Story Time (One of my originals)

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No one can really blame me for this. Alot of people would do the same.

Submitted: March 28, 2011

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Submitted: March 28, 2011



Now let me tell you of a story

I am sorry if it is a little boring

but if you could please not start snoring

because if you do i will start roaring

Now let's begin.

There was once a man

who could not understand

why i stood off to the side

or why one day i cried

he didnt know that someone i loved died

So one day he decided to pick on me alone

Then the teacher sent him home

but only a day later

he came back and called me "You hater."

and he kept pushing my buttons

then after two weeks i all of a sudden

I knocked him out cold

and then everyone's opinion was sold

except for that one guy

who then wanted me to die

because i embarrassed him

because he never knew i had the strength to win.

So maybe after three days

he decided to come at me from another way

he told my friends lies

That i had no chance to deny

he came at me with so much anger

but he didnt know that he was know walking into danger

because when he finally made a move on me

the last thing he was able to see

was me kicking his ass

And i had such a blast

the teachers broke it up

They looked at me and said "That is enough"

So i let the tough guy go

because now he knows

That if you mess with me i will say "no"

I didnt think i would actually get the message through

Then one day he walked up to me with a apology

I was surprised because he finally acknowledged me.

Alright i just want to add that i wrote this originally in middle school after my grandfather died. This is also one of my first works that i wrote.

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