my strugle for happiness

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the poem is desgribing my struggle to optain happiness

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Happiness such a puzzling complex!!!
Some say its in hard work,
Others say its in drugs
People put on each other labels ….

If I fell like I am floating 
If my heart is pounding fast
And my body is warm 

I feel like a billow
I go to school
I pay my rent
My room is clean 
My life makes sense
Why do people keep saying
I am a junky?

What does that even mean 
If I am happy within myself 
Why does everybody else care to change me?

People are selfish selfish indeed
Trying to still my happiness from me 
Telling me words I don’t wont to hear
I don’t wont to hear today neither tomorrow 
I just want to be happy 
I will make whatever it takes

© Copyright 2018 Nina Borisova. All rights reserved.

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