Poetry Doesn't Bite

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Turns out poetry doesnt bite after all.

Submitted: March 28, 2009

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Submitted: March 28, 2009



I hate poetry, I really do.
And over the years my hate only grew.
It stemmed from the time I’d learnt to read,
(Upon which my eyes began to bleed).

Sonnets and haikus from where my hate derived,
These words strung together so bitterly contrived.
Rhyming couplets bunched in pairs,
Some even shaped like circles and squares.

Only then I met the mad, the utterly insane,
Who made such a statement, a ludicrous claim.
Poetry is wonderful they said to me,
Cracking out the Shakespeare in misguided jubilee.

So I opened my ears and I opened my mind,
I opened a book and sought to find.
And one day I saw it, began to see
What those (not so mad) people were trying to tell me.

The words running from the page, in various hues,
I found some poetry I could no longer refuse.
Now I look upon poetry with a whole new light.
It took me some years to find poetry doesn’t bite.

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