouted. He tears his shirt off and sliced his old scar again to tempt it out. ‘Yes you… remember me?’ he firmly asked with his blade dripping with his own blood pointing towards it. And after decades he sees it again. Close up and crystal clear it is. The body is brown and hairy. Razor sharp claws and greasy uneven teeth it stood there with. The face is more to a German shepherd. It howls and he run towards the ROUGAROU.

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