Real issues.

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Victor has issues and a child makes things worse.

Submitted: March 02, 2014

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Submitted: March 02, 2014



\"Tired of talking to people who don't respond reasonably.\"

\"That's beccause you think you know everything.\"

\"Where is the baby?\"

\"She is outside.\"

\"Doing what?\" He was alarmed.


He got out while she sneaked off. He never knew she was never going to return.

\"The baby was playing outside in the grass and could not walk. Neighbours were calling. She was throwing stones and breaking things.

\"Such a strong baby, common let's go inside.\" The baby spat on his face and wriggled free and continued prancing about. He picked her up and realised she was wearing no diaper. She was fighting to be free and peed on his clothes. He shook. \"This must be an animal its so possible he thought and felt guilty She let him carry her. She started to itch all over like a little dog. \"Why are you doing this?\" He asked. \"This baby is like two, why would she not talk and then pee on me.\" He took her to put a diaper on her and she peed again. He tied her in a plastic bag and punched her all over. She cried. Hours later she was ill. He put a thermometer in her mouth. She broke it and stabbed him. She was angry. She did not stop being angry throwing things around. Some friends came to visit and she kept beating him till his friends had to leave. She was acting confused. She told him her mother had run away. It was obvious because two days had passed and she was no where. He wept for her and tried to bond but there was no way. He just could not care for a child that bit him so badly he went to see a doctor. \"She is just like you\" was all she said.

\"She hates me, more than anything. I am going to be really mean.\" \"Yes be yourself, you are a monster and no one can ever love you. She does not know what you are at all!\" \"Come back please.\" \"No way.\"

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